Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Finance, and modification of the body.

Wow, it's 4:37. I should be in bed. I've already slept for enough hours for it to not be that much of a problem, but nevertheless, middle of the night, hit by an idea. No chance I will sleep.

I have a few different things to say on a few areas, here we go:

Zerohedge: It's That Time Again For Stocks

and this; which I had absolutely no plan to talk about, this is a financial event that has only just happened.

If there was a sign that nothing else matters but central bank largess, this was it
changing the futures, from green a couple of hours ago when I last saw it, to this:

I haven't seen Dow futures down below just a small amount for quite a while. This could be it! One can only imagine the resultant carnage on the retail sector this kind of downside could effect.

This is an interesting one too, looks like it's the end of the road for Venezuela:

Zerohedge: This Is The End: Venezuela Runs Out Of Money To Print New Money

Modification of the body:

It is interesting the processes we go through that coincidentally inspire thoughts:

Breast Augmentation Experience & Some Thoughts

I have often wondered about what I think about plastic surgery and the like. On a personal level the pain involved in certain anti aging things such as skin stretching I find a good sign that it is something that we shouldn't be doing (?). But what about the moral and ethical impact of shape and body changing?

Today, I went for a routine check up of my eyes. This process involves, getting eyedrops that keep your eyes dilated and having a machine take photographs of the back of your eyes.

Being lax and uncareful, I had not read the safety instructions, and walked home in the blaring sunlight without sunglasses with my eyes dilated.

Ouch is all I can say. The problem because clear when I got home and I closed the curtains and doors, had all the lights off and wore sunglasses and a cap (indoors).

Basically, the insight I had came down to this. The genetics that a lot of us have, are not from earth but a mix of a lot of different modifications from extra terrestrial races. The only ones that are natural to earth are Africans, for the rest of us, the sun burns our skins, and the gravity hurts our backs. There was a time when I did not like sunglasses because of not wanting to remove the naturalness of looking people in the eyes. But... with the aforementioned genetics, there are a lot of things that we need to modify in order to be comfortable as spirits on this earth.

For instance, clothes are a modification away from what we naturally have here. Silk is from butterfly's/ worms that are not from this earth.

This also links with the length of our life spans, it should be a lot longer if the negative forces of this planet had not monopolised certain resources! (Creating a lot of disharmony and sickness).

So, given all that, we are not natural. Even though there is great benefit from being in the outdoors, we have these modifications because that is how we have had to adapt to this earth experience.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

BHS and stuff!

So, BHS, Austin Reed, Intel and others are going into bankruptcy and firing a lot of staff.

BHS has taken on a left wing narrative, that Philip Green is the big bad CEO that has screwed his employees. No, Philip Green is a middle man. It is standard practice for CEO's to get a large payoff when they leave, this time it is different because there is a severe impact, why?... That why is what the mainstream media narrative is distracting us from.

So, financially, these retailers going bankrupt, what does this mean?

It means that they are not getting debt to bail themselves out. Perhaps their bonds are not being brought. Because investors don't think they are a good deal, because there are too many of them? Whatever the reason, if the bonds aren't being brought, this is the end for the global economy!

Unless of course, Mario Draghi can save the world through ECB buying corporate bonds.


Monday, 25 April 2016

Wave of protectionism across the world:


Zerohedge: If Draghi's Latest Doesn't Scare You? You Just Aren't Paying Attention

Summary: Since the President of the European Central bank is buying corporate bonds (debt), there are two issues A) Who do they bail out and who do they not? and B) Other countries are then faced with unfair competition.

Perhaps related is this one:

Breitbart: Hypocrite Obama: EU-US Trade Deal Close To Abandonment As Yanks Refuse To Lift Protectionism With Europe

The Obama administration is refusing to lift protectionist principles with Europe in order to pass TTIP. I.e. they are making sure trade laws are favourable for Americans to 'buy American'. The incredibly hypocritical EU does not like that because it is against free trade. (Even though it freely allows it's member states to interfer with the market in the form of bailours, has trade laws that are VERY unfavourable to Africa, and allows anti free trade policies in a number of other ways.)

Saturday, 23 April 2016

(republished from Bring4th blog) Quick thought on global events.

It seems that Prince was offed and within the same few hours Donald Trump has offered this video:

To me it seems the snake is a reference to the cabal and this video is essentially stating there can be no deals done with them.

This could of course be 'coincidence' but considering the people involved I find that highly unlikely!

Alex Jones has changed from being more or less upfront to being reluctant with information all of a sudden, he might know something!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Ooof! The vote to remain in the EU.

