Thursday, 18 February 2016

Syria part 2: Modern Finance

The second cold war (continued).

At the end of the Cold war, Putin was in power. Even though the Americans thought they could work with this guy, he turned out not to support them, he banished the Russian oligarchs, arrested those in power that were infiltrators from America (often the very rich, just imagine!), and started Russia on a course that was somewhat 'sane'.

However, American and EU imperialism continued unchecked. The US still has had amazing financial power, due to their removal of the gold standard, and ability to print money and ask for real wealth in return.

As things carried on, and I don't have too many specifics on this part of the story, many powers that were against the mafia like control of the power groups within the EU and US establishment. Many groups allied with each other and started trying to form plans of how to overcome such forces.

There are many different legs to this, but the most important one always seems to come back to financial. Which is obviously why I follow it so closely.


Finance is mostly rigged; heavily, heavily rigged. However, what is obvious to me but seemingly difficult for other to grasp is that the rules can be bent but they can't be broken.

Let me give you an example. Say there is a family with an authoritarian and corrupt father. The father gets all the members of the family to pay him and prints out receipts about what is going on.

There was a time when this was all above board, but at some point, the father desired to keep more of the money than he should have and started writing receipts that were basically fake.

So now, when he writes £5 has gone towards buying black bags for instance, it might have been £3, or he might have stolen them, or threatened someone else to steal them.

Can you see the problem here. He can magic up the words £5 but he also has to produce black bags. There is a point where the lies, especially if they are getting worse and worse; a point where the lies start to catch up with him and perhaps he is meant to give something he just cannot give, and that no intimidation will compensate for. (Since other people might be strong and can fight too!)

The illusion of America's endless wealth is created from the fact they can produce money, useless paper, and the Chinese will give them real good in return.

Or DID give them real goods in return. Since 2008 they have only been accepting gold (perhaps this is the reason that the Baltic Dry Index, an index of the shipping happening across the world, keeps hitting new lows.)

Without this, only living on rigging, and you are bound to fall at some time. The lies have to catch up with you eventually.

Moving onto part 3!

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