Monday, 30 November 2015

Pulling a few more moons together.

So, as I have most likely previously explained on this blog:

There is some pretty amazing symbology surrounding me and the Chilean Miners accident:

August fifth, when they went down into the hole... My birthday.
33 people... The solar position for the human design chart at August fifth, and obviously mine.
Phoenix... My name on Bring4th.
Only person who was 33 years old named Victor Zoho-ra.
69 days. Session 69. Could be:
i) Session 69 and 'negative environment', ii) Session 69 and needing to heal from 'death from suicide'. iii) The cancerian glyph.
Chile: The myth of the human design chart is a something exploded over 'Chile'. Some celestial object of some kind, perhaps a star, and the energy lead to the HDC.

And they were out on October 13th.

So the full moon for 2015 was October 13th. I wondered if this was going to be when things started to get solved. No, but I still feel like the process is happening.

The next one is November 11th. Or 11/11. A good sign.

And as it ends it looks like, the Climate Change Summit in Paris is where all the worlds leaders are going to come to some sort of arrangement to enrich humanity that will involve disclosure.

The summit, with the worlds most powerful leaders started on November 30th and will end December 11th... It is on for TWO WEEKS...

These people are going to be discussing something!

Plus, the Rothschild proxy Da'esh is looking like it's going to be annihilated soon.

The negative groups are being packed up like a suitcase and on the new moon of December 11th.... We will see what the next moon cycle has in store for us!

Who next for Labour?

Liz Kendall seems fairly sixth density to me, (perhaps this is why she does not have anything useful to say on international politics. Sixth is 'pinned to the ground' so to speak.)

Also, something interesting my sister said:

When I talked about wanderers, and there was the suggestion that after disclosure people would know more about them:

'Will there be a racism [prejudice] towards them?'

I don't know. There is a prejudice now against intelligent people obviously. It is an interesting question though and one that I have had reflected to me in my dreams and that links with my experiences over the past year and a half!

Sunday, 29 November 2015

The beginning of the moron barbecue.

(Later note: I plan to often refer people to this article as I consider it of importance however events have shown some of the things I said in this to not be true. Let me just say whoever the 'morons' are the point is it's those people who will have their beliefs challenged is the point of this article. As I write this today (20th December), UKIP lost the Oldham by election and are now engaged in a renewed inner party dispute. I have many different ideas as to how this could play out but a celestial/ spiritual event like this should include 'morons' from any party!) (updated at bottom)

This blog (based on original David Wilcock articles) has followed when events have been precognicised when lightning strikes have archetypally symbolised something.

The first one by David Wilcock was lightning hitting the Vatican when the last pope resigned.

Lightning Strikes Vatican: A Geo Synchronicity?

Then we had lightning striking the top of the One World Trade Centre in America, a few days later the DOW bubble burst and equities haven't again raised to that level since.

Lightning hits NYC's One World Trade Center on Earth day:

(These are not real resistance lines, just lines I put in for a rough diagrammatic purposes!)

Then, in Saudi Arabia, a lightning strike hitting a mosque having building work done on it by the Bin Laden contruction company on 9/11/15.

Zerohedge: 87 Dead Following Crane Collapse In Saudi Arabia's Grand Mosque Following Storm, Lightning Strike:

Interesting huh? Especially that last one with all the forces of 'the light' now plowing down on Saudi Arabia's brand of Islamic extremism.

Another one today, is this relevant? It seems like a small thing but I think it is relevant:

Daily Mail: Stars are evacuated from the I'm a Celebrity jungle as severe storms with lightning and torrential rain hit the Australian bush cutting power to the show:

(I have begun liking Daily Mail recently. I realise partly that the left wing hatred of it perhaps sometimes comes from the DM reporting facts the left simply don't like. Perhaps it is sometimes justified I do not know.)

Why is this important? It does seem a bit irrelevant doesn't it! I could be over egging it with this lightning thing but to me, it seems that the very moronic mainstream culture is next in line for this 'spiritual- culling'!

The electricity going off is interesting as well, kind of like what might happen when equities take a tumble!


The 'left wing', the far ish and young left, I used to think were a genuinely important part of any rebellion against the system, since that time and dealing with them I have found them to be continuingly condescending, arrogant and stupid:

A) Continuing to accuse UKIP of being racist and anyone who doesn't agree with their views as 'Tories', 'red Tories', 'fascists' (while refusing to define that term!)

B) Repeating ad- verbatim stupid phrases that mean nothing and that anyone in the know knows doesn't help like #refugeeswelcome. Which continue to allow stupidity and censoreship by the establishment.

C) Calling and scheming to censor anyone that doesn't agree with their opinions (a good case of this is the fifth density (IMO) Katie Hopkins, whose views I don't always agree with, but who is not any of the horrible things the left calls her).

