Thursday, 18 February 2016

Syria References/ Resources


The first one to include is zerohedge. This is an extremely knowledgeable source on many matters. Some interesting articles are featured below.

An interview with Assad:

An explanation of what will likely happen at the moment, a run down. (Time sensitive, the situation is fast moving so this will perhaps be less relevant soon):

Articles from zerohedge include details on rigging the market and he knows a lot about the war in Syria. If you want to understand this area though, background reading probably isn't required to a great extent. Simply start reading what he is saying and even though these areas do have background, you can pick up on what is going on.

(not featured yet though)!

Independent Journalist: Eva Bartlett

Eva is an independent journalist who goes to places like Syria and Gaza and investigates these incidents.

An amazing story here was how much the Western media lies. That people in Syria would be walking around in a town and later find out on the news, that the town had been bombed by Assad. Obviously completely made up.

There are other stories here, specifically how a BBC journalist; Lyce Doucet, heard that the Syrian rebel groups had bombed a school. Even though she was implored by the local populace to tell the truth, when she reported it she reported that it was not known who bombed the school. (This is at about 14 minutes):

Another source on this is a political commentator from inside Syria called 'Syrian girl'. She has videos in which she tells in detail Western lies about Syria:

This is an article laying the 'Assad did a chemical weapons attack on his own people' myth, to bed:

David Wilcock.

Summary of David Wilcock:

Here is the article that summarises the background on the cold war, the two competing groups and the plans for the One World Order:

Here is some required reading explaining world war one and two, and the fundamental economic agenda of the cabal:

Here is an article explaining Da'esh, Syria, and how things are at this moment:

At the time of this writing David Wilcock is due for another article soon, however, he has a busy schedule and does not always update when he says he is going to.

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