I think the UK will probably either vote, or have it rigged (i.e. New York) so they remain in the EU.

What has made me think this more likely is this:

Daily Express: Nigel Farage open to Ukip REBRAND as web movement for people ‘unhappy with EU membership’

Matthew Goodwin, professor of politics at the University of Kent added: “I think it’s about bracing for a possible scenario where you have Remain with 55 per cent of the vote.

I ignored signs from UKIP that would have told me the results of the election in 2016, I will not ignore them this time!

I think it is somewhere in the English psyche, a kind of Monarchical and heirarchical respect.


The unemployment statistics.

Don't feel that I am expecting you to read all the articles in this post!

What I have learned through looking at this area is that it is so broken up and disconnected that it is difficult to get a handle on, the information I put forward here won't necessarily all fit together. One will take official statistics to show something, another will say that the official statistics are not at all valid or relevant and were deliberately chosen that way:

So, to start off. If we don't think about what the official statistics say right at this moment, from an overview it looks very bad. On top of how it feels in peoples personal lives that there are no opportunities and zero upward momentum (i.e. people getting degrees and working in supermarkets, people not being able to go to University for monetary reasons), an overview of the economy itself reveals an unpleasant picture:

The Baltic Dry index: The Baltic Dry index reveals global shipping. This has been at record low levels so how can a country say it is growing economically in these conditions? Surely this is the opposite of growing, not exporting or importing (this fact brings massively unusual questions doesn't it?) Is it that jobs are growing in the service sector but not in manufacturing areas? It is just weird.

Telegraph: Abandon ship: Baltic Dry Index hits record low

Telegraph: Shipping industry faces worse storm than after financial crisis, warns Maersk boss

Here are some other articles I have come across over the past few months:

The Guardian: Steel crisis grows as Caparo cuts 452 jobs

The Guardian: Chevron will cut up to 7,000 jobs as impact of falling oil prices continues

The Guardian: Royal Mail profits beat expectations as 3,000 jobs go

Reuters: HSBC to freeze salaries, hiring in 2016 in battle to cut costs - sources

The Guardian: The collapse of British housebuilding

The Guardian: Yahoo cutting workforce by 15% after announcing $4.4bn loss

Telegraph: British Gas to cut 500 jobs as it shuts insulation business

The Guardian: Barclays to axe 1,200 investment bank jobs worldwide

The Guardian: Oil services giant Schlumberger axes 10,000 jobs after $1bn loss

Telegraph: Asda to cut 'hundreds' of jobs after weak Christmas

Mirror: Morrisons to close 7 stores and axe hundreds of workers despite rise in sales

Something about this all makes me wonder if there is something that is less 'booming' about this 'recovery'?

I can't name an area that is obviously growing in the economy, some special device that is gaining more than it otherwise would be. Have fridges suddenly sold more? Are Iphones selling more than they used to...

I can't imagine, all in all, that consumer demand is overcoming this to a great extent:

This is money: Britain is sitting on a new £173bn debt time bomb - and with rates set to rise it's ticking even louder
But, I had the idea for this I expected it to be easy to explain, it seems the truth about how the unemployment statistics are being fudged isn't a big thing, but at least in part lots of little things.

A) Unemployed people can be made by the jobcentre to do 'workfare'. Which is work for the amount of money they normally get from jobseekers, that is far, far below the minimum wage. Kind of compulsory volunteering.

People that are on workfare, even though they are not employed are counted as such:

The Guardian: Statistics cast doubt on coalition's '500,000 new jobs' claim

B) Some of the people who are counted as employed are self employed because they can't find work but are not actually doing a lot more than very basic things under the title self employed:

C) The ONS data and Labor force participation survey that the government uses is not the best data to use. The ONS classes being employed as doing at least one hour of paid work a week. This could mean that people who are only working a minimum and are seeking more work are counted as employed:


Scriptonite Daily: Here is How the UK Govt Hid 1 million Jobless From Official Unemployment Figures

D) Through the process of sanctioning claimant for minor or no transgressions. The sanctions are at the 'highest level since after world war two'. Many claimants are getting thrown off the books for no good reason (ah, we are seeing a pattern?):

E) The government is creating a lot of zero hour contracts (in fact that could be as much as half of the 'jobs' that have been recorded as created by the government since 2010). Zero hour contracts were 0.6% before the recessions, but are 2.5% now. That's a lot with a population of millions!

Also, another flaw in the governments narrative. Out of new jobs created (in what fields???) The number is somewhere between 1/11 and 1/40 of them are full time (it is more correctly imo 1/40). Even though workers are many workers are underemployed and seeking more hours.