D) The refusal to simply listen to others and the tendency to 'block' if they lose a political argument.

E) Don't even get me started on the 'transsexual/ homosexual... cisgender' part of this equation.

This problem has manifested largely in schools as well where some pretty crap behaviour runs rampant, such as 'safe spaces', making sure to de platform many thinkers and this kind of thing (remember, UNIVERSITY IS NOT AN INTELLECTUAL SPACE, IT'S NOT!!!) The stereotypical PMS on acid, maybe that's not fair though, anyway:

As a secondary note though, Australia is known to be a country that has unforgiving policies towards migrants arriving on boats... (Or do they... Is this just left wing propaganda?) So part of this 'moron barbecue' could conceivably involve racists and those that act without compassion. This is a little annoying I can't really expand on this and this one paragraph does not do this part of it justice.

End of Corbyn?

I have never liked Corbyn but do not dislike him. However, I would like the political debate to move on from the childishness it seems to have taken on with him and the £3 Trots in power. Which it does look set to do potentially:

Daily Mail: Corbyn cornered over air strikes: Senior Labour figures begin moves to oust him as leader appeals to grassroots members for their views on bombing raids:

Excerpt: Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk suggested Mr Corbyn could face pressure to go as soon as Thursday if Labour fails to hold the safe seat of Oldham West in a by-election where it faces a stiff challenge from Ukip.

So, together with this airstrikes in Syria vote, in which Corbyn is very much in a real quarrel with his 'shadow cabinet', and will lose status likely no matter what he does. UKIP looks to make mega gains in an Oldham by election:

Telegraph: Nigel Farage urges Tory voters to 'lend' him their vote to defeat Labour at Oldham by election:

Nigel Farage himself is on his way there as I write this. Jeremy Corbyn is dealing with a fractious Labour party and Syria.

Nigel Farage is good at what he does as well. Although the odds for Labour (which have been hugely growing in UKIP's direction) are 1/3, and the odds of UKIP are now 9/4, up from 4/1. It is very likely that UKIP will win this one.

Even one UKIP member gaining power is a HUGE thing, and a real pain to the indulgent left. Their party is right out of a fifth density rulebook! It's all good. Out of EU, cut all global warming legislation. Very intelligent indeed!

The reason I would like this though is that if the leadership election went to someone like Liz Kendall after Jeremy left, politics could move more in an 'adult' direction. I was thrown before partly by David Icke backing him but David Icke does not produce that good information always, since he rejects the 'Alliance' part of the equation.

Anyway, long story short, moron barbecue begins... Getting the popcorn!

(Truly, a lot of these people are nice, even reasonable and not having the same knowledge I do isn't a crime. It's just there is a very concentrated group whom believes unequivocably UKIP is racist/ fascist, don't seem to have any committment to free speech, and will not listen to anything other than their own ideas on global warming, I find these people very trying and do not think they are useful to political life.)

Updated: As the moron barbecue specifics seem to be becoming clear a month or so later, I have written about it again here, context in preceding articles: Further update to moron barbecue pagadigm:

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Off to bomb Da'esh:

It looks like the Syria vote is solved already:
David Cameron now has the Parliamentary numbers required to allow him to send British warplanes to bomb targets in Syria as senior sources said that the vote will be held on Thursday.
One Tory MP said: “There are now fewer than 10 rebel MPs. The Prime Minister could get this through Parliament without any Labour support.”
With the knowledge that as many as 115 Labour MPs could defy Jeremy Corbyn and back military action, Downing Street is now said to be confident that the vote will pass.

Friday, 27 November 2015

X- men days of future past.

Interesting film, (haven't actually seen it but got the gist).

Especially when thinking of the whole 'superpowers' area.

Reminiscent of the Terminator films which were DEFINITELY insider informed. Very high budget.

But what is it saying?

I always thought that these groups thought of themselves as better than anyone else and so in any film where someone had a greater 'power' than others, it would be a metaphorical representation of what they themselves thought they were, with the 'normal' people being what the rest of us are.

However, according to Corey's info, they do not necessarily think like that, they are very keen to use any genuine trend to their own advantage, and know of 'indigo' children, to use a cartoonish term. (Indigo being the fifth since that's where the wisdom takes them, Crystals being the different densities that can show green ray at a strong level, if I was using that terminology, which I don't, life is more complex).

So what are the producers saying... Do they believe this is real or is it just a film.

And if it is 'real'. They are encouraging those whom aren't keyed in the 'superpowers' way to be comfortable with those whom are, and be against the real enemy, whom really is a real enemy... AI!

Superman vs Batman film reminiscent of these ideas as well?

So... It's all going down.

And I mean that.

What is happening globally IS a big deal. The twitterati may be fussing over the media representation of the UK Labour party (of a vote that is already probably decided), but VERY important things are happening.

