Friday, 26 February 2016

EU referendum... Reigning in the crazy.

I'm going to reign in some of my views a little bit.

Firstly, following on from my previous commentary on the EU referendum, I am going to relax the view that Vote Leave is a deliberate attempt by the establishment to take the official designation off Grassroots out.  In order to keep the UK in the EU!

Two more things. Firstly I have found direct proof that can prove to the left that it is the EU and not the Tories that are responsible for more than they are given credit for. An article by the Daily Mail, referenced below, tells how: UK is being forced to pay back up to £43 BILLION in tax to giant companies...thanks (surprise, surprise) to EU courts.

This is a big one because most normal people, encouraged by that den of manipulative influence, the Labour party, believe that the EU is this nice, benign trade Union.

Explaining evidence of intent otherwise that is not too complicated for the little people bless em (been finding out more about jobs and immigration, does it ever end?) has not been easy thus far.

'They steal our money, the food from our mouths.' - This article seems to say.

A complicated (actually very simple) argument on demand and supply (immigration), does not seem to land.

Boris Johnson has said he wants out the EU like the real deal. Referenced below as well. I don't know enough to say the guy is a nice guy but don't think he has genuine malevolent intent. He's on that border between basic simple warmth and self centeredness, but I think negative powers trying to manipulate him are going to find themselves surprised at his inner strength. Of course he is not incapable of lying. I don't think he really knows or cares if he wants back in the EU afterward but will listen to the people that surround him, and the will of 'the people'. He is essentially a 'people person'.

Finally, I've found out a little about George Galloway. The members of Grassroots out all have something in common (as does Jeremy Corbyn). They have all been fighting so long it is beginning to show.

During George Galloways last election him and his allies were quoted as being quite aggressive to the rival candidate. It is clear what happened here to me, they all believe they are going to be attacked by the 'elders of Zion' and because of this tend to believe others are out to get them, and lying when they are perhaps not in fact doing so, so they then jump on potential evidence that justifies their belief.

So this is what I am saying. I'm relaxing my conspiracy theories around Vote Leave, and I will have an opinion on who I would prefer to get the designation, it is not particularly strong as I write this but I'm sure I will prefer Farage and co. get it. But that does not mean anyone who stands in the way is the devil in disguise.

I do think immigration is a relevant issue though. In my personal opinion that is extremely important. Sometimes something must be said because it is the truth, if you don't have truth, then you are not helped so much by positive forces. My instinct!


Daily Mail: UK is being forced to pay back up to £43 BILLION in tax to giant companies...thanks (surprise, surprise) to EU courts

Daily Express: 'Out is out' Boris Johnson REJECTS idea of second EU referendum in dramatic U-turn

Louise Mensch: The Election In Bradford West Has Been Hopelessly Tainted

Astrology very brief.

In two days, at 3:46PM on Sunday 28th February, Neptune will be exactly conjunct the sun.

Sun is the general archetypal theme and Neptune is a state of dreamy confusion. Which can bring an insight in that state that sorts things out in a way only that information can.

This doesn't mean more information could not be given if there was a free will decision to bring it, however, it does sort of explain the current trend!

I found this interesting as well, since it is relevant to the UK, (although other porn trends are more centered elsewhere):

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The goings on

I suppose this blog is mostly focused on when things are going to change in the larger political sense, many groups of people believe this will happen fairly suddenly and will have pervasive effects that will impact us all.

The European Union.

So, according to the news on the EU front, it's not good. Hungary is going to have a vote on whether to accept the "refugees", which will not be accepted. Norway is drafting emergency legislation to close the border if need be. Czecks and the Dutch are having surveys to say they don't like the EU and are considering their own one if the UK is successful in leaving and Belgium has simply abandoned free movement. Putting armed guards at the borders to stop undesirables entering.

The EU originally pushed through the measures for migrant quotas by a method known as Qualified Majority Voting. Which means that the big states have more voting power than the smaller ones. Essentially they just 'told' the smaller states to co- operate, and now, inevitably, they are not!


The finance world is seeing a bit of strangeness, today, to the utter amazement of some commentators, the Dow rallied at almost the last moment from being about two hundred and fifty points down to fifty up! To quote zerohedge: Worst sales data in 2 years, worst services economy in 3 years and an ongoing build up in crude.

It makes a person wonder, at what point can the lie end? If you have a stock market but in real terms trade has stopped (Baltic Dry Index) sales, crude etc. has all stopped working. How long can traders carry on fixing the market?

Obviously, when the stock market was created there was not enough safeguards put in place to stop this kind of thing. So lets work through it logically; They can't overproduce money because that produces inflation, what inflation would mean in the practical sense is people have more money to spend but there are no more resources so prices go up.

Perhaps they can work it so only the very rich get money and do not spend it. That though, is not a workable economy, because if the rich have money but there is no demand for items (because everyone else is poor) fewer people have jobs, or ability to give their labour because of overstretched services, and things stop getting produced. That means even if you have money you cannot buy what you need.

Let's say, as seems likely, that you cannot buy some goods from overseas for your fiat currency, you need to give them real things... We can see the problem here, eventually most supermarkets will run out of food, most car manufacturers will not be able to produce, etc.

But this seems a long way off, I cannot see that there is an end to such a fiat money system.

However, in this system you cannot write debt off. If you write debt off to one person you have to write it off for another and sooner or later, no one will be under your power anymore. Plus people who are attached to that debt (via bonds etc.) will lose money, and be angry.

Problems of this sort are a little easier to find. Where people not paying their debt is the source of the problem. A hedge fund called Third Avenue recently attempted to liquidate, but since they had overvalued their bonds, decided to push it on a bit, hoping the market would rally and they'd be able to sell the bonds they had on their books for the price they are marked at (this means, if the bonds fall in price and don't go back up, thousands, millions of people are going to lose a lot of money, perhaps all of it.)

Although not strictly related to debt, another problem is that some of the Japanese have been trading on margin (i.e. asset backed). These people have lost a lot of money recently. Another problem, as it relates back to the EU is that Italy is almost in the same place as Greece was, but if Italy defaults the whole EU will be badly shaken, it is it's fourth largest economy.


It seems to me that if the traders of the Dow are so determined to avoid reality, and avoid any correction, that when it comes it will be more devastating than it would otherwise be. But really, if a credit fund can, instead of liquidating, put off it's closing date with claptrap and simply liquidate the bonds at a later time, then things will continue as they were before. I cannot, in my mind, imagine what event would be strong enough to make these people see any sort of reality.

