Friday, 26 February 2016

EU referendum... Reigning in the crazy.

I'm going to reign in some of my views a little bit.

Firstly, following on from my previous commentary on the EU referendum, I am going to relax the view that Vote Leave is a deliberate attempt by the establishment to take the official designation off Grassroots out.  In order to keep the UK in the EU!

Two more things. Firstly I have found direct proof that can prove to the left that it is the EU and not the Tories that are responsible for more than they are given credit for. An article by the Daily Mail, referenced below, tells how: UK is being forced to pay back up to £43 BILLION in tax to giant companies...thanks (surprise, surprise) to EU courts.

This is a big one because most normal people, encouraged by that den of manipulative influence, the Labour party, believe that the EU is this nice, benign trade Union.

Explaining evidence of intent otherwise that is not too complicated for the little people bless em (been finding out more about jobs and immigration, does it ever end?) has not been easy thus far.

'They steal our money, the food from our mouths.' - This article seems to say.

A complicated (actually very simple) argument on demand and supply (immigration), does not seem to land.

Boris Johnson has said he wants out the EU like the real deal. Referenced below as well. I don't know enough to say the guy is a nice guy but don't think he has genuine malevolent intent. He's on that border between basic simple warmth and self centeredness, but I think negative powers trying to manipulate him are going to find themselves surprised at his inner strength. Of course he is not incapable of lying. I don't think he really knows or cares if he wants back in the EU afterward but will listen to the people that surround him, and the will of 'the people'. He is essentially a 'people person'.

Finally, I've found out a little about George Galloway. The members of Grassroots out all have something in common (as does Jeremy Corbyn). They have all been fighting so long it is beginning to show.

During George Galloways last election him and his allies were quoted as being quite aggressive to the rival candidate. It is clear what happened here to me, they all believe they are going to be attacked by the 'elders of Zion' and because of this tend to believe others are out to get them, and lying when they are perhaps not in fact doing so, so they then jump on potential evidence that justifies their belief.

So this is what I am saying. I'm relaxing my conspiracy theories around Vote Leave, and I will have an opinion on who I would prefer to get the designation, it is not particularly strong as I write this but I'm sure I will prefer Farage and co. get it. But that does not mean anyone who stands in the way is the devil in disguise.

I do think immigration is a relevant issue though. In my personal opinion that is extremely important. Sometimes something must be said because it is the truth, if you don't have truth, then you are not helped so much by positive forces. My instinct!


Daily Mail: UK is being forced to pay back up to £43 BILLION in tax to giant companies...thanks (surprise, surprise) to EU courts

Daily Express: 'Out is out' Boris Johnson REJECTS idea of second EU referendum in dramatic U-turn

Louise Mensch: The Election In Bradford West Has Been Hopelessly Tainted

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