It all starts here:

DISCLOSURE SHOWDOWN: The war for the truth.

A summary of this very well backed up piece of journalism (although to be fair not every line, since those whom follow David Wilcock have a certain trust in him):

Da'esh is a Rothschild proxy. They are threatening that if the MANY court cases against them go through, their people will be setting off terrorist attacks. In general, the cabal threaten if they are harmed then some nasty crap will go down.

So, in this paradigm; the people going to war against Da'esh in Syria are the good guys. After Da'esh is destroyed, and perhaps with a stock crash I don't know, we will get to disclosure (Disclosure of the secret powers behaviour and advanced technology to improve our lives, such as free energy). This is how his article finishes:

All of the Cabal's plans to create death on a massive scale are being very successfully blocked. All they are left with is terrorist attacks against smaller groups of people.
I am sure it hurts the Alliance every time one of these attacks succeeds. They have been working very hard to thwart and each and every attempt of this nature.
The Alliance includes a majority of the CIA and the Pentagon as well as Russia, China, Germany, the elected UK government and France, among many others.

Since this article though things have been developing, even when he published it it was already a few days out of date.

Firstly, before I carry on the idea of some of those governments being good guys is a bit difficult. I have hated our governments. But if you think about it it makes sense. It is quite conceivable that the reason the Conservatives have been cutting the poor and not taxing the rich thus far is that the rich are in with the Rothschild, and the banks are laying on the pressure.

But to continue on with the 'global politics' route, Turkey recently shot down a Russian jet inside Syria. While the Turkish government have put forward that their airspace was violated so they shot down an anonymous jet after warnings, both the Russians and the Americans are stating it was Turkey that went in to Russia occupied Syria and shot down the Russian jet (I withdraw this for the moment since I cannot seem to find it online.). What is interesting about this is not that it has happened but that...

...Putin will not let it go.

He has been outwardly stating that Turkey is an ally to terrorists, has been destroying the oil tankers going into Turkey for trade, and has been outwardly saying that Turkey is dealing with the terrorists:

Russia today. Commercial scale oil smuggling into Turkey becomes priority of anti - ISIS strikes:

And France has been backing him up on this:

Russia today: Putin and Hollande go after Erdogan's racket:

... Pretty amazing. They have labelled the Turkish Prime Ministers son as a trade partner in this.

Syria FM says US should study rumours Erdogans son is involved with oil trade with IS:

This is as significant as stating that the Americans were complicit in 9/11. It is big news and if international pressure continues here this is NOT good for the Rothschild.

This is a bit like someone calling out the rapist in the room that no one ever confronts.

(There are other measures Putin is putting in, anti aircraft weapons, sending Turkish businessmen home, it is possibly just the beginning)

Another small point is this:

Portugal's anti austerity left take power in watershed moment for the euro:

With this topsy turvy world where the Conservatives are now the good guys, I do not fully know that the EU is the monster I thought it was. It probably still is though.

To recap, in accord with an article already explained on my blog:

Eurozone crosses Rubicon as Portugals anti austerity left banned from power:

The left wing alliance in Portugal has the majority vote and the President of Portugal has been pulling out a lot of stops to ban them from power, because he supports the EU. However, they are now in power!

Regardless, this is another nail in the coffin of the EU, and an important one. If the banks are opposed this can only be good.


So it appears my prediction of a financial crash on the 30th of November is not correct. The David Wilcock article explained no one is going to let the market crash while Da'esh exists. However, the UK vote on war against Da'esh looks to be on the Monday (30th November), and we only have to wait and see to see in what other ways the Saturnian justice is chowing down!

(Update later):

Although I follow avidly David Wilcocks work it appears I may have missed something here, the reason that the stock market isn't crashing may be to do with the oil supplies going through Turkey and other ways in which the US and it's allies are profiting from Da'esh. It may be that this is a vital step to ensuring the stock market does crash. For instance, when it is absolutely known that the price of oil will NOT rise (as it could if Europe gained access to that pipeline), then it might be time to throw in the towel. Rather than hoping for a coup of Assad.

Maybe isn't definitely. It is possible David Wilcock just explains the highlights and doesn't know or seek to explain some of the nitty gritty.

Thursday, 26 November 2015


As in not a situation where I am actively being lied to, but where I had been lied to previously and a very careful representation of the truth is shown to me.

This is how I feel things are. (A conspiracy)

And I do not know for sure, but what I do know, is that in order to effectively solve the situation in WHICHEVER WAY IT IS. I am going to need greater power over the people involved. That is the only way.

Because the service to self does not care what the morally correct thing to do is, the only way to get through is to have the greater power.

Of course I feel like Saturn is arriving on my doorstep just in time.

To be less opaque, I feel as though my 'life plan' has been thrown off; even though I had apologised and done all I could for my part in the transgressions; and that there does seem to be a certain lack of structures in place for me to re-initialise it.