However, if there was a time when they were to, or be forced to, it seems the correction of the Dow would be incredibly quick. The biggest drop of the Dow has been 6-7%, this was during 2008 which was not as bad as the market conditions we now face. 7% of the current market would be 1153. If that happened during one day there would be a lot of shock, these traders that have been moronically trading would be forced to face reality.

The Chinese have been saying that they will be disattaching their currency peg away from the dollar, which could completely destroy the US economy in days. But rather like all the times the US military was going to arrest the cabal personnel in America, this one is doubtful until they are somehow pushed.

Luckily though this might be the case.

If you have been following this blog for any length of time you will know I sometimes follow what I consider celestial signals like lightning strikes, and we have another:

This is from an Express article explaining how a journalist climbed a tower to perfectly capture a picture of a lightning strike, hitting the tallest building in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa (Could not find a copyright and this blog is pretty much unheard of):

This is a pretty fantastic photograph.

Dubai is known as a big part of the effort to smuggle gold to China. What this I think means is that if China does not start sorting out markets soon, it will start to suffer the same fate, i.e. things will start to go wrong.

... and with some of (not all of) these 'good guys', I would bet on them being able to get on with it if it is for self preservation, rather than through any sort of altruism.

Adam Smith still lives on!


Zerohedge: Norway Warns Sweden Will Collapse, PM Will Defy Geneva Convention To Protect Border

Sunday, 21 February 2016

EU referendum, what's going on part 2

Another quick note.

It seems that Boris Johnson has joined Vote Leave and is showing more of a leaning towards voting to leave and then a 'renegotiation'.

So 1) Vote Leave detracts from the real freedom seekers Grassroots Out, for the official nomination, 2) They want to leave the EU, and then vote again to return on the basis of a better negotiation.

Boris will have been transitioned in as leader. Having fought down the EU where Cameron 'failed'.

This is probably why Vote - Leave will not mention immigration. The trade rules they talk about can probably be changed, after all, it's only money.

But the sovereignty aspect and whatever the EU's obsession with open borders (drug trade?) Will not be changed under these circumstances, and Vote- Leave can still be said to 'win'!

I do not know if this situation is static or fluid. It might be that someone will change their mind, turn against Vote Leave and/ or go over to Grassroots Out. Or it might be that these people have planned it all to a 't' and are in on it.

A fire just erupted in China, possibly this shows the cabal are still angry at China which is good, they must be doing something.

Also, Reuters reported the Russians and Syrian army have taken back 18 villages in Southern Aleppo. So they are moving forward!

(Later edit, it appears Vote- Leave have made statements to the effect they do not want a second referendum!:

I will mention though that apparently a Telegraph article by Boris Johnson does seem to point this way though.

However, I read this telegraph article and there is no hint of that.

However, furthermore, despite that, this may be an indication of what he really thinks (does indicate he wants deal and not out):

Saturday, 20 February 2016

What's going on with the EU referendum?

So, to explain to people that may not be knowledgeable about this.

There are two groups. Vote Leave and Grassroots out.

Grassroots out contains several people including Nigel Farage (UKIP) (possibly others), David Davis and other Conservative MP's (David Davis is influential, he was the leader of the Conservative rebellion against Major in 1992, which concerned the EU then), Katy Hoey, Labour Leave, and George Galloway, someone who characterises many of the problems on the conspiracy side that are close to how the hard left see the world.

Vote Leave contains: UKIP MP's such as Suzanne Evans and Douglas Carswell, who characterise a kind of inner UKIP rebellion against the leader Nigel Farage, who is beloved by UKIP supporters; and the new 6 Conservative MP's who have joined the group.

The important thing to do with these competing 'leave' groups is that one of these will be designated as the official 'leave' group. The winner will gain campaign funding of £7 million whereas the runner up will be limited to spending £700,000

Vote Leave apparently does every single one of their actions with this in mind. They also don't really have the peoples freedom in mind having suggested a system whereby there are two votes to get out of the EU, one to vote out, then bargaining before a second vote. They refuse to discuss immigration and are really restricted to the corridors of Westminster, not really connected to the real people of the United Kingdom

Grassroots Out on the other hand is made up of people that believe in freedom and prioritise the people over the establishment (That people like Douglas Carswell certainly DO NOT do.)

 I would vastly prefer Grassroots out and am suspicious of the motives of the Conservative MP's that are campaigning against David Cameron but joining 'Vote leave'. Thereby weakening the real players in this regard... 'Grassroots out'. Will the officiality of the MP's involved with Vote Leave sway the electoral commission? Or will the large sway of both the left and the right be more important/

When I imagined the Conservative MP's campaigning for 'leave' before, I imagined them branching out on their own and independently producing loads of information I would then absorb (Like David Davis' fantastic speech on the EU on his website, that includes economic arguments). However, I find it more difficult to respect the globulous mass of MP's who seem afraid to stand on their own feet and are sheltered together in 'Vote Leave'.

Another two things about this EU referendum, called for June 23rd. Is 1) the EU has a lot more funding, and this will be interesting in forcing those not bothered about the referendum to look at it; and 2) Greece voted to leave and their leaders simply signed them up to stay, with even worse conditions.

So it's all to play for!

Friday, 19 February 2016

The EU referendum... We have arrived!

Today, after negotiation. Prime Minister of England David Cameron made a deal with EU leaders that he can declare changes the United Kingdoms relationship with that organisation.

You see, a lot of people feel it needs to be changed.

... Now that he has that assurance, he will now do two things:

1) Call the date for a referendum.
2) Release his Conservative Members of Parliament, (elected representatives or his own party), to campaign against the EU if they so choose.

Both sides will then be taking to the air and making their case. The political landscape is going to be completely changed in a day!

The interesting thing to me is that once this area starts getting looked at, people will start to be surprised at the details about the European Union and their model of the world will start to change.

Also, party allegiances will come under pressure. The left will not know precisely where to stand, whether to oppose UKIP or fight for freedom. Since both are mutually exclusive. Some people will have to face the fact that UKIP are not all bad.

How this effects other events, and what else is going on is also interesting. Donald Trump will likely be elected in South Carolina tomorrow, and we will get more information on the American elections and politics.

The stock market will continue to be confused.

All in all, the amount of information that is highly important coming to us, and to most people, is likely to increase in my opinion.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Syria Index:

(Click on the titles to go to the links):

Syria part 1: The Second Cold War.

Syria part 2: Modern Finance

Syria part 3: Global finance game.

Syria part 4: Second Cold War. Ukraine and Oil.

Syria part 5a: Finally, Syria. Da'esh Sponsors.