The Independent: The employment chart that George Osborne doesn't want you to see

Full fact: TUC comment on full-time employment claim

The Independent: Britain's hidden army of under-employed

F) Not about unemployment, but a symptom of a non recovery is perhaps that wage growth is not happening, so basically people are losing money if you take into account the inflation is happening even though the government/ cabal are hiding it:

G) Another very important group here are people that are economically inactive but would like a job if they could get one:

The Guardian: How many unemployed people are there in the UK?

So there you have it, laying waste to the recovery and the 5.1% unemployment narrative! 

Zerohedge did a piece explaining that the real unemployment level was not 5% in America, but actually around 22%. There have been similar claims in England by Unions.

Donald Trump has spoken out against the unemployment statistics of the Obama administration. Saying that 'do you think we would be having these gatherings if the unemployment level was 5%? Also that the unemployment statistics and the way they are done now is a 'number created for politicians.

I will end this point with an article that looks at a very closely related area, which is poverty! In America, most Americans cannot afford a trip to A&E... nasty stuff!

Global research The Truth About Poverty In Britain Is Much Worse Than You Think

But now why would this be happening now? Mask falling off?:

Daily Mail: Fury as 'cynical' minister says growing fears over Brexit are to blame for rise in unemployment

A recent video with Stefan Molyneux had a financial analyst on his show that said that highly paid good jobs are getting fired and being replaced with minimum wage jobs!

Youtube: Why Economic Collapse Will Happen | Peter Schiff and Stefan Molyneux

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Unions, EU and the state of play.

So, what's going on in the moment as a very general, boring run down:

The Dow, headed towards its sacred 18312 level (which I have put forward it won't get to) is starting to repel that ceiling. One day in though, but in this constant rally we are seeing, a fall of 100+ points on the DOW is worth noting.

But, a little note on Unions:

The Unions have shown themselves to be the bad guys at this juncture. They are one of the primary forces supporting EU membership for the UK. They are opposing the destruction of this giant Goldman Sachs linked juggernaut.

Many working class are UKIP, in fact, the people who recognise immigration as a problem, which is what UKIP consider to be one of their most important platforms. The people who recognise immigration as a problem are far, far more likely to be working class. Socialists are very often champagne socialists from middle class or even upper middle class families. This was pointed out well by John Mann who directly pointed at the rise of Labours membership being from very rich residencies, rather than the working class since Corbyn's election.

So, the Unions, even though many, many of their potential customers are anti EU, are taking a pro EU line... That makes no sense! The customers of theirs that are anti EU may be verging on 50%+ if you consider a lot of Labour are anti EU.

It seems a betrayal of their stated purpose of standing up for people against big business (which the EU is definitely in bed with having passed TTIP!) As with many things from the left in general, the stupidity and hypocrisy beggars belief after a while so that you have to stop thinking about it!

However, unskilled immigration is another area. While it depresses wages obviously, another impact it has on the Unions is that the incoming workers who are not English and are here only to work because their homes have been decimated financially (or just fallen apart). They are not going tn join a Union. This obviously weakens the unions. If there is to be a fight for workers rights it has to include all workers to some extent, not to a huge extent. But if you have a lot of workers who are not going to join a union then these workers will be given priority by employers, who are seeking the most cost effective way to run their businesses!

It's again what it always is. The free market misdirected for the wrong reason!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

UK jobs data.

I'm just going to record a quick thought here because I have places to be and probably can't follow this article up right now which will take more than an hour to write (potentially).

UK jobs data. now I have au unskilled job so I know that it is possible for some people to get jobs in this economy, however, in the larger sense unemployment has been at fantastically low levels during this 'recession'. However:

There are so many companies that have been firing staff it is ridiculous. I have a book mark called e- crash articles that just goes on and on (I stopped looking at this angle it just got boring.). Most of these are in America but these American companies quite often have stores in England as well.

Many of the new jobs are zero hour contracts and the people who have them need more hours. What new industry is being created with the Baltic Dry index so low. How many people are not on the unemployed statistics because they are on workfare?

Is Labour force participation rate backing up the story? There are many who have not been recorded as searching for a job in the last month but who would take one if they got one!

Monday, 18 April 2016

Guns of the state.

I've had this tune going through my mind. Not been into music for a while though (written as the perspective of the left):

Guns of the State, they are the, Guns of the State.
I'm going to go and shoot somebody with my big, big guns.