However, all this stuff with 'disclosure' should help.

In my dreams I have been told that when Tony Blair goes to jail, then my life plan will be back on (and this is before it went off IMO!). (I.e. resources).

There is warmth still in my life though :).

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Lightning symbology:

Something I've learned about 'lightning' that is very often used as symbology for the end of the 'cabal':

There are loads of little electric currents coming down like bugs. The actual lightning strike happens when one of them hit the ground (one of many).

Good metaphor. Because when some really powerful information hits the ground, it's all gonna go down!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Day before the full moon.

So I felt an update was necessary, not because I'm burning with something to say, but just because... :).

Basic astrological patterns:


The sun is beginning it's conjunction with Saturn. It is at 1deg and Saturn is at 6 Sagittarius, On November 30th they will both be conjunct at 7deg.

You may have felt it, I have felt it and it is reflected in daily events. The stock market is down yesterday and today and with events 'seeming' to inspire this feeling, it is like a 'clampdown' on something. The feeling is as though a bug was running about and was squashed under a brick. Those are your feelings.

Saturn is not like it's more ethereal outer planets. It is real, everyday problems getting in the way. (My Saturn return is basically starting soon. Woop de doo. It is the possible energy of a 'court case' type scenario!)

New Moons Chiron:

The New Moon of the 11th November started with a trine to Chiron. Chiron in Pisces when the sun has conjuncted it has had the same situation when I have been following it before. Two related things: Media corruption and Russia. Both times Russia was up to stuff and I was angry at MSM not telling me what was really going on.

So, perhaps this is what it is about. Wounds (Chiron) are partly created through the refusal to communicate in some way. Chiron I think is about where our 'paths' go off and we have to engage in other things. David Wilcock's Sun is conjunct the Piscean Chiron at the moment, and I tend to think that is a reflection of him being the one to reveal some of this secretive information. There is a positively polarised being next to the Chiron Sun making sure the secrecy isn't over the top and counterproductive.

The news:

That's what the news has been like lately, and it is partly why I haven't blogged. Unlike last month opposing Uranus, this month has had an abstract and obtuse feel about it, rather like Neptune. Paris attacks are not immediately obvious, the Middle East is a big load of mysteriousness, we hear something about it but I suppose time will only tell... What everyone is up to at the moment... I have no idea!


England will be in the bubble supporting game tomorrow with the Chancellors autumn statement. Therefore I do not feel optimistic if the FTSE tumbles at the moment, since it will surely rise after his measures.

If David Wilcocks article were to come out the same day. With the Chancellors statement and the full moon. It should all lead to a very conflicting energy!

The French attacks saved the markets due to the investment in weapons companies partially, which is interesting considering this chart:

Ben Fulford talked about Rothschild having something to do with it and that makes sense.

However, the reasons for it, for today's Russia - Turkey dispute and what the French and UN are ACTUALLY UP TO, remain mysteriousness. My estimation is that as Saturn continues to move onto the exact Saturn Square Neptune, the tension of this will only increase. (Also, will become more and more 'strange'.)

Big moves:

This might be relevant it might not be. (I have grown tired of things 'blowing over'. No one is even talking about Paris anymore!) But Russia's plane was downed by Turkey on complaints of an airspace violation (conflicting reports where this was) and now Russia are responding to Turkey by directly highlighting their alliance with Da'esh.

This was very silly from Turkey from a mainstream perspective since diplomatic channels did remain open with Russia!

If this situation remains intractable, if it is re- hashed and escalates, it will start to wake your ordinary person up. It fits in well with my description of Saturn!

People in the West are not happy about it. No one doubts that Russia is a powerful world actor, that they are justified, and most probably know that the US and Turkey are taking the piss big time.

However, on top of this, on a basic animal level I can feel a sense of fear, when I'm on twitter and in the eerie quietness on the streets. For some reason, after the 'austerity', people are perhaps take things a little more seriously and they now know... At least a little more than they did with Da'esh being strewn all over the newspapers, (and... Iraq! With Jeremy Corbyn and trident perhaps as well has encouraged some thought)... What 'war' really means.

Monday, 23 November 2015

My question to David Cameron via PMQs

Probably won't go through but you never know!:

 'One of the justifications for the opposition of the British Government to the Assad regime is that he is a 'butcher' because he supposedly committed a Sarin gas attack on his own people in Damascus on 21st August 2013.
Since then, this story has been conclusively proven to not be true, partly because there were only two potential places rockets could have come from and the only one that had Sarin residue which did not have the required range.
Neither the Obama administration or British intelligence have offered conclusive evidence to this fact, so could Mr. Cameron justify on what basis he wishes to replace the democratically elected government of the Assad regime. Whom seems to have done nothing but defend his people from Da'esh.'

