Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Heat/ Politics/ Psychic sensing.

My blog today might be a bit 'weird' because I am, like anyone from England reading this blog I would assume, I am melting under this sun.

My hours at work have been reduced recently like I have already said. In the morning I usually feel like I 'should be working' and I am applying for other jobs. However, even wanting to get on with normal things is difficult under this heat... This is mostly I think because I am unused to it.

I stood in a bath with some cold water today and that felt very good!

The thing I have noticed is that after a few years of jobsearching every week (when I was previously unemployed), I am very comfortable with job searching. I never used to like it and I still don't but it has become so habitual I don't mind going it. However, it is societies values that if I am jobsearching that is the only thing of value I need to do towards life. In real terms I feel I am not giving much to society by being comfortable jobsearching.

More Tories:

So, yet again Theresa is deliberate sabotaging her own side in order to throw the Brexit negotiations:

Breitbart: ‘Chaos’ as No Deal With DUP Reached Ahead of Queen’s Speech
Channel 4 News also reports the DUP sources as being frustrated at having to deal with young aides who “probably couldn’t find Northern Ireland on the map”, recalling that former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown seemed more decisive when he weighed up a pact with the party in 2010.
Younger aids? So the Tory's are treating the DUP with contempt!

The Tories are apparently considering doing a deal with the Liberal Democrats. If THAT happened then we would start to see the Tories as ghouls willing to do anything to maintain power.

Nevertheless, the Queens speech is a little good so far!

Sensing things:

With pictures of women on the internet, (Perhaps down the "femail" side of the Daily Mail or in the Daily Express) there is no psychic component, so it is easy to fit them into imaginings of sex.

In the real world however, I don't know about anyone else, but I have an extremely active impression of what is going on in another persons mind. A good example of this is I remember a girl at KFC, she was 17, not someone I would consider for any even superficial relationship but still someone, for whom it might be nice to experience some positive physicality towards.

However, I remembered how immovable and strong her mind seemed to be. She was a Capricorn and there just seemed to be no flexibility in her auric field. So with her around the response was to respond to that mental field!

The same is true just walking along the beach. There is the experience of looking at a girl and not being able to feel sexual because I am imagining how I would talk to her and feeling a mental presence, there is also on the more earthy area the fact that women are not as perfect in real life and you may be experiencing a bad mood or the smell of sweat which we would have to get over in order to experience intimacy.

Sensing other things:

Another experience I sometimes get is when I deliberately stop myself looking at a subject because I feel a negative impression or intention there possibly linked to an entity less than positive. This is almost always when there has been strong evidence that this is the case previously. I experience this when looking at someones astrology chart today, and it will be very interesting when the covfefe comes.

There are many people who make choices I would not expect them to make that I would estimate to be less than positive. It is also interesting how an emotion of a certain intensity that I think of as problematic will not change and will grow in intensity following the same themes later but always growing closer to manifesting in a real physical way. The more it manifests in a physical way the greater it can be opposed.


It feels to me that something is going to change soon and it also feels that so many sacrifices have been made to keep up the "postage stamp consensus". These are exciting times.

I have heard from David Wilcock that the sun has increased in radiation and that people who are on planes the whole year round are now having to resign because they are getting things like cancer! When going out I feel a tingle on my arms that is not quite comfortable, perhaps I'm being a hypochondriac!

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