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Personal astrology of the sixth house (work)/ A golden age!

(Later Edit: I realised this post is factually wrong as shown in this post here [link]. I will leave it up because it has other comments and some surrounding astrology that might be accurate.)


More fantastic new!... If this happened it would be fantastic... World Religions Unite as Prelude to Extraterrestrial Disclosure
Goode is essentially saying that four groups of extraterrestrials are now committed to open contact with humanity, and have started the process to make this a reality. World religious leaders have been contacted to act as intermediaries to introduce humanity to the extraterrestrials, and in particular the Nordic race.
According to Goode, the Nordic extraterrestrials outreach with religious leaders is likely to lead to the birth of a new global religion: “It is FULLY expected that over 90% of people of Earth will adopt this new ET Religion without question.”
OK, well that's enough of that then. I personally have a great deal of difficulty believing that 90% of earth will suddenly convert to a new religion.

However, the idea stated that there are positive extraterrestrial groups that have stepped away from their set of laws that states they must not interfere with our reality. This can only be good. I don't see how that can be 'depolarised' or 'detuned'.


So this is my personal chart with transits:

What I think is interesting is the Saturn in the top right hand corner.

It is going back over my Moon conjunct Uranus. Moon conjunct Uranus.

What I believe Saturn represents is many of the disciplinarian aspects of the mainstream and the government. This is because it's energy is particularly useful to that polarity. So at the moment I am feeling this trudging feeling of not being able to develop my ideas, and crucially, other people not being able to develop theirs, because the "postage stamp consensus" or the "cult of normality" is just too strong.

That though this would be so perfectly represented... With my theories etc. Uranus in ninth house... Crossing with Saturn. Also, theories like how the world is messed up and keeping the working classes down are basically taking Uranus to transiting Saturn. Like fighting back!


Now I delve into the deeply personal...

Part of me doesn't want to but nevertheless here we go.

My situation at work has just grown increasingly bizarre, as though everything is ticking along normally except for a hidden Neptune transit somewhere! (Might have just got an insight into that Jupiter inconjunct Neptune.

I'm wondering if I have been experiencing a brash and simple Jupiter in the sixth house but now it has gone through a retrograde in the sixth house I am looking at it more closely.

So I suppose the place to start is with my last job in a fast food place when Jupiter entered the sixth house. It was hard work and there were people in the job that moaned too much. However, there was a kind of empathy most of the time and after two months of people there not talking to me at all, I finally started with some basic conversation... Not much, I don't talk much when I work, but a bit of conversation, and a bit of a bus ride home.

My new job is not like that, it seems that the job is simply more efficient at getting us to work.

Work stuff:

So this is how I see work:

Work is basically a trade. I work for a place I get a certain amount of money. I also get a few other things. For instance, to give and receive a basic sense of politeness and perhaps familiarity with co workers. To have some personal needs basically met if they are reasonable and relevant.

In general there are things we give that are somewhat one way, for instance, we have to obey authority even if it is not really logical and sometimes if it is not strictly ethical. I tend to follow the rules to an unnerving extent in return for not being able to be fired. We have to have a general work ethic.

In return there are some things we might get, and whatever the company chooses to give formally or informally, beyond what they strictly have to, then that is what they offer in terms of trade. This obviously depends a great deal on the individual company.

So this is the situation I have with my work at the moment:

A) The company is in a room where people do not talk too much because everything can be overheard.

- So with this does the company have to provide an atmosphere of some sort where people get on with each other? No, of course not, but if they do not then they are not providing a basic need that people have, and so they are operating at a certain debt of good will?
- If people work hard for a company, are they expected to be rewarded more or simply punished further for any minor mistake they might make as a result of tiredness? (Although I would like to mention people do get bonuses for working to targets. Pretty fantastic!)

And these are the things that I experience working in the company that I think are reasonable, in terms of trade:

- Since I have worked there, in four months, I have not had a single conversation with anyone, nothing like what I have had in all my other jobs. I know very little about anyone that works there and I feel quite uncomfortable around them for this reason

Is it reasonable that if they had wanted to engage socially they should have done so earlier? Earlier than 4 months? (if they do not is lower)

- I have been invited out to one event where I turned up and no one was there, is it reasonable to then assume that there is malicious intent on the part of the people that invited me and knew I was to attend? Also, is it fair enough for me to avoid attempting to socialise with people whom have shown negative intent before any positive intent?