Syria part 5b: Finally Syria, Defenders of Syria. (the war).

Syria part 5c: Where We are Now

Syria Conclusion. -- and what's going on now.

Syria References

Part 1: Explains the significance of the Cold war and the old rivalries begun then.

Part 2: Basic economic theory and explaining how this rivalry has translated into economics.

Part 3: Explaining how this financial rivalry has translated into the 2008 crash.

Part 4: Explaining the basis of conflict in Ukraine and Syria.

Part 5a: The outlining of the self centered actors and religious aspects of the Syrian war.

Part 5b: Explaining the protectors of Syria, and the trickery involved here, and why it is happening. Why the need for deception!?

Part 5c: This is a basic understanding of where we are now and why current events are so volatile and significant. A more up to date record will be found by zerohedge and likely the other sources in resources.

Conclusion: What some of these things mean for us in the West.

References/ Resources: The resources I have used. This is where my sources are backed up. Even the more outlandish ideas are backed up with hard facts by other commentators.

Syria References/ Resources


The first one to include is zerohedge. This is an extremely knowledgeable source on many matters. Some interesting articles are featured below.

An interview with Assad:

An explanation of what will likely happen at the moment, a run down. (Time sensitive, the situation is fast moving so this will perhaps be less relevant soon):

Articles from zerohedge include details on rigging the market and he knows a lot about the war in Syria. If you want to understand this area though, background reading probably isn't required to a great extent. Simply start reading what he is saying and even though these areas do have background, you can pick up on what is going on.

(not featured yet though)!

Independent Journalist: Eva Bartlett

Eva is an independent journalist who goes to places like Syria and Gaza and investigates these incidents.

An amazing story here was how much the Western media lies. That people in Syria would be walking around in a town and later find out on the news, that the town had been bombed by Assad. Obviously completely made up.

There are other stories here, specifically how a BBC journalist; Lyce Doucet, heard that the Syrian rebel groups had bombed a school. Even though she was implored by the local populace to tell the truth, when she reported it she reported that it was not known who bombed the school. (This is at about 14 minutes):

Another source on this is a political commentator from inside Syria called 'Syrian girl'. She has videos in which she tells in detail Western lies about Syria:

This is an article laying the 'Assad did a chemical weapons attack on his own people' myth, to bed:

David Wilcock.

Summary of David Wilcock:

Here is the article that summarises the background on the cold war, the two competing groups and the plans for the One World Order:

Here is some required reading explaining world war one and two, and the fundamental economic agenda of the cabal:

Here is an article explaining Da'esh, Syria, and how things are at this moment:

At the time of this writing David Wilcock is due for another article soon, however, he has a busy schedule and does not always update when he says he is going to.

Syria Conclusion. -- and what's going on now.

So, this is what's going on in Syria, the why's, the who's, the what- fors!

All these things are tied together.

Syria is volatile, it gives real meaning to the term 'volatile'. Like, people actually die there.

However, the same term can be used to describe many areas at the moment:

The American Presidential elections and populace are volatile. People are growing exasperated they can't control Trump. Controlling people who in my opinion, are mostly a little stupid. This is how you get stupid ideas such as 'ban Trump'. Where relative adults act with all the sensibilities of a five year old in the playground.

The stock market has completely lost any relation to reality and trades on headlines. No one can look at the fundamentals. They live on faith. Faith that the government will look after them... I'm sure that will end well!

Many other situations are sociologically volatile. For instance, feminism has come up front and centre and all those 'anti fascists' are losing their heads at the moment. Since they call anyone who does not agree with their views, or even MENTIONS immigration fascist, or racist. But, with Cologne and various other places, 'reality' is seeping through, they again... Can't control these things... Can't control reality to their whims.

Another example of this is how the pro EU establishment is struggling in England. Even going as far today as to state clearly lying facts about Britains EU membership that were shouted down by a BBC Question Time audience... Not usually known for their glowing intelligence.

At some point, these thing are going to break, or something else, and the truth is going to come to the surface very quickly.

As I write this these are the facts: There is an American republican nomination on the 20th and 23rd. Trump will win one and will likely win both. On March 1st there is a SUPER TUESDAY in which 14 nominations will happen. The people complaining about Trump will not be able to avoid the reality of the gain of the Libertarian cause; and where that left wing thought meets its sociological equivalent over the pond. This will cause a great shake in the world.

Britains EU negotiations and upcoming vote on membership, is getting ready to happen, and it will happen or leaders will be further pressured.

And... Well we never really know with the banks but it does not look good!

There is a pattern with all these things.

If you consider how the negative manipulations work, they promise safety, and security, some of the good things as long as no questions are asked.

However, with life being as it is, the politically correct zombies cannot shield their left wing supporters. So what is happening is people are getting upset. Twitter is having to censor (to protect these sensitive souls) Universities are banning people. It is all happening and it is not working for the negative.

For instance, the Conservative's that are not getting anything back from supporting David Cameron. So are leaving the party, making a fuss, or fighting back.

The Al- Qaeda fighters fleeing the armies against them. Not getting much back from it, so are going to the West and acting like assholes (I.e. Cologne, Taharrush stuff).

At some point, one of these things is going to break. I don't know which one this will be!

Syria part 5c: Where We are Now.

Where we are right at this moment is this:

Since Da'esh wasn't doing well enough, and since America needed to contain the Frankenstinian monster it had created, it started funding so called 'moderate' (nothing moderate about them) rebels.

These are groups like Al- Qaeda and Al- Shabaab that are every bit as bad as Da'esh. What's in a name right? They might even be Da'esh!

However, the US, justifying itself by it's continued narrative of 'Assad is a butcher', 'Assad must go' and 'Assad committed chemical weapons attack on his own people'; have been openly funding rebels (OK, so more openly once Russia started killing them). These rebels, despite the fact, (As Assad noted in an interview) that they carry guns and shoot people, kidnap, have no business in a civilised society. These rebels are thought to be the 'political opposition' to Assad in US Foreign Policy and there is diplomatic pressure from the US and others, to have discussions about Syria's 'future without Assad', holding these people up as 'political opposition'.

It is every bit as ridiculous as it sounds.

But, the Russians have been blowing these 'rebels' to high hell. There are some reports the rebels are their target which would be sensible.

However, one of the areas the rebels have held, the Northern Syrian city of Aleppo, which is where they are supplied through Turkey. If Aleppo falls, which it is almost definitely going to, Turkey will not be able to supply the rebels anymore. Which means:

No 'political opposition'.

Absolutely no opportunity to get rid of Assad with an intact pretense of 'legitimacy', unless they perhaps create a new political opposition, and quickly!

