Friday, 23 June 2017

Friends Transit.of Natal Jupiter.

This is probably going to be quite a brief post referencing a little on peoples differing approaches to transits.

I was born just a few months off a very close friend of mine. many people very close to me have Libra ascending, but I have Aries ascending.

This means that for the Jupiter that was in late Aries at this time, I have it in the first house and he has it in the seventh.

Jupiter in first: The first house starts with the ascendant and is to do with our decision making process, the rest of the house sort of becomes our face towards the world. The emotional impact we make on others. If others perceive depth in us they perceive the Sun, but what a stranger might get from us in a phone conversation say, would be the first house. That is a very basic explanation.

So Jupiter in the first house means I have energy to present myself enthusiastically. In events such as competitive games Jupiter might seem to be the one that wins.

Jupiter in seventh: This friend has Jupiter in the seventh house. In the seventh Jupiter can become fairly insightful and "fun". Although this comes with the caveat of evaluating the worth of everything and sometimes deciding that someone or something is not worth much. Although, Jupiter in the seventh does usually try.

Anything in the seventh house what you reflect onto the world also reflect back on to you. So for instance I'm very explanatory about what's going on with me, so people can see into my motivations because I have explained them on this blog! It means I can also see into others in relation to this kind of thing but might miss more basic understanding of others sometimes!

Now Jupiter is being transited by Uranus. For me this transit has happened by my very positive attachment to Uranus (That also trines natal Uranus, as would his Uranus clearly!) Uranus is Trump, Brexit, Wikileaks and so on. So for some people avoiding transiting Uranus when I come along with that energy and win an argument with them they also get the Jupiter and probably, sometimes, only see the Jupiter from my natal chart and miss the Uranus transit... I.e. projection!

For this friend, he has done the opposite to me. He felt there was too much conflict surrounding people talking politics and almost refuses to talk about it! So with this Uranus conjuncting his Jupiter he has basically, but not completely, refused the transit! Which would include probably, from my perspective... A) going with the truthful economic thoughts i.e. the free market or B) refusing them in favour of hard communism... The crushing of truth (He does have Natal Sun opposing Uranus perhaps this would explain a potential friction with Uranus!).

Now, with the transit of Uranus becoming pretty forceful as of late, with the election, he has taken some viewpoints on this. But enough on him specifically:

The choices people have when they want to reject a transit of an outer planet are that they have to come down in favour of Saturn, although it might be tempting to say that they are coming down in favour of the negative polarity, this is not strictly truthful. The negative uses government tyranny of Saturn to crush the realities of Uranus, Neptune and positive Pluto out of existence in the minds of most people. (Normies perceive the world up until Saturn!)

Holistically then, someone who is moving against a collective planet must come down in favour of Saturn, so they are in the mode of keeping the postage stamp consensus up with deliberate effort. This means voting left and making themselves do so even if they do not believe it. It also would be coming down in favour of psychiatric evaluation for unfavourable collective planet views.

So this is interesting this competition between those who calculate Uranus will succeed and those who calculate it will not. As Uranus hacks away at Pluto, Saturn is weakened, but not by much.

This adds majorly to my understanding of everything in this area. Saturn could remain strong for some? Or not. But without Pluto involvement in my understanding of some normies things are a little more clear.

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