Thursday, 18 February 2016

Syria part 5a: Finally, Syria. Da'esh Sponsors.

So, I have covered the background now.

It was tiring!

I have decided to reference what I talk about at the end of this set of articles, because I believe it takes away from the readability to use too many hyperlinks during the discussion. But of course if any of this is controversial, then there will be references at the end for you to browse through.

So, a run down of the different agendas in the Syrian war, this is also going to include technical arrangements as well as agendas. I think it will be a lot of information to those whom haven't already heard of it (I was inspired to write this set of articles from two women who did have no idea of this information):

The main goal, as explained in depth in the past four articles, is for the entire financial system and totalitarian government system of corruption that stems links and binds many Western and Middle Eastern countries, is allowed to survive and continue. This is in fact the main reason, and takes precedence in my beliefs over the other ones I will summarise in this article.

First something to explain. There are two main forms of Islam. There is Sunni and Shi- ite. These are often in conflict with each other.

These are the actors supporting Da'esh and the Syrian 'rebels':

Israel: Gain territorial control over the Middle East, possibly to an extent they believe is laid out in the bible.

Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia is known as the leader of the Islamic world because it hosts Mecca, and it practices Sunni Islam. (Wahabbi variation but we won't go into that). Da'esh is also Sunni and in theory opposes Shi- ite Muslims and wants to obliterate them. If Da'esh takes over the Middle East, Saudi Arabia will have effectively created the dominance of it's chosen tribe of Islam.

Turkey: Turkey harbours ambitions to go back to it's days of empire, through the oil trade it would gain from Assads departure. They also do not wish to give up even one inch of their territory to the Kurds.

The USA and EU: To gain the pipeline and free itself from Russian energy dominance.

American bankers are funding Da'esh, so that if they are arrested or dealt with in any way they can set of bombs in Western countries.

In order for this pipeline and other regional agendas. Da'esh, or the Syrian rebels like Al Qaeda, was meant to take over Syria then the US could come in and 'save' the day and install a puppet President

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