Just a quick point on my previous post that if I try and explain myself to someone, i.e. gold authority changing... Probably not much response. Then further any information that references that... Deutsche bank admitting to rigging gold prices, they won't know about these things either.


Surprising posts.

So, Benjamin Fulford has come out with a doozy.

There is a scene in one of the Wallace and Gromit films where Gromit is in jail, putting together a puzzle, and it says 'be ready, Friday 8pm'. Then he looks at his clock and it is ticking to precisely Friday 8pm, this is how it begins:

If what Benjamin Fulford is saying comes to something, then this is exactly like it feels. I only just read the free part of his entry, it was already 19th April.

He is essentially stating that the Chinese and possibly the Yuan are part of a new move that will kill the American stock markets as others and I have been talking about.

Perhaps it is true and it will all come down tomorrow and perhaps it is not. The DOW is within spitting distance of all new highs! One good day or three moderately good days and it will be there!

What I think is more likely to happen is that some subtle gravity will be changed, some stock market 'rule' will be different and things will more slowly start to unravel.

Other good news from the Daily Mail is that where I live, Brighton, is one of the most Eurosceptic places in Britain! Considering it's also got a Green MP... Perhaps the left are not so bad... Or at least not stupid!

Or perhaps there are more libertarians than most would think even in that group.


One thing I have learned from having water temporarily off in the house is how much water people need. If I am prepping for a potential cut off of water, I hope the water I do have will be used for drinking! So disposable plates is something I'm going to be getting. Also, hand wipes and the like, I have some but the need to wash the hands after the toilet is a very strong one. There are lots of little things a person might need water for that we take for granted.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Big news!

I've been watching a bit of Star Trek Deep Space Nine (brought the whole 7 seasons!) I am struck by loads of little thoughts about it, since my life has taken a turn which leads to this being what I am thinking about.

For instance, there are three phases of the show, the first few seasons has strong spiritual and political intrigue about it, this is when there is a lot of mystery to the show because things can go in any direction.

The middle of the show is setting up the characters and showing those characters as effective and powerful. This is my favourite so far (although none could be taken out.)

The last part of the show has a more regimented and military feel, because that's the perspective the show took on.

I have wondered a little at one of the characters, how she seems to appear in episodes where the storyline is a bit out of wack, and the deeper energies. Now I have watched it more I see that when she is put in the situation of pointing out the situation is ridiculous, it becomes less ridiculous and more enjoyable.

Some of these episodes talk about violence within societies, about evidence, about very complex social issues. It is very well made. The female characters are slightly male in some ways, but that is to be expected with our modern culture put onto those characters.

In one of the episodes in the later series, the main character is trying to deal with a problem involving shapeshifters, beings that can change their shape to be anyone or almost anything. During this otherwise fairly slow episode with a lot of talking and the most boring kind of politics, a threatening shapeshifter turns up and talks to the main character. This is fascinating, because after a lot of talk that is not that interesting, with characters that are realistic but not that complex. This shapeshifter entity turns up and the threat level is off the scale. He is just sinister, he identifies himself as the real threat and just chats. The conversation only lasts probably just over a minutes but it is very effective.

All these things could be reflected in our coming future. Entities of various different polarities, some of which have psychic abilities and who knows what else, all interacting on our little planet here with yet more information coming out about extra terrestrials, secret earth history and groups, earth born humans taken to other planets and a lot more, this on top of our normal domestic political changes should make for an interesting ride.

Which brings me onto my next thing, how to get there? Will there be riots? Will there be politics? Will there be big political arguments, upheavals and new groups coming together out of nowhere? It is all fascinating. However, at the moment, there are a few interesting events that may have an impact and may not:

A) Market crash is looking mighty cool from this chart (from ZH of course, as most of what I say can be found there even if I didn't see it there):

This one is pretty unambiguous!

B) related but not the same, DOHA!:

DOHA is the big thing in the oil trading business. The price of oil is up relatively high for modern times. An unnamed official stated that there probably would be a deal among the oil producing nations meeting through DOHA, that the nations would cut production.

This means that those oil trading speculators did not want to get caught holding shorts, a 'short squeeze' happens which means the market goes up and anyone getting caught holding shorts either has to close their position and lose money.

But then, a Saudi prince stated there would be no deal. Last I heard I think it was that Iran pulled out. There will be no deal and some analysts think there will now be a sell off. The thing is is that when the oil price is going up, the stock price can directly correlate with it, if it goes down, it could be catastrophic for certain financial players across the world.