There seems to be little that the West can do with Russia there even if rebels stayed alive.

If Turkey cannot supply Da'esh and the rebels. It is it. That is the end of the war for any hope of America successfully controlling Syria.

Which is why Turkey is getting ansy and shelling Kurds in Northern Syria, and talking about invading with Saudi Arabia.

It probably won't happen though. They are afraid of Hezbollah!

Syria part 5b: Finally, Syria, Defenders of Syria. (the war).

The defenders of Syria are as follows:

Iran: Syria's close ally. The Syrian army is fairly weak, the main force actually supporting Syria and fighting Da'esh is the Iranian Shi- ite militias, one of which is named Hezbollah. These people are apparently extremely militarily efficient, for which reason even Erdogan (Turkish President) himself fears this group and is reluctant to get into any combat with them.

One thing I have mentioned here is that Iranian militias are Shi- ite. Iran is Shi- ite and it is another bone of contention between Saudi Arabia and Iran. One being Sunni and the other being Shi- ite.

The Kurds: The Kurds occupy parts of Turkey, Iraq and Syria and want their own state. However, they are also good fighters and lend their resources in the fight against Da'esh. Every bit of power they gain makes the Turkish president more unhappy.

Russia: There is no one who doesn't know that Russia is involved here. Russia has been Assads long term ally, and, unlike America, they were actually invited into Syria to help Assad. While the West, for reasons I have summarised, are always trying to either openly fund rebels like Al- Qaeda; Russia is going the opposite way. They are going in to Syria to boost the Syrian army, destroy the 'rebels', no matter how loudly America complains, and destroy Da'esh. Actually destroy them.

At no point has Russia said it will do any different. When you hear Western media complain loudly that Russia isn't actually killing Da'esh, they are shooting rebels instead... Well, that is true; Putin himself said that's why he was going in.

Syria: What do the Syrian people and Syrian government make of all this? This is a question that Western media and narrative on the subject do not care about.

The Syrians had an election in 2014. They had a massive turnout, and came out overwhelmingly in favour of Assad. Real investigative journalists on the ground tell how everyone they meet is in favour of Assad. Everywhere you go in Syria the people there know of some of the story I have outlined, and are in favour of the government. Want the government to protect them and hate the rebels, America, and their regional allies.

Stories that the Syrian government is shelling civilians have been patently made up, completely from scratch, and sold to the Western public. Photos from previous humanitarian tragedies have been re- used. The whole thing is a blatant lie.

The truth is that the Syrian government does not starve their own people, although the areas taken over by rebels do. The Syrian government has no logical reason to do this. There is no reason for them to create distrust in a population they are already in favour with. Remember to check the references for my sources on this, and if it comes as a surprise to you, chalk it up to experience :).

The last fighter against Da'esh I will mention here is elements of the US military that do not go along with the plan laid out by whatever scheming, deceptive freak they have controlling the US. In some areas the Pentagon is actually fighting Da'esh. Which is another element that makes this all so confusing.

Syria part 5a: Finally, Syria. Da'esh Sponsors.

So, I have covered the background now.

It was tiring!

I have decided to reference what I talk about at the end of this set of articles, because I believe it takes away from the readability to use too many hyperlinks during the discussion. But of course if any of this is controversial, then there will be references at the end for you to browse through.

So, a run down of the different agendas in the Syrian war, this is also going to include technical arrangements as well as agendas. I think it will be a lot of information to those whom haven't already heard of it (I was inspired to write this set of articles from two women who did have no idea of this information):

The main goal, as explained in depth in the past four articles, is for the entire financial system and totalitarian government system of corruption that stems links and binds many Western and Middle Eastern countries, is allowed to survive and continue. This is in fact the main reason, and takes precedence in my beliefs over the other ones I will summarise in this article.

First something to explain. There are two main forms of Islam. There is Sunni and Shi- ite. These are often in conflict with each other.

These are the actors supporting Da'esh and the Syrian 'rebels':

Israel: Gain territorial control over the Middle East, possibly to an extent they believe is laid out in the bible.

Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia is known as the leader of the Islamic world because it hosts Mecca, and it practices Sunni Islam. (Wahabbi variation but we won't go into that). Da'esh is also Sunni and in theory opposes Shi- ite Muslims and wants to obliterate them. If Da'esh takes over the Middle East, Saudi Arabia will have effectively created the dominance of it's chosen tribe of Islam.

Turkey: Turkey harbours ambitions to go back to it's days of empire, through the oil trade it would gain from Assads departure. They also do not wish to give up even one inch of their territory to the Kurds.

The USA and EU: To gain the pipeline and free itself from Russian energy dominance.

American bankers are funding Da'esh, so that if they are arrested or dealt with in any way they can set of bombs in Western countries.

In order for this pipeline and other regional agendas. Da'esh, or the Syrian rebels like Al Qaeda, was meant to take over Syria then the US could come in and 'save' the day and install a puppet President

Syria part 4: Second Cold War. Ukraine and Oil.

It seems that the powers against the 'cabal' are focusing on differing aspects of the 'cabal'. I've explained China and the Wests devilish financial system. However, a nation such as America is not exclusively made up of 1/s and 0's. There are also physical material things here.

Russia supplies the whole of Europe's oil needs. It owns three pipelines. If Russia wanted, it could switch oil off to the Western world and there is not a damn thing the US, or Europe could do about it.

Added onto this, it is the seat of Russia's wealth. The depressing of the oil price is yet another attempt to 'sanction' Russia against standing up against Western Imperialism.

So, right next to Russia is seated Ukraine, and many of Russia's oil pipelines go through Ukraine. In order to get power over these, America and the EU sponsored a coup of Ukraine. The new neo Nazi leaders then turned on their own populace, who were angry about the coup, and a civil war began.

Russia got involved and protected Ukraine and their own interests. Although the Western nations had reason then to sanction Russia (for imperialist practices, I kid you not), the Foreign policy of the West in this regard had failed.

The depressing of oil price has had the effect of bankrupting the people who started it, including Saudi Arabia, whom have a very violent Wahabbist population they are ruling. The attempt to go into Yemen is an attempt at conquest and to stave off this bankruptcy.

The plan is, for the US and it's allies, to go into Syria, and to create an alternative pipeline which would improve the position of America and it's allies. They would have an alternative to Russian oil, so would be able to increase price and thus save the stock market. Saudi Arabia would benefit and save it's Islamo - fascist government. Turkey could now move back to becoming an empire.

