Thursday, 29 June 2017

Globalist politicians and the stagnation of society.

What a globalist Theresa May is...

Here is the judge that she has put in charge of the Grenfell investigation/ inquiry:

Daily Mail: Row as judge once accused of helping 'social cleansing of the poor' is picked to run Grenfell Tower public inquiry into tragedy that killed at least 80

And here is another fact that Richie talks about here and has put conveniently in the title:

Youtube: Richie Allen: "The UK Gives £14 Billion In Foreign Aid Each year, Not To Feed The Poor, But To Vaccinate Them!

So that was what all the fuss was about foreign aid? Let's continue vaccinating the poor to kill them off?

Events stagnated:

Repeating a point I have previously made, it seems there are a few things that are about to happen that will materially change everything. For instance, the Gaia TV Nazca potential extra terrestrial, the arrests or dealing with of the Democrats in America or the UK's EU negotiations.

John Redwood: The EU is not ready to negotiate yet!

I want to ask a question about this piece... If the Eurocrats are so immature and traumatised they can't accept that Britain has the winning hand... Why are their emotions so coddled? Why does not Britain remind them with force, we could just remove the EU nationals offer if the EU wants to use it to claim legal jurisdiction over Britain... Send them home... Call the EU's bluff! Why are their emotions so looked after while everyone elses are unrepetantly stamped on!?

I am just repeating that I think people do not want to do any of these things that will cause a real change because they don't want things to really change. They are hoping someone else will do it! 

People stagnating:

This period of darkness has not met people I know well. I know one person that is doing OK I think, but might not be I cannot be one hundred percent sure however:

My mother is OK at work, but is frustrated with stupid bosses. Her workplace has put morons in at the top.
My best friend keeps going into debt and has to pay things late.
Another friend is a nice social person, but a bit of a trapped alcoholic.
My Aunt is exhausted and working very hard.
My cousin is suicidal.

Like I have said before, mostly people have got worse rather than better in this period!

Anyway, there will be something good eventually!

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