C) And the big one: The Saudi's have gone to war with America:

The New York Times reported that the Saudi's have stated that if the Americans pass certain laws allowing foreign nations to be charged if they were in any way involved with terrorist attacks on US soil (i.e. the September 11th 2001 world trade center terrorist attack). The Saudi's will fire sell their US treasury holdings.

I can't explain how devastating that would be, but then, I really don't know too much about finance anyway"

There are other pieces of news that are interesting and prominent. For instance, the elite building more bomb shelters and Deutsche bank has admitted to massive silver and gold rigging, is prepared to name its fellow manipulators, and is now facing a huge amount of law suits.

The last I heard of Da'esh is that Russia and Iran Syria were about to move into Raqqa, which is one of the most important cities for Da'esh. Perhaps the important city.

So yes, stuff is going on, yes it will effect us in real terms eventually.

No the best thing to do is not ignore it! (But I don't blame you for trying ;) )

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Charging the new world.

Michelle Fields has to drop her case,

... this is very good news, against this kind of whiny 'tyranny of the vagina' (the woman, or female 'soft' perspective, is never wrong... Alpha males are misogynists hence bad and always wrong); that has been secured in our media narrative.

I also was interested to read the Benjamin Fulford plans to prosecute the Japanese Prime Minister for negligence. This is important against some of the kind of love and light narrative of some of the new age.

Yes, those people who have been wronged by the establishment and these people do deserve justice. Corey deserves to be able to prosecute Fields, and Fulford deserves to be able to prosecute Shinzo Abe if he can be proved culpable.

With any luck, the new people that gain power won't be able to ignore the 'grassroots victims' just like the modern patronising left do!

Good times.

However, I am NOT happy about Vote Leave getting the designation for the official Leave EU group. I do see them as unpolarised, as being partly good and partly bad. It is a shame we cannot vote on the official Leave EU group as the Americans vote on their party leaders. That part of democracy has been stolen from us!

'The electoral commission is there to ensure a fair election'...


... and Islam is a religion of peace.

With any luck the negative will collapse to such an extent that the toxicity and double planning in Vote Leave can be rooted out, along with the same sort of thing in all segments of society.

If the DOW goes above 183 (it is currently at 179), it essentially disproves my lightning strike idea at least a little. Since according to that it cannot again go up to 18312 (the previous intraday high).

Personal note last article.

Ironically though, since slagging off my own countrymen in last post. The only time I ever pay attention to women is when they are openly suggestive.

I've been through the rings too much (I've had nothing but get played with) ... Too much to take anything that is too subtle at all seriously.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Two things:

Firstly, I have had strong synchronicities recently to tell me that despite how it feels, the things I am doing at the moment I am encouraged to do (roughly!)

Also, I am enjoying working with foreign workers. The British are so obsessed with sex.

I have heard about peoples clubbing (don't care) experiences of friends beaten up because of jealousy... (OK). And the endless theories of how all people's behaviour is based on sexuality.

Keep that one to yourself!

What kind of person says that anyway?

But none of this with foreign workers. Just do the job and go home and some chat (not with me, but some background chat!)

Perhaps part of the reason is that no one is yet playing... 'Who has the attention of the hot girl?' But perhaps it just is as it is.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Sexual market value.

I've heard recently that perhaps the reason some people are so anti Trump is because of a theory called 'sexual market value'. That some men (in particular) say anti Trump things because of the theory it puts them in better line with women they could sleep with.

Considering the fantastic dancing at the end of this video,  I consider that quite likely in this case at least:

I find it more suspicious with men because, sexist though this may be, I think in some cases supporting a socialist is in line with the biology of women like this video (the mother/ maiden that gives/ looks after without thought of resources or dealing with the negative aspects of life):

I also don't believe it is in EVERY case sexual market value. You do get some young men that have spiritual ideals and perhaps model themselves after Lennon or something. However, in some cases I think it is.

Of course it wouldn't be restricted to Bernie/ socialist supporters either. But in general I find the idea interesting. Especially with the LoO reference to orange ray blockage.

Sunday, 10 April 2016


I want to re- iterate that when we have a stock crash, arrest of the Illuminati and a golden age of humanity.

It is my hope that not just the people at the top are karmically gotten to but the domestic tyrants also.

People that have done subtle negative things, and subtle lacks of truth, under the guise no doubt of being a 'victim', that haven't been challenged up until now!


Firstly, some very uncomfortable news for me is I have slipped on one of my most important metaphysically important habits. Masturbated twice. The message is, never ever look at porn, or porn captions of that sort. Always a release.

Staying away from that behaviour is primary importance and as long as I never check those pictures (outside of perhaps with someone I'm intending to sleep with), then it won't happen again.

