Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Lack of change is 'grim'.

So I wake up this morning to this:

Daily Express: SHOCK CLAIM: Nigel Farage says Labour benefited from students voting TWICE at election

Here is the last line:
The Express.co.uk has contacted the Electoral Commission for a comment
Of course the Electoral Commission has not commented though because they are rarely interested in electoral rigging that is done by the left. It's good that they are potentially arresting Craig McKinley, but one good behaviour does not make a good organisation out of that group of nobodies.

Apart from that though it is a pretty slow newsday. As always May has a complete iron grip over the media and we are hearing nothing about the Conservative - DUP talks. Ideally it would be good if Nigel Farage was part of the Brexit negotiations and the BBC got the chop, but it seems rather like a pipe dream.

In a Richie Allen/ David Icke interview recently, David Icke talked about the 'postage stamp consensus'. That issues within a certain subset are the only ones that are able to be discussed. I prefer to call this the 'cult of normality' and it has taken over everything.

It got broken a little in the 23rd of June Brexit vote then the Donald Trump vote, then the 'Alliance' freely allowed vote rigging because 'too much freedom is dangerous' and the continuation of that breaking of the consensus in the form of movement against the "religion" of Islam was stopped in its tracks.

Had that happened the normal trends would have been upset and people in the normal world that never look out of the 'postage stamp consensus' would have felt a bit of a rumble and not been able to not face deeper societal issues, or had a little more difficulty ignoring the situation.

Now it feels very much like the 'cult of normality' has taken over and the idea that it was once going to be opposed is slipping away. Aside from some good potentials (i.e. this DUP thing), pretty much any hope of change seems to be non existent. Stock market crash, political movement in another country, political movement in this country...


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