As you see from the map though there are two proposed pipelines here. One goes from Qatar to Turkey and the other goes from Syria to Iran. If the America - Saudi Arabian - Turkish and Israeli axis gained this it would solve all their problems, and they could re- establish their tyranny.

However, there is a competing pipeline there, which Russia favours. When Assad was asked by the Americans to allow the Turkey- Qatar pipeline through. He did not allow it, he explained: 'This would not be good for our Russian partners'.

Now it all clicks into place.

The US funded Da'esh to destroy Assad, and then when they turned out to be real wackjobs, starting a medieval caliphate, and to keep them in check, they started funding, what is jokingly called the 'moderate' rebels, and also to unseat Assad.

This hasn't worked though. Russia stepped in to protect Assad and now the West is shouting about like an angry child, saying 'Assad must go' and completely fabricating stories such as Assad is starving his own people (that is ridiculous, information on these ludicrous claims will be in references.)

So this is where we are. The next article will focus on other specificities within Syria and all the global players and their agendas there.

Syria part 3: Global Finance Game.

So, concepts already hazily defined:
  • The US and EU are imperialistic powers with agendas other countries oppose.
  • The countries that oppose the US and EU have banded together and are very powerful.
  • Russia is one of the countries at the forefront of this effort.
  • The USA prints money and other countries have historically given real good in exchange for this worthless paper, 
  • This, along with US - EU military action, has made the West seem invincible.
  • Since 2008, China in particular and likely many other nations, have not been accepting fiat (paper) currency in return for real goods since 2008.

This is the real reason for the crash. Of course, everything to do with mortgage problems is true. But these problems would not be a problem, if the establishment could simply create more debt, and cover up that problem by simply buying real goods from China to make up for this.

What has China been doing all this time? Why, biding their time, working away waiting to destroy the US of A.

China can, and will, crush the US of A whenever it wants too.

Why doesn't it? Well, that would hurt a lot of people for starters. Also, the Syrian terrorist group Da'esh is being funded and supported by banks to support many regional goals. During the Paris attacks on November 13th, white skinhead military people were helping the Jihadists. More on this, with all the evidence needed, will be included in references at the end of this series.

Syria part 2: Modern Finance

The second cold war (continued).

At the end of the Cold war, Putin was in power. Even though the Americans thought they could work with this guy, he turned out not to support them, he banished the Russian oligarchs, arrested those in power that were infiltrators from America (often the very rich, just imagine!), and started Russia on a course that was somewhat 'sane'.

However, American and EU imperialism continued unchecked. The US still has had amazing financial power, due to their removal of the gold standard, and ability to print money and ask for real wealth in return.

As things carried on, and I don't have too many specifics on this part of the story, many powers that were against the mafia like control of the power groups within the EU and US establishment. Many groups allied with each other and started trying to form plans of how to overcome such forces.

There are many different legs to this, but the most important one always seems to come back to financial. Which is obviously why I follow it so closely.


Finance is mostly rigged; heavily, heavily rigged. However, what is obvious to me but seemingly difficult for other to grasp is that the rules can be bent but they can't be broken.

Let me give you an example. Say there is a family with an authoritarian and corrupt father. The father gets all the members of the family to pay him and prints out receipts about what is going on.

There was a time when this was all above board, but at some point, the father desired to keep more of the money than he should have and started writing receipts that were basically fake.

So now, when he writes £5 has gone towards buying black bags for instance, it might have been £3, or he might have stolen them, or threatened someone else to steal them.

Can you see the problem here. He can magic up the words £5 but he also has to produce black bags. There is a point where the lies, especially if they are getting worse and worse; a point where the lies start to catch up with him and perhaps he is meant to give something he just cannot give, and that no intimidation will compensate for. (Since other people might be strong and can fight too!)

The illusion of America's endless wealth is created from the fact they can produce money, useless paper, and the Chinese will give them real good in return.

Or DID give them real goods in return. Since 2008 they have only been accepting gold (perhaps this is the reason that the Baltic Dry Index, an index of the shipping happening across the world, keeps hitting new lows.)

Without this, only living on rigging, and you are bound to fall at some time. The lies have to catch up with you eventually.

Moving onto part 3!

Syria part 1: The Second Cold War.

First, a note on current events:

Some time last year, the world watched as Greece went to and fro, deal after deal after negotiation. It's populace waiting out on the streets asking... Is there going to be a deal? Are Greece going to leave the Euro? Is our suffering coming to an end... Or just beginning.

It always seemed to be just beginning as Alexis Tsipras went through that agonisingly slow process of eventually caving to this giant beast that is the EU.

Well done Alexis.

Now, we in England, and likely, as in Greece, many places in the world, are watching the same sort of thing...

More talks. Negotiation. From some people whom could easily have manipulative agendas.

David Camerons 're- negotiations'. To create terms under which would create the terms for an EU 'in' option, are being painstakingly talked over.

... Will we have a deal by mid Friday? ... Then a meeting with Conservative MP's late Friday.

... No! The talks will probably go on until Saturday. No Sunday.

... If Cameron cannot agree a deal then the whole thing could be put off until next month.


The second cold war.

So, lets go a little into history:

Politics is rarely about what is happening on the surface. Often, especially around issues such as the cold war, it is about competing secretive factions who are vying for some truly nasty aims. But to shorten them down, to complete any of these aims these powers need control of resources and people. So they seek 'conquest'.

The political game is fairly simply rigged when the system was still working according to negative specifications. The left wing wants to put all power in the hands of the governments/ banks and create a kind of Orwell superstate or perpetual poverty. This group specialises in pharmaceuticals, LGBT, Green causes and left wing in general (communist ideas etc). Going back to the Rothschilds and Soros types.

The right wing, in the negative is based on all the power being in the hands of corporations and the military; extortionate capitalism, no unions, and real fascism like the kind experienced in Nazi Germany. (Bush, Blair).

Recently, non negative beings on both wings have raised. But this is how it works when everything is rigged by those negative beings.

In the Cold war, you had power clearly concentrated in the left wing of these alternatives in Russia, and the right wing was in America. These two co- operated together and overthrew countries on behalf of their chosen religion. The plan was was to turn half the worlds countries to communism and half to capitalism. Then pulling these two groups together, America and Russia working together, you would then have a New World Order. An uneasy alliance of negative people, undoubtably both intending to double cross the other, to secure dominion over the entire earth.

However, it did not work out like that, the Russian side got overthrown. Even though negative elements remained in the Russian government right up until the 90's, at the end of the detente period, (which was supposed to lead to agreement and this New World Order) the Russian government had a quiet revolution and the Americans called it off.

Followed up in Part 2!