Friday, 20 November 2015

Message on Corey's facebook.

Here it is:

I wonder personally whether it will become a situation that when people start to know psychic powers are real a lot of people will start developing them. Which means A) They will have more power towards 'disclosure', and B) Some people whom are not in a good place atm will develop powers originally that could be used for a bad purpose. This is all rather like a 'Harry Potter' fictional kind of musing. However, if it were the case, many of those I would consider 6D wanderers (whom are not usually into this kind of information since they cannot hold the amounts of wisdom for it, needing to balance each wisdom with an amount of 'love'). Those 6D wanderers will have truly amazing 'powers' in this scenario and their presence will be underestimated by all the 'models' the 'governments' might come up with. 'Love' has a powerful real world kinetic thing wheareas 'wisdom' is more of an indefinable force that doesn't effect others unless it is the (incarnated) 6D form which is 'power'. These are all obviously a theory in progress. But what it could mean is that we expand to a place where there are powers and some 'bad guys' still around. (Agents, Matrix 'Smiths' like) Inevitable destination though is towards the positive as humanity as a kind of 'immune system' throws out it's crap. Popular culture has been rife with superhero films for a very long time now.

I'm not saying that this view is informative or 'super' in some sort of way. Just wanted to repeat what I had written here.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Reasons for Paris attack.

1) Go to war with Syria. (To eventually gain Syrian pipeline)
2) Stop Climate Change summit. (Planned to discuss non Climate Change issues)
3) Good reason to close borders without losing face.
4) G20 Summit in Turkey.
5) Civil liberty purge.
6) Stock market plunge (see below)

It appears I was wrong about 2!

Another note on Paris.

What strikes me about this is that it's CLUMSY. (Hazily remembered quote from the LoO when talking of negative polarity ET's: Their motives will not be that unusual to you. STO's can imagine and logically think through STS action they just don't go and do those things.)

It's been done very well free will wise, but on a basic political level there were a lot of other things that could be done.

On a level of maintaining negative polarity there are a lot of things that could be done.

I won't summarise either of this due to the possibility that such entities will end up reading this blog. But that remains my opinion.

It makes me look at the entire global order. Benjamin Fulford has stated that there is no 'New World Order'. That there are groups of differing interests that even undermine each other on key projects.

So when we look at things and see that they are absolutely ridiculous, sometimes there might be a plan to it but I suspect, quite a lot of the time, things really are that incompetant!

Big moves in the financial world.

For this article I will be expanding on the perspective that positive ET's are manipulating events (although that is not strictly true, more accurate is that they are able to see how events are playing out, and ever so slightly 'managing' them, while also having put in place energies through their actions that will inevitably play out in a certain way.)

This brings me back to a dream I had recently, a dream that showed what the 'ascension' by David Wilcock, really means. How completely things will change if there is an energy that changes everything, rather like the sun had expanded and encompassed earth... Big change.

Notably missing from this dream though was any hint of a date.

So, this is the big financial news:

IMF Greenlights Addition Of Chinese Yuan To SDR Basket: Wall Street Responds:

When I say big this is MASSIVE. It is as significant historically IMO as the surrender of Hitler. In fact, history may look back on this event similarly. This has also been the reason for all the stock market manipulations fundamentally brought about by China, i.e. the August crashes (after China devalued their currency, the crash ended when the US bombed Tianjin.)

It means that the Chinese Yuan will soon be a reserve currency, countries will be able to hold their foreign reserves in this currency. This will give the Chinese the dominance that the Americans once had and additionally, they can gold back!

However, this isn't all good.

From the article:

'It would be most ironic, however, if China achieves its ultimate objective, which is simply to find foreign buyers for its currency as an offset to domestic outflows, which in turn sends the Yuan soaring beyond its pre-devaluation levels, thereby slamming the Chinese economy even further and assuring that the unfolding Chinese hard landing becomes a full-blown global crash.'

So in English, the Chinese are becoming part of the same disease stock market Babylonian slave debt system that is the problem. But it is a gamble. It may be that the Chinese gain ascendancy and become the new America or it may be (and more likely IMO), that the Chinese become part of this system and the toxic debt destroys effects them more than they predict and they go down with it.

Which, if Wilcock and Goode's data on these events is to be believed, would simply be an extension of karma.

Considering, it is likely that the positive ET's haven't been feeding China information like we might assume they have, they seem pretty 'obtuse' from Corey's descriptions. So this is likely China's own ideas of how they want things to go down; and if they had wanted to free humanity they likely would not have gone this route, (they would have backed away from the financial system and America would have fallen). However, since they have gone this route, they will likely go down with it.

Saturday, 14 November 2015


(Periodically being updated as I think of new ideas)

A strange idea that I touched upon briefly earlier.