Also, although I'm not a Law of Attraction zealot I do notice the behaviour of ten attracts girls to you like those you fantasize about in some way. Which is not good! I'd prefer it came from a spiritual atunement!

This is important because from a chakra perspective, the south node, which is our lower chakras, brings in new experience for us.

Anyway, what I wanted to talk about is this:

Surprising to me, because even though I have often respected Katie Hopkins view and saw her as standing up for what a lot of people believe in, this kind of statement to me crosses into the kind of thinking of ... One person is more worthy than another (for having a job) and further into ideas around depopulation in my view. This kind of social Darwiniism.

This was the rest of the transcript before they got to this place:

Matt: We have a national health system, we have state funded Universities, etc. etc. we're not America we do not have the sort of... broken health and all the rest of it. 
Katie: OK, do you think David Cameron is a hypocrit because he has managed to avoid paying some taxes. 
Matt: No, no, if he's done it legally that's fine. I've got no problem with that, he's done it legally, that's not a problem. 
Katie: So what's your problem? 
Matt: Two years ago he was basically saying, 'everybody that avoids tax, everybody that stashes money in Jersey, everybody that stashes money in the Bahamas, that is the British virgin islands, that's what he's done, is... Morally wrong. Your caller earlier said Jimmy Carr did this, Jimmy Carr did that he's morally wrong; that's not fair; but then oh hang on a minute, I've been doing exactly the same thing... Err, err, err. 

And after an unsuccessful attempt by Katie to make him look bad she chowed down on the 'you're inferior because you don't pay taxes' argument.

So in my view, the idea that people who don't have a job should not have a voice in our society is a pretty nasty one. It is hard to name an exact reason why this is so. However, lets look at it in relation to free market principles, and all the potential manipulations denying some people a voice or a vote:

So lets say that we did start denying a vote to all those who don't pay tax. So that's all those that are unemployed. This gives a good reason for the government to start putting in policies that manipulatively employ those with the same political opinions as themselves.

You also have a major group who cannot protest slights against them. If you then denied these people healthcare then what? They can't fight back only violently. Then you crack down with martial law.

It also gives the government reasons to keep people unemployed. Because then it can keep silencing those that it would prefer not have a voice. In a free market explanation, mostly peoples expression of their own desires is what brings some sort of justice to events (this notably, in the economic sense, having been utterly destroyed by Quantitative Easing). So it works like this... Lets say a left wing government is cowardly and overly dependent on the unions which run amok and make everyones life hell. People get sick of this and vote in someone like Thatcher! Makes sense.

Or lets say another government puts in bad policies by being over reliant on banks, and loads of people become unemployed. The people who are now unemployed are angry and they vote out the bad policies. Lets call the government in this case, the EU!

These are natural checks and balances of the free market. (it is notable that even the off days here can be partially explained by the markets!)

... and finally, we talk about small state and tax reductions as libertarians. But really what Adam Smith was about was common sense. We don't take these things seriously if a free market policy results in loss of life where a bandaid by the state is needed to counteract a dysfunctional and abused economic system:

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Analysing sociology of women.

But not in a nice way.

Recently, the Archbishop of Canterbury has had a DNA test and through a few different methods, found out that who he thought was his father, was not his real father.

This apparently hasn't effected the man himself. But those of us who don't want to stop any legitimate emotion and quest for wisdom under the veil of a religious ideal, would perhaps be more alarmed and upset. Regardless of his views, the fact is this man has spent time growing up with someone who was not his biological father, (we don't know the real ramifications of this down to the genetic level). This real father of his wanted to see him on his death bed but did not.

The amount of suffering caused to any non zealot individual would have been immense. There is one person who has created all this suffering to three people. Justin Welby, his biological father and his unknowing foster father. Justins mother, has allowed this lie to continue to the clear suffering of those around her.

But there are no consequences for her. Just like there will probably not be any for Michelle Fields. Like there are not any for those that cried rape at American campuses. Those who managed to fire scientists for such horrors as clearly stating facts on the IQ and variability in tests between men and women. A throwaway comment about women fancying scientists gets another fired. A man is taken to court for disagreeing with feminists on twitter. A group of women lie about a man called Ghomeshi raping them and face no consequences.

This is not all. It is in the DNA of our society seemingly. Say a man and a woman get together, have a child. The woman goes off and is disloyal, or is negative in another way and the man is understandably angry.

The woman then, rather than facing the reality of her actions can just scream 'victim' and get the state to screw the guy over, through child support or tax and welfare. Therefore, she is essentially using the apparatus of the state to do negative onto the guy.