Monday, 15 February 2016

A possible 'Trump' card against Brexit.

No that is not a pun. Trump is a good guy.

But after reading an article referenced below by zerohedge, it seems quite clear to me how the EU is going to play it.

Consider, the shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn:

BBC: Putin 'would see EU exit as weakness,' says Labour's Hilary Benn

"Let's be clear. President Putin would shed no tears if Britain left the European Union. He would see Brexit as a sign of our weakness and of the weakness of European solidarity at the very moment when we need to maintain our collective strength."
This article also seems to mean that Hilary is in favour of trident, Corbyns attempt to stop trident renewal I see as an attempt to stop the black budget money likely being taken from there.

I must admit, with the speech I was largely in favour of, which made sure to reference real things Da'esh had done rather (I.e. Yazidi girls) than any of the Hollywood blockbusters McCain made, Hilary had quite convincingly pulled the wool over my eyes.

Apparently I can still be fooled by a Blair!

If there were ever any more proof needed, have a look at this:

The Independent: 'Vladimir Putin is a bigger threat to Europe than Isis', says billionaire financier George Soros

There is room for Hilary to be a good guy after all this but it is very, very unlikely in my opinion. But Hilary is not the point, the narrative being offered here is that we need to stay in the EU and support it as a check against Russian financial and military (EU army?) power.

And how will they ramp up the 'evidence' that Putin is the bad guy no one is quite convinced that he is.

This is what's going on in Syria. To summarise, Turkey is looking to interfer in Syria, possibly forcing Putins hand, or intending to, then he will go running to Nato.

It is a sick disgusting plan to cause the deaths of thousands for a chess like regional gain (many actually, I've only highlighted one of the 'benefits' to the cabal of this maneuver.) But what else do we expect from such people?

They are trying to do several things at a time, which is only sensible in this kind of game I suppose. For instance, the ECB considering both Quantitative Easing and Brexit concerns at the same time, there is some benefit this gives them. Perhaps hoping that Quantitative Easing to 'save' the financial system will rub off to the 'benefits' to Britain that EU membership has.


I don't actually know, these games seem to be more advanced with far more information than I actually have at my fingertips. But I will suggest positive moves in my opinion:

A) If Erdogan steps one foot over Syria's border (which I know he already has) Russia, or another power perhaps on their side but not yet in the fray, should loudly proclaim protection of the Kurds by giving them better weapons. And privately promise if Erdogan plays nasty then the weapons the Kurds will receive will indeed be very incendiary.

B) For my UKIP libertarians I associate with, while we cannot do much really most of us, and I imagine political power may be limited from my readers (my readership is severely limited in numbers to even make a dent onto this IMO). Perhaps if Jeremy (or even Momentum? Very unlikely but mentioned). If he does oust Hilary if we could be quiet about it, not go on about free speech or other such things. Since Soros and co. are dangerous, these people are really dangerous.

Rather how I don't imagine Trumps supporters are criticising Bernie for this fantastic piece of wisdom (in fact I have heard some of Trumps real physical supporters not too hard on Bernie):

Inside info. From some of the people really in the know (Corey Goode), Kissinger is labelled a very sinister person indeed:

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Liberal Agenda Failing.

The Independent is closing it's paper copies and going 'online only'.

The Guardian is suffering.

And Twitter is suffering.

However, from the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Mirror and Breitbart... Not a peep.

Firstly, the Independent and the Guardian are the most pro- refugee, anti any news against them such as the Cologne migrant sexual assault.

But censorship does not work for profits. People like a story like Cologne, it excites them, and even the Mirror has exciting stories about crime and other such things. People don't like to be neutered.

This reminds me of a recent brilliant video by Paul Joseph Watson, in it, he mentioned how when people complained about an advert called 'beach body ready'. The company ran it anyway and made loads of money; whereas when 'Barbie' released an obese Barbie, it was a marketing nightmare!

It makes me think about how these people think and how the left think in general.

After Cologne, many I suspect, like me, did expect those on the left to be horrified like they were.

However, this didn't come, and the longer all these things have gone on (with the 'refugees welcome' hashtag on twitter STILL having people tweeting) it has become obvious that it is not going to, and that they will even actively assault anyone who protests against migrants on this and similar issues. The reason is that, for these people, if there is an event like Cologne or many others on one hand, and a sheltered theory that conflicts with that on the other, then the events of Cologne must not be true because the theory cannot be.

This is shown in many ways, I cannot recall the exact example now, but there was a woman was raped by migrants in a Western country and blamed this on 'white men', perhaps a cultural argument, I don't know precisely how she could have made this argument.

Also, feminists in Cologne are blaming German born men for the Cologne events and a long while back a woman was raped in Calais but her left wing activists friends told her to stay quiet that she might not 'damage the cause'.

Such people belong in jail.

But normal people are not in with these strange idea. After all, Corbynites (I don't dislike Corbyn but his followers seem a little wacked), Corbynites are a minority. So normal people don't want to be constantly censored and separated from other 'normal people' (who might have less than perfect opinions on migrants), in comment pages on the Guardian for instance.

But when these people look at a marketing problem, the owners of the Guardian. They think... Because these people are expressing 'racist' views in the comment section people aren't reading our paper. Because managers have been converted to a leftist thought, and these leftist thoughts... Cannot be wrong!

Furthermore, I wonder, going back to the Law of One, if these people, the leftists, are stuck in orange ray. Where they are blocked at orange ray because they 'believe themselves to be right on a personal level.' and have views about putting power in a 'more correct configuration'. Furthermore that other are in need of being guided by their 'superior wisdom'.

It's very animal and tribal their thinking. They believe in collectivism, and without focus on the wider economy, many left wing ideas are simply a list of demands. UKIP for instance says how things will get richer and better through market laws, but the left simply do not believe in the market. (Not they don't believe it can help, but they don't believe it exists!)

The leader of Venezuela is a leftist, who doesn't believe in inflation, he believes when someone raises prices it's because the upper class are raising prices to steal from the working man.

Well, it hasn't ended well. Venezuela has suffered hyperinflation and real suffering is happening as a result!

It is also worth noting that if this is some sort of 'moron barbecue' for the leftist, the Conservative government seems to also be having a little trouble. Since Cameron has tried to hold in contempt those activists who stomped the streets for him in the May election, who want Brexit.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Why I want to leave the European Union.

Following on from a dream where I was brainstorming ideas on this with Nigel Farage, it's got me thinking.

Although this must include technical answers, and it will because that's how I think. It will also include personal reasons. Because personal reasons, even if they confess uncomfortable things, are the dry powder of any argument such as this. How does this all effect a person in the exact same position as me? Of which there are many.