What psychic abilities will people get as the 'golden age' starts to unfold,

...and will we be cut short of using these abilities since we'll be 'ascending'.

I would like some of a period of happy living, love and recovery from this semi- nightmare that is happening at the moment:

Ideas of superpowers:

Me: An extension of these things, knowing things psychically and not being blocked in the real world in regards to the information. Basically a psychic. A bit like 'Benjamin Sisko' from Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

Close friend: A Jason Bourne kind of physicality, with emphasis on carrying out his plans to do with 'the high life'. Full expression of creativity.

Sister: Superwoman (Because there is a unusued 'power' and potential within her, and some intuitions about her life path). Mainly the floating thing I am talking about. No 'laser eyesight'.

Mother: No powers, not inclined, but an ongoing interest in the almost administrative side of healing technology, helping third world countries etc.. Any 'powers' she gets would likely not be really used, or would be used but not as a 'main event'. This would likely be an adaptable role that would grow as circumstances/ politics/ humanitarian disasters grow and change.

Others: I wonder if some of these powers would be less than harmonious at first, and would characterise peoples anger. An 'unpleasant' telepathy perhaps. But the person would be 'destined' to go through life processes in the following six months or so that would bring them around to positive. This is most true of some of the young perhaps who have never experienced what life would be like outside the economic crash.

Perhaps a simple basic telekinesis that might fit into an otherwise very normal life!

Other ideas for powers: Ability to change the environment somehow or a communion with nature such as with plantlife.

Another person: The ability to reduce complex structures (i.e. rubbish, buildings) into ash!

Most people when I try to imagine what 'powers' they have I just get a kind of 'shut down'! Wouldn't be able to take an influx of energy.

Someone else (all family and friends): Power over death and unseen realms perhaps, physical contact with extra terrestrial racers (not a power but kind of is in this analogy, a different way than most would experience it in my intuition.) Strong emotional empathy (can be used any which way).

Interesting world it could be. We have no idea what life would be like in any other way than it is now! Or put another way, we have yet to experience life without tyranny? I say again... Very interesting!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Metaphysics of desperation: France. (edited)

(Note, this one was reprinted on an old blog, so I have left in the first paragraph that partly addresses that community).

(Sorry I didn't edit this when I first put it up, it was unreadable. Just did so about three hours after putting it up.)

I wanted to write an article on this subject, mostly because I intuitively thought I should write this one here and it all seems to have come together. Logically, if I was making a story to justify the actions, I might say that this is an important world event and I would like to write about the metaphysics somewhere like here because it brings sense of such an event to a metaphysical community and has a larger 'outreach' (and to control the narrative away from repetitive doom laden ideas that spring up from somewhere, although I will be exploring dark ideas/ facts).

Today, November Friday the 13th France had a 'terrorist attack'. Anyone briefed on real politics knows that a lot of these are false flags, in fact, there are very few I know of that definitely are NOT false flags.

I will divide the reasons I think they have done this one into three:

1) Following on from the commentators: Benjamin Fulford, David and Corey.
2) Mundane politics.
3) Far out metaphysics

Then 4) Will be tying this into some things that I summise from what the positive ET's are up to, their strategies in bringing down the 'cabal'. With an emphasis on the ET's perspective rather than the more 'earth based' perspective.

This will possibly summarise astrological things as well. (Ended up not doing this.)


Benjamin Fulford, November 9, 2015: Israeli Nazionist regime doomed as fuhrer Bush negotiates surrender:

The story, in these alternative media (i.e. Fulford, Wilcock and Goode) is that the positive alliance, have completely cornered the cabal, and influential people in world politics whom are largely aligned with these were planning to meet up at the climate change conference in Paris on November 30th, to start hammering out deals as to how they want it all to go down. (I.e. Government of the future, disclosure etc.)

Reason #1: This is my first suspicion about why this happened. This will be used as an excuse for some countries not to attend this conference, which they think will slow down these plans.

An additional note in this Fulford article is the reference to 'Rothschild cartoons' in this, symbolising ahead of time what was going to happen.

An example of this practice of putting hints into films for metaphysical dark magick reasons has been stumbled on by the youtube video: Everything wrong with National Treasure Book of Secrets:, from the video:

This happened while the narrator of this video was reviewing an msn search page screenshotted: "That's strange, Benazir Bhutto was a popular search? Because she was assassinated in 2007. But this movie came out 6 days BEFORE her assassination. CONSPIRACY???? This may be the oddest thing I've ever noticed in a movie."

The National Treasure storyline was focused on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and the film talks a lot about assassination around the screenshot of this page. It seems to be programmed 'emotion' then directing the energy through the subliminal. As was done in the Rothschild cartoon, the factual, but still charged information was to do with the Egyptian plane crash, there was an emotional undertone to the whole thing easily missed, until now!