Of course, occasionally it is one sided in the other manner, a rich husband has a child with his wife, cheats and leaves her as a single mother, without welfare her situation would be very bad. However, this is not the situation of every single mother. This whole analogy also applies to other situations without a child or marriage involved. It can simply be social ostracism for being upset that the girl is treating the guy badly.

On and on it goes. Now I believe, that when these women do something negative there should be consequences for that, no matter how loudly they scream 'victim'; with any luck someday there will be; and for other transgressions.

Fair... Don't you think?

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Brief interlude. Star Trek DS9:

I've been watching and just notice how unrealistic some of their problems are.

One episode had a group of people who jumped in and out of a thought dimension and only aged in the real world.

One episode was set in 2024. When the computers were not very advanced at all.

I have noticed that one of the actresses involved was involved in those two scenes, is very beautiful and shows something about the way women relate to the world in some of the scenes in the latter example.

The crew are put back into the past, and she has to navigate her way through the past without telling the truth about who she is. She has to constantly resort to girlish 'stupidity' and being nice towards flirtatious behaviour no matter how she really feels about it (because she is relying on those flirting.)

Interesting episode! Although, I stopped watching those two sets of scenes because of the inaccuracy.

Her character also gets killed right when some of the shows characters get twisted into unrealistic behaviours. Perhaps she has a grounding energy, has earth signs in her astrology!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Today for stocks.

New moon in Uranus at about 1pm today... Important!

We'll see if the DOW is able to break through its resistance, (as per the video in last blog). It is exactly on the line and will be the second time it has made the attempt in three days!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Into the valley of death.

Into the valley of death, rode the six- hundred.
- Charge of the light brigade. Alfred Lord Tennyson. 
Well, on the quiet, on the low down things are really starting to heat up!


The sun is approaching Uranus. We are at the end of the last moon cycle and heading into a new one on Thursday that will begin over ... Uranus:

Secondly, and admittedly it may not mean much, but this looks promising (first time it's fallen in a while!:

We have some very good analysis from just before this event, the drawings on these charts are beautiful (a kind of mathematical beauty):

This video clearly shows where the resistance line is that the momentum couldn't get through this time: 

However, whether a stock crash is still going to happen who knows. We have David Wilcock coming out against this idea now:

The Cabal is desperately trying to prevent full disclosure. Recently they even cut a deal that holds off any economic collapse until some announcement is made. 
That may disappoint "preppers," but it ultimately will be a far more peaceful way for us to go through this. Clearly they hope to spin it to their advantage.
Who knows huh?

The difference I find between David Wilcocks and Benjamin Fulfords information is that Benjamin Fulford shows an array of somewhat selfish at times, intergovernmental actors. Whereas David seems to express his information from an overview perspective.

Personally, it seems very logical to me that something unplanned for could happen, and both sides could be taken by surprise, we are in a complex system are we not?

However, it could be that the negative has kept everything down so much that nothing unplanned for generally does effect the big game...

We'll see.

Regardless, there are two votes (nice to look at REAL events huh?) That can give us some information. First is Donald Trumps Wisconsin vote today, and we can see if what Benjamin Fulford says about the Pentagon stopping Silicon Valley messing with counting machines is true. (I.e. if Trump wins Wisconsin it probably is). Otherwise we will still be in a kind of square one.

The next day we have a Dutch vote on the EU. That could be interesting.

In the general news JP Morgan has almost had a small bank run, the smart money is still dropping equities, and many new migrants have changed their route from Turkey to up from Libya through to Italy!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

How exciting!

I just wanted to say how EXCITING the whole thing is.

It may happen next week, it may not happen for a lot longer, but eventually, there will be movement in this global war between the forces which want to keep the current hegemony going, and the forces that are seeking to arrest the wrongdoers and change society.

There are a lot of people invested in the establishment to varying degrees of intensity. There is a lot of pain that the establishment is causing that we all know is going to have to end (and puts our own pain into perspective!)

Also, there are ways in which the people that are shoring up the establishment, for their annoying insistence on their own point of view, will start to feel life infringe on them, forcing them with slowly greater intensity to accept a different point of view. There are American elections, there is the declaring of the EU official out campaign designation; there is the sliding defeat of Da'esh. There is the mass migration crisis and problems in the EU. Greece still exists as do many other indebted countries. Sometime at some point one of these things is going to destabilise the whole system and either harmoniously, or disharmoniously, we're going to learn a lot more!

(Obviously I hope for these changes sooner rather than later!)

Saturday, 2 April 2016

The narrative is subtly changing on finance.