Most of the people surrounding me have a subtle, or not so subtle condescension and anger towards me, which they will express. This is because I am unable to find a job and personal health conditions, and individual psychological differences (no matter how many times people say they accept difference, they do not.) Further create this impression.

What I was put here to do in my opinion. What I feel right doing, is music. It is a channeled experience and never fails to impress. However, it connects me to my deeper self, the level where acting in accord with that self is definitively needed. I cannot do this because people close to me, on my 'life path' so to speak, have had disharmonious relations, and the resultant energy blockages makes it impossible for me to channel or relax.

I cannot do music because it would open doors that cause a great deal of suffering and that a lot of people would describe as 'schizophrenic'. It is my hopes that the people that turned on me so completely, aggressively and deliberately sadistic, will pay greatly some day for their behaviour (Such people have had ample opportunity to change said behaviour and that opportunity still remains up until the point such people have to deal with me or I am dead, at which point it will become obvious that they never acted in a courageous way before they were forced to and the interaction will be darker I suspect).

So I am unemployed, and not really offering anything individual or skilled to the market. I am applying for customer service type roles. Those aspects of life that would help me in this situation in a society are currently not working I suspect, because society is not in a good place.

Jobseeking is extremely tedious. I am being made to do it again and again. Jobs I have interviewed with before this have told me that they had 80 other interviews. My patronising job centre advisor tells me 'Well how can you be that 1/80?'.

I have everything technically down perfectly. I have gone on all the customer service courses, that cover cover letters and such things. I cannot be faulted at these courses. I have done work experience, I do volunteering. When I interview I can answer questions from a level of technical perfection. Asked about customer service I use examples from many different jobs and give a multi level answer.

But I don't think these people are looking for that. They are looking for a basic emotional reality I can't provide and they are going for the candidate that gives them the most. There are small things I can't provide because of health reasons, but if they can get a candidate with 'full flexibility' and endless experience in customer service, then of course they will prefer that one.

So I cannot get a job, I sort of just 'exist', as people surrounding me dislike me, all awhile these people resent me for political views that are not like theirs and would actually solve things (for some reason I seem to attract the semi hard left) and I'm just generally met with crapness. My best friend once said that I was lazy for not being able to get a job and compared me to a 'fat person that can't stop eating'. This view of his will not change, even when he would see my jobsearch. It's simply what he prefers to think.

So, it is obvious how UKIP will solve that, but for the dull of mind, here are some:
  • The most important is that the EU/ Illuminati will go bankrupt. This is all important. While England is part of the EU we are giving money to a regime that has all sorts of political ideas it enforces that we do not agree with, such as sanction on Russia.
  • I have explained the problem with excess unskilled labour.
  • Reducing taxes on businesses to allow small business to flourish and sorting out fishing industry is a good priority. More jobs = More jobs per workers. That means that management will have to compromise on some of it's ideals rather than only going for the candidate that can offer everything (and people who immigrate here only have to work, having no other personal commitments. Unlike those here with family, or anything else that involved in having a life that might get in the way of working.)
There is not much more. I do not care about Muslims a great deal. They are the angle for some people and I do not begrudge this but they do not effect me, I live in the South of England, a rich area protected from the ghettos up North. I do support Tommy Robinsons marches since he has his own reasons.

Obviously, when I do have power of some sort, when life sorts itself out and the power starts going to those whom have been telling the truth, things will look very different from the perspective of those whom would prefer that I was wrong and 'sinful' in some way.

At which point I will have the choice of who I want to spend time with, rather than who I have to.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

General thoughts!

So these are just some general thoughts about how things are going:

  • The markets are tumbling, and gold is being brought up by the ton by both banks and individuals. It seems like this is it, many times before it has seemed this way and it has not been 'it', but this seems a lot more serious than those.
  • When some people can't confront facts, and are therefore proven 'wrong'. They create a little world inside their own head where they are 'right'. This is what needs to be challenged for any real societal change. This is what will be challenged when reality reveals itself to such an extent that the population cannot deny it.
  • At the moment we are in that strange phase between market crashing and when does it effect the 'real world'. When do any of these things, Syria etc. effect the 'real world', that most people inhabit. So the false world in actuality.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Definition of political terms. (Part 3, modernising) Defining Socialism, Communism, Liberalism, Neo Liberalism, Libertarianism, Fascism, Racism, Tyranny, Feminism and Free market

Many of the people who use terms such as 'communism', 'socialism', 'free market', etc. have never heard of the original thinkers behind these ideas, and even then almost none have read the original texts (including me).

So I am going to attempt to define these terms as they relate to modern life; however, with an eye to how they were first created, because that is still relevant:

Socialism: The mainstream left, (not far left) and general celebrity culture populism are nearly inseparable in my opinion. Perhaps it fits with some of the collectivist views the modern left have (but Marx did not apparently!)

But how it begun, as I have described, as a temporary stop between capitalism and communism. So what it basically is is a government that gives money and resources to the people and intends (we cannot say actually does) intends to make things 'more equal'.

It's a general idea, and it does generally, as most of the populist left do in my opinion, completely neglect the fact that markets exist. Marx did not talk about making money he was hung up on justice, value.

Communism: A utopian idea put forward in Karl Marx's theories that depends on the good will of the general man, without the existence of government, where all beings are equal and individual... This can not be said to have ever have existed, since all supposedly communist societies have a lot of government power involved. There is no evidence that it is possible for it to exist at this stage in our history.

Liberalism: A basic commitment to free speech, a capitalist economy and democracy, which defines the society where these principles are available away from one that doesn't have them (which are often somewhat 'undeveloped')

Neo Liberalism: When sophisticated Liberal societies use abstract concepts to cover the fact they are actually taking more freedom away than they are giving. (Also known as politically correct)

Fascism: When the government controls both the government and ideology of the country in an almost religious sense through propagandising the media. Often incorrectly defined as synonymous with racism, but a non racist fascist government is possible. Perhaps this definition can be extended to those cults with a political aim that brainwash their followers and propagandise not allowing any other influences. However, my understanding is that fascism is a political term, so would have to apply to an active government

Racism: The belief that one race is different enough from another to be superior and that one's own superior race should enslave another inferior race.

Tyranny: When the government controls the populace through force and the threat of force.

Libertarianism: The deep belief that people should be free, associated with what has euphamistically been called Conspiracy theory, Climate realists (i.e. skeptics) and often the right wing. Opposed to collectivism. People that believe if a fact is true it should be recognised, and are not swayed by non factual emotional arguments about sensitive subjects.

