Thursday, 8 June 2017

End, Triumph. Sleep. For tomorrow the world will be different.

So, a lot of travel involved but somewhere in the region of five hours volunteering for the Conservative party.

I have been volunteering in my area and deliberately not talking about my impression of the situation... my impression at the moment is simply that I have no impression. Although I have had previous ideas they have not stood up to scrutiny.

My twitter is off, my facebook is off. I need to sleep.

My mother ended up delivering a message to my local MP that fit. She said she has been a Labour voter all her life and is voting Conservative for Brexit. I don't know whether that will get fed back up, and I suppose it doesn't matter if it does, that arrogant freak will never stop being a remainer.

Chucking it down with rain now. If there are any stupid canvassers out this late they will be going home!

For me though. I need to switch off. Stop thinking about this and get some sleep. And to not even have any inkling about what the results are until perhaps 6 or 7 am tomorrow... Can I last until 8? I don't know how long.

Anyway, I will be surprised if anyone reads this because I have shut down facebook and twitter for this election. People on facebook won't be getting the normal Joe- ness come out. People on twitter won't be able to tag me in endless conversations. No Brexiters... Brothers... No remainers, no lefty's no righties, no lovies, no old fashioned working class English.

No information. No light of a computer screen.

No attention...

Just me! (family and dog!)

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