The simple political facts is that governments are closing their borders to the Middle Eastern mass migration, (Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic so far, Denmark and Sweden are flirting with the idea). France is probably THE most pro EU country, and the EU has a no- borders policy.

In effect, France could not close their borders without admitting their EU 'cult' was farcical, so needed an easy political get out clause.

No matter what else is going on in these events, there seems to be political reasons why these things are happening additionally to some of the informed media out there. For example the Tianjin explosions (a shipping port for exports) happened just as China devalued their currency (which would increase exports) and was crashing the American markets something chronic. Even if it was about sending an Electro Magnetic Pulse to the Chinese supercomputer, (as reported by Corey and Ben Fulford) it fit very nicely with the political narrative at the time.

This is either because these political aims are also important and kill two birds with one stone, or serve as a satisfaction of curiousity for those into the alternative but having not gone all the way into Extra Terrestrial info. etc. The latter reason sounds farcical but I see the same pattern in vote rigging, and other manipulations. There are false trails so that people give up when the real truth of the deception is put forward.


I have mentioned before how lightning striking the top of the One World Trade centre preceded by a few days the bursting of the bubble of the Dow in April, also there was another lightning strike occurence and one previously described by David Wilcock at these turning points.

Well, get a load of this, seems to me an attempt to undo the lightning strike 'magick':

As I have summarised on my other blog, it seems unlikely to me, from a rational market based level, they will mathematically be able to get the markets back up to new highs.

The S&P (futures market that controls the Dow) was within one good rally away from new highs but started sliding again this week! The Dow was two or three days away from new highs, WAS. However, has slid 450 points the past two days!


I've mentioned this before, it comes down to a LoO quote and is quite esoteric.

One of the lines from the LoO from memory is that 'It is the nature of distortion that it has to be accentuated before it is healed'. Meaning, things have to get worse sometimes before they get better.

I.e. if someone has irrational anger over some social issue (lets call it racism). While it is running around in the person psyche poisoning everything but not being shown it will not be solved. But if things escalate and the person ends up getting in a fight with other races (for instance), it moves towards being solved.

There is also another part of the Law of One that explains if an emotion is taken to it's extreme it breaks apart and heals.

Of course the haphazard rules of third density might include death or STS manipulations that prevent anything from being solved. But if the environment was broadly STO then this principle would make sense and would in fact heal the problem that was being escalated. (Unity 100 used to say this sort of thing!)

That is what I think is happening here. The markets have had to grow more and more and more rigged to make up for the fact the economy is disintegrating (shown by real indicators like manufacturing, shipping, company profits, price of metals and commodities, deaths etc.)

So the system is turning in on itself, there is a limit to rigging. If you have a house you run by intimidation, stealing, and repressing everyone that brings up the problems, there are some things you can't fake, you cannot bribe people without real wealth.

I think this is going on on a global level. The positive beings are providing the catalyst to turn, not individual but the ENVIRONMENT positive. Rather like if the economy grows sour there will be rebels, as a small example of the rules that move things on the way to being solved, this is a natural by product of the environment, not an act of politics.

So probably, very often when individuals have said they were going to do MASS ARRESTS that we have heard of through Wilcock and Fulford and others, and it has not gone down, the positive entities know this, they just let the train carry on until it derails itself because that's what it has to do.

So, when something happens, i.e Chinese trying to derail disclosure, you can be sure that the positive ET's are playing the LONG GAME, and perhaps consider this energy as 'transcient' to the system fixing itself through the starving of the negative polarity of energy. Their energetic plans for disclosure carry on just batting problems away because it is a PROCESS. Not a 'revolution'.

And when it does derail itself, if it happens in the right way, the negative forces cannot blame anyone else but themselves. They would have scapegoats for any action committed against them as some sort of perversion of the 'defense' energy (we are all one, they have a right to it even if they are defending against someone bringing their karma). But they cannot blame anyone if the financial jiggery pokery they created turns in on them. They can do some damage but not as much as they might be allowed to if they were assaulted.

So the political games are tweaking against their political endeavors they have set themselves up to fail through lies. For instance, the drug trade in the Middle East disrupts finance, since there is a lack of liquidity (cash).

Without cash, the rich cannot offload their own toxic assets onto others to make others take the fall for their crap. So i) if the stocks go down they might be left with the debt (for once) and ii) If they can't take these risks, and possibly offload them onto others if it gets bad it's VERY bad for the stock market. In fact some market news I've been reading recently says this is exactly what is happening. (Signs of the drug money siezing up are quite common. For instance, the London housing bubble bursting).

Anyway, this article is not too much into finance, I have done others more specifically into it.

The point is, where this is the bad guys karma is that: THEY WERE THE ONES WHO ORIGINALLY MADE IT SO THESE FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS HAD POWER OVER REAL WORLD THINGS... and now they cannot get rid of this power when it is held over them!

