Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Extra Terrestrial disclosure/ Cyberattacks and Astrology.

The best thing about not working is being able to go back to bed if you have to get up for anything, and sometimes, to just not get up!

Four and a half hours sleep and after my blood test I plan to be going back for a nap!

Several things have happened recently:

A) David Wilcocks new video, that he put on his website so no problems with people stealing his work, has stated that this new Nazca extra terrestrials 3 fingers would allow it to have had advanced technology. Because, doing a computer via three numbered code, (so 0,1,2) instead of two, is what creates computer systems that are far more advanced and those that are advanced enough to think for themselves.

Youtube: Coast To Coast AM - June 23, 2017 Nazca, Peru Gaia Mummy & Secret ET's with David Wilcock

B) It seems that in the new age community, the latest information is that there are positive ET's that are soon going to introduce themselves... Exciting stuff!: 

C) There is also this, which from my perspective is probably the negative trying to retain power, since they are clearly losing:

In David Wilcocks youtube video he states that the war between the cabal and the Alliance is growing so furious that it will inevitably spill over into real life at some point. This seems to be an example of this. It would be easy to miss though for a non political person.

Astrology and stuff:

When dealing with people many of the problems that seem to come up are simply those that you get for dealing with "normal" people.

Not a problem really but I have noticed on an astrology forum I go on that after I made a small mention of a psychological difference between attractive women and not so attractive women there are women saying in that thread ... Oh no, that is not fair to make generalisations etc. However, just a few clicks away in the same sub forum is a thread entitled... 'What signs would you definitely not date' and many women saying they definitely would not date such and such a sign and being very sure of that.

It's great there are right wing populist women able to walk straight into the middle of these 'controlling through moral highground' types, and say things like they are! Perhaps there are hot women out there who will say... No that is crap!

Regardless, I have made additional insights into astrology.

Some of what I have previously explained has been quite simplistic, but I want to re-iterate something I previously said. Planets can either be positively or negatively polarised and we are now battling to make them all positively polarised.

So an example is Pluto that when it was first discovered correlated with dictators and psychotherapy. I believe Pluto's energy is one of looking below the surface and having insights and when this is rejected, it becomes increased tyranny to cover that up. For instance, Hillary Clinton wanted to shut down "fake news" sites, i.e. those looking into her emails.

When things go positive all the planets will offer positive things. At the moment they are a complete mix:

A) Pluto: 
Positive - Seeing below the surface, 
Negative - Dictatorship to stop that. Felt currently as 'austerity'.

B) Neptune:
Positive: Positive spiritual gifts like astrology and ET communication
Negative: Nothing, what feels like nothing in this area and is in fact darker magically linked people and practices to stop positive spiritual gifts

C) Uranus:
Positive: Science and Truth for the highest good, free market, meritocracy.
Negative: A reaction against truth and meritocracy such as communism.

D) Saturn:
Positive: Discipline and punishment of wrongdoers, i.e. paedophiles.
Negative: Tyranny and punishment of truth tellers.

... and so on.

This shows an exasperating thing in life that you can have Pluto without Saturn (and perhaps the inner planets). You can have psychic insight/ perception into wrongdoing and be able to see through people but no power to enforce what you conclude from that, meaning other people behave more totalitarian in order to deny what you have seen!

It also shows something very interesting in the whole story. In David Wilcocks book he showed that when the galaxy gets to the same degree in a different sign that events repeat themselves. 'Cyclical time'.

I wonder if a way to understand astrology is that there are events and things hidden at the actual degree of the solar system that a planet passes over. So Pluto passing over Capricorn relates to certain people/ bankers at that degree, the Pluto then was only providing the catalyst to make them have to behave in a certain way whereas Pluto itself was not doing that! 

So Pluto is not the devastating force that goes round and negatively impacts things for the reason of causing 'rebirth'. Or perhaps it is and that is the mechanism, once you have seen something you can't "unsee" it... What this does not explain though is why Pluto retrograde is so much darker than Pluto direct. Perhaps this is because Pluto retrograde sees the negative more.

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