Wow, on a personal level, I'm tired. For whatever reason, my body seems to be taking on a lot of aches from moving around a little. I often intend to do something and then just realise I am exhausted.

However, that REALLY doesn't matter as to what I am going to say here.

I have noticed a subtle shift in the narrative on finance matters amongst the alternatives, and amongst those in the mainstream the alternative quote every so often. (Some bank or analyst somewhere, or mainstream media article or pundit, is very often the source of alternative media's articles).

Whereas it used to be 'the crash could happen tomorrow' or 'the crash could just begin with a slow disintegration into nothingness'. It has changed to 'when it happens, it is really going to crash very quickly.'

The theory behind it is this:

Two alternative investment strategies:

I invest in a company. A few years into its startup I decide, based on evidence and due diligence, that a company that is manufacturing free energy devices is very promising and will make me money, plus I like the people that run it.

The stock market has its ups and downs. I pay a little attention to them. I also pay intention to all the financial reports coming out of FE, and all the fundamentals the connect with it.

The price of lead goes down by 10%. The stocks go up for FE. The company lays off 100 workers. The stocks are pretty much unchanged. The company expands. Stock goes up. The company has a legal problem with sexual harrassment. The stocks go down 2% but when everyone find out it's an attention seeking whore who will not be able to get anywhere with her accusations, the stocks go back up to unchanged.

The price earnings ratio is reliable. The price of lead, zinc and copper is fairly unchanged. The price of the building is relatively unchanged and capital expenditure is kept up with.

There are also other things going on. There is a master magician nearby, a central bank that decides various things, however, most of these announcement effect the finance industry, there are changes in governments, but it doesn't matter, there is value in the company.

One day stocks make a massive fall across the board and several people do get out of the company I have invested in. Thinking of selling stocks and I decide that the fundamentals hold up, there is no reason to assume everything is going to be awful. So I keep my stock. Along with others that do the same thing, and all in all we're all OK. The company after all is a good company.

Second alternative:

As an experienced finance manager I invest in a company. This company is a restaurant say. A fast food chain. (Eek, but yes this is the best example I can think of because it travels so perfectly in line with the DOW). There is one big financial crash and everything gets skewed a bit. Rather than paying attention to any of the restaurants or the wider economies stats, I decide that paying attention to the central bank is the way to go.

After a while it seems like I really am on easy street. I make a bad mistake in not following the central bank at one point and lose a bit of money. After that I just buy a lot of the time because that's what the central bank wants me to do.

There are increasing alarms from various people that this is stupid and won't work, but a wide array of mainstream economists to hand keep me secure in the knowledge that the central bank, backed by the government, will not fail, and also give me some reasoning of which to fight back any of these crackpots arguments.

So, I just pay attention to the central bank. The name of the company is sort of secondary. I have money in it, when the central bank gives the right word on a struggling countries loans, or an interest rate I find favourable. I buy, and it is glorious, I always gain money.

There are several things that are bad about the company I have invested in but I ignore them. For instance, the company announces a massive corporate buyback program, I think; Surely that is not good if a company is buying its own stocks! The company I have invested in is almost an appendage. Although they release good reports some of the time, the overall market is something I basically ignore most of the time. If there are more or less employed I usually don't think too much about it.

Plus, I have invested in some all- market futures that should make everything OK.

But then, the unthinkable happens!
One day stocks make a massive fall across the board
OH MY GOD WHAT JUST HAPPENED! There has been a lurch. The people have in some way risen up and voted against the markets interest. This new guy... He's not really into all this speculative finance. He's an ex business man and believes in creating real businesses that are 'great for our countries prosperity'. What a jackass! Plus there have been a few too many corporate defaults and there is an important company nearby that has gone bankrupt.

Everyone lost everything! The company survived with about 30% of its revenue and this went to the largest shareholder.

This could happen to me. I could lose hundreds of thousands, perhaps MILLIONS!


I haven't looked at this company, I have no confidence in the company. I know they have been buying back their own stocks. I know that I am losing money regardless of what happens. All the other investors were also just looking at the central bank. What's wrong with these fundamental anyway? Wages have not been going up, that's important for a restaurant business and people will lose money from this stock crash; employment has been going up a little but it looks like several might be laid off in the next few weeks.

Holy FUCK. Why didn't I buy gold? At least I can salvage the situation a little.


And there you have it:

Zerohedge: Danish Central Bank Warns Of "Risk Illusion", Fears "Fire Sale" Plunge In Asset Prices

SGT report: SO, WHERE IS THE COLLAPSE? -- Bill Holter