Free Market: Although has been associated with de regulation, a more accurate definition of Adam Smiths use of the concept is de- regulation except for the regulation needed to prevent crime and injustice. However, it really means using market principles and common sense in your managing of a society.

Note: Feminism was originally 'liberal'. But is now defined under either Neo Liberal or Libertarian, depending on the individual.

I.e. Feminism is based on the idea that women are oppressed in some way and action is needed to solve this. Libertarian feminists look for 'reality' and focus on the real facts of where women are truly treated badly, like in the Cologne migrant scandals. Neo Liberal feminists use 'feminism' as an excuse to restrict the right of free speech by activism against anyone who says the wrong thing.

Obviously I know a little less about feminism than the others but felt I ought to include it.

Definition of political terms (Part 2 Adam Smith)

Marx is the heart of what has become the left wing movement of the day.

The Right owes it's beginnings to a man named Adam Smith.

Smiths ideas were fundamentally economic, he produced an early, economics textbook of sorts but because of the way it was written it has been seized on by many people.

Adam Smiths idea was that instead of relying on peoples good will for society to run, people were fundamentally selfish (although apparently not that selfish). Perhaps a better word to use is self- centered!

So the idea is that if someone thinks 'Oh I want to make some money, what can I do?' This person may decide to bake loaves of bread. That might be the thing he is good at or reasonably enjoys, so one of his most famous lines in the beginning of his books, 'the wealth of nations' is that it is not from their charity that the baker bakes bread but self interest.

This, in my view, was fundamentally because Adam Smiths own self interest was not aggressive enough for him to be negative to anyone else in any way!

Reading through his books the wealth of nations, which I have only read a few hundred pages of; you can't help coming to the conclusion that you're not reading an economic textbook but a tribute to common sense. Common sense does NOT include attaching to ideas like a religion.

For instance, Adam Smith is associated with de- regulation. Fairly early on in the book however, he writes that banks should be regulated against serving their customers in too smaller change, since they were doing this for some slightly fraudulent reason. Hardly the person who's theories can justifiably be used to de- regulate the entire multi trillion dollar Western banking system!

With de- regulation Smiths ideas followed the basic law of supply and demand in nature. He did not trust governments to control markets ethically and without the endless incompetance of governments he outlines in his books. So his idea is simple (although this was not taken directly from his book):

If there are more workers than jobs, the wages will be lowered, the workers will move away decreasing the supply of work.
If there are more jobs than workers, the employer will offer good wages to attract workers from competing jobs, Eventually more workers will arrive.

Rather like how it works with animals, seeking new hunting ground, and predators dying off when there is not enough prey etc. Then there being a surplus of prey because of less predators.

This becomes rolled out to all areas of society, and there was an idea that when society is not interfered with by government, an invisible hand steps in and moderates everything very well.

Definition of political terms (Part 1 Karl Marx)

A long time coming this article.

Thought about it a few times and got distracted, or not pushed myself to do it because usually I just write the article and there is no need for an inner 'push'.

However, perhaps because this is a slightly more technical article, there is some sort of subconscious reluctance.

Here we go:

I am going to define terms in relation fundamentally to their most modern interpretation as I see it, plus their original interpretation, missing out the vast gulf in between.

Many concepts are far enough from their original interpretation to be unrecognisable:

Marx, Socialism and Communism:

Firstly, I will say where all these ideas come from is fifth density entities. Their is not really a massive difference in the way these people think, but their theories sound very different so are interpreted very differently.

Marx described a certain dissatisfaction that the population might feel with the capitalist society, his original analyses would have fitted very well with the terms of 'chakras' and 'energies'. He was effectively describing workforce in relation to the sacral chakra on the personal level.

In his view, when the population was upset with the energy blockages we experience on this planet that relate to the industrialised world, They would form unions (very sacral) and overcome the establishment. Creating a temporary government (socialism) which was more giving to the working classes, leading to a kind of utopian idea of communism.

Communism is the idea that everyone is equal and is seen from a Marxian perspective to be the natural state of man.

However, one thing I want to note is that Marx would not have agreed with many of the behaviours of the current left wing. For instance, consider this sentence:

The criticism of religion disillusions man, so that he will think, act, and fashion his reality like a man who has discarded his illusions and regained his senses, so that he will move around himself as his own true Sun. Religion is only the illusory Sun which revolves around man as long as he does not revolve around himself.

This is the unfortunate perspective of a fifth density person whom does not understand fourth or sixth. The key point is that Marx saw people as individuals and disagreed with collectivism that stamped on individual liberty, This is at odds with the current left whom see collectivism as a big part of everything they do.

Marx also would not likely have agreed with the Climate change movement which offers so much money to Goldman Sachs.

Definitions of political terms. (Index)

Definition of political terms (Part 1 Karl Marx)

Definition of political terms (Part 2 Adam Smith)

Definition of political terms. (Part 3, modernising) 

(Defining Socialism, Communism, Liberalism, Neo Liberalism, Libertarianism, Fascism, Racism, Tyranny and Free market)

The Libertarian agenda gains ground.

A few of these things are perhaps the a more basic political commentary, nonetheless it is what is interesting to me at the moment:

A) Vote rigging in both America and England seems to be being dealt with just a little, or at least it is on the agenda. Nigel Farage has been telling some truth on Channel 4, and because of Ted Cruz's hijinks in the GOP nomination in Iowa (CNN article!) people are ready for him.

B) UKIP and have endorsed the Grassroots out political campaign to leave the EU. This has the effect of freezing out the not so helpful Vote Leave and really creating a very promising political co-operation in the effort for Britain to leave the EU.

C) Donald Trump won in New Hampshire... Whooo! So did the anti establishment left candidate opposing Hillary Clinton.

D) The markets are not doing well, in fact they are doing rather catastrophically.

It really is very serious.

The FTSE is below it's lowest intraday point of 2015 as is the DAX. The DOW is falling and will possibly soon hit that all important point for me (which probably has absolutely no significance in the real world) 15,666 -> The will of the devil.

Most alarmingly for the mainstream populace it appears that some of the bonds being held have been overvalued and some hedge funds are trying to hide this. This means that some banks are going to go bankrupt (liquidate and sell off their holdings). This will probably effect your everyday mom and pop investor.

A massive effort that is underway in Syria that will kill the political opposition to Assad, the arm of Da'esh called 'moderate rebels'. This is also a key fight in Syria that will see a major loss for Da'esh. Which is why Saudi Arabia and Turkey are considering entering the fray.