- I have worked hours that have made me tired there before with constant calls coming in, and I have a good call list. After making one very small mistake I am then condescended to and talked down to angrily. It seems to me that even if the mistake is legitimate, as it was put to me later (although I am not 100% sure of) that even if I have made a mistake, I shouldn't be told off if I am doing a bunch of other things very well and working very hard!

Is it reasonable that if they DO NOT want to engage socially then there should not have been any informal bad temper, the whole things should be cold and professional? Like a workplace?

It is time for me to apply for new jobs. I just feel this sense from this workplace that I can't put my finger on that there is some sort of attitude there that it is me that is being off or unusual in some way. In fact an almost unanimous other mind seems to think that.

The situation is just maddening that nothing is ever declared to be wrong! I do feel better for having written this blog and actually capturing what is so maddening about this place.

It is going to be a long hard slog to start applying for jobs again.

The Astrology:

Nevertheless. I'm just going to look at my future chart:

June 26th: North Node leaves sixth house. Retrograding as it always does
July 24th - October 9th: Mercury moves into my sixth house (retrogrades in sixth house August 13th - September 5th)..
August 1st: Jupiter moves in to my seventh house, and out of my sixth. It stays out this time no retrogrades
August 19th - October 10th: Sun enters sixth house
September 1st - November 18th: Mars moves into my sixth house
September 17th - October 28th: Venus moves into sixth house.

So I have to jump in here and add something AFTER I have written a bunch of stuff on this. June 26th leaving the sixth house is probably the reason for this ENTIRE POST. Although I am right wing and believe in the free market there are now cracks in my "right wing" view of the world. The value of work is being seen slightly less as the future...

Two examples lean to this:

A) Glenfell: I don't honestly care if the people are immigrants, Muslims or Illegals. The fire was so horrific I think they should be looked after a bit by the state. Although I think being bribed by the Conservatives will be less satisfying for their souls than the truth of the incident.

B) Finding out that a lot of people that are in substance support meetings were survivors of paedophilia makes the whole 'golden age via work' less appealing. Ironically I'm now going in to Stefan Molyneux's source material of how he got to his beliefs. Definitely a Pluto Retrograde Stefan!

(Ouch, I just went on one of the old forums because I was wondering about an audience for this article, or expanding it, and they are so much happier without me! None of the moderators stopped or even spoke against the personal attack and the forum is humming along although it had completely stopped when I was on it. They really cannot function with one non left wing person in their midst!)

Perhaps that is a metaphor here as well! 

(Previous bit here removed, mistakenly calculated from July 10th when Mars in 26 degrees Cancer)

July 24th: Mercury, talking and thinking about work and health?... Good stuff.

August 1st... Jupiter leaves the sixth house. Perhaps the biggest change, I suspect this is the reason for my emotional and somewhat simplistic (uncompromising) view of work, it will soon become an emotional and somewhat simplistic view of personal relationships.

This means after this point I will only have Mercury in the sixth house briefly... Union stuff? Talking about work a lot?

August 19th: Sun; full and good perspective on work... Is this when I get a new job? Applying over the birthday holiday?

August 21st: Solar Eclipse in the sixth house. Although I've never found eclipses all that interesting it is considered to be the big kahuna in astrology circles.

September 1st: Mars! So this is when things might be a bit of a fight in this area... Possibly working a lot of hours in a new job?

September 17th: Venus? My, my, my what are you doing in there lovey? Currently in my second house. Not doing much. Women turn up when stress does?

Then, after November 18th when the last planet leaves I'm screwed! Saturn will be ramping up to jump into Capricorn and the world will be experiencing all manner of changes by then.


So ultimately, what I am left with, is a likely sudden ish change in my relation to work and then having to put my nose to the grind a bit. Then having to have my ducks in a row for when I lose astrological help with the working world!

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