Now I call that some KARMA!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

New moon, the setting of the pattern.


11th November. New moon.

And I've explained how the new moon works before, the energy is set on the new moon and escalates onto the full moon then eventually wanes as the moon closes.

The last 'close' was particularly uncomfortable because it was a Uranian energy that 'shouted out' and then was 'oppressed'. The 'bad side' of Uranus, the suppression of that energy is very uncomfortable and is like an intolerable frustrating, trapping boredom and forced apathy.

Part of me isn't that enthusiastic at this stage because I feel this cycle is going to be trouble. The important thing is emphasizing the politics starting the cycle off so I will do that first.

The steps to the 'cabal' crumble:

1) The 'refugee' crisis.
2) The financial crisis.
3) The war against ISIS.

The power players in this are the EU and the US. Same banks, same hidden controllers.

So, here's all the relevant info before I move onto the astrology, with summaries:

The refugee crisis:

The 60- Second Summary of Europe's latest crisis

This explains very well how catastrophic it is for the EU at the moment in every one of its member countries. Three examples from this list are:

Romania: revolution November: PM resigns, government resigns following massive protests about corruption.

Sweden: One after another refugee centre burns down, PM warns refugee situation becomes unsustainable.

Greece bankrupt: youth unemployment over 60%, refugee crisis escalates on Greek islands.

Every single EU country seems to poll very highly anti EU
When the refugee crisis first started (and was obviously photoshopped fake and media pushed) my thought was that the neg groups,  Had pushed this agenda to manipulate the positive groups (that work through Russia, China etc. to collapse the satanists in the G5 Govs.) not to shut down the finance system and arrest them because, if during this period of civil unrest you have Africans that know how to survive in the softer European states causing a problem, it is impetus not to collapse the financial system. Well, today I was reminded of that from this violent video:

The Forced Collective Suicide of European Nations:

Continuing on, a great explanation of Portugal from the Guardian:

Portugal senses a chance for change after pro- Austerity government is ousted:

A summary of this situation from THIS article:

Eurozone crosses Rubicon as Portugals anti Euro left banned from power:

The recent election ended with the right wing party having enough votes for a minority government (less than half the seats so cannot pass legislation definitely), however, the two left parties whom find it difficult to agree have agreed to form a coalition that is anti austerity (Conflicting reports on whether they are anti EU, but  they are definitely anti Austerity... I suppose it's the same thing).

The President whom controls part of this process refused to allow the left wing coalition office, giving power first to the right wing minority, with passionately expressed reasoning that he did not want all the austerity Portugese government have inflicted on the population reversed.

This is silly, and because the EU have already come out with some pretty totalitarian stuff about Greece, ('democracy is irrelevant' kind of thing). We can assume the EU are the ones that have pushed this perspective.

Now however, the day before the new moon, the 10th of November, the left wing voted the right wing government out of office!

What comes next for Portugal is either i) the left is refused office and the government has to simply not function anymore or ii) they are allowed in by the 'President'. With the whole world watching neither is good for the EU. This being a left - right battle it looks like the EU will lose their last potential ideological allies if they were to screw with Portugal, since the left have already started to frame this as a debate between the evil right and the heroic left!

(Here's another article from the Guardian the explains the EU refugee crisis with some of it's diplomatic underpinnings:

EU's dilemma at refugees laid bare at Malta summit:

Excerpt: Merkel has won international plaudits for her liberal, open door policies. She is also under seige, however, at home from malcontents in her coalition government, in the EU because her partners are not sure what she wants, and from third countries who say they are willing to help but are also baffled by the absence of coherent policies in Berlin.

Me: Says it all.)

The financial crisis:

So much here has already been said, debt, Deutsche bank, etc. But a snapshot from a few weeks ago what happened was that i) terrible economic data was released, and ii) the stocks shot down, by 200 points, and iii) panic brought until they were up 200 points.

The system is so rigged that people whom know the system is rigged through and through, in detail, were staring open mouthed as the DOW continued incredible rallies through multiple onslaughts of terrible data.

A few different people have predicted after the August drop of 1300 points in three days, that the Dow in November would be the 'big one' and the figures aren't disagreeing with this... This is the Dow as of late (using the 'snip' tool I just learned about, a lot quicker than 'print screen' and cropping):

So that rally at the end there? That is not based on anything sustainable. Shipping is very down (Dry Baltic Index, Chinese Containerised Freight index.)

The rally of the Dow is based on the rally of the S&P, the reason for this is that the S&P is a futures market. It is the a market that bets that the entire DOW will go up, and invests in a little bit of every stock. (The S&P is in turn RIGGED by the VIX. Which is what's known as a volatility index and probably is important for algorithmic programmes trading rather than human beings)

There are problems with the market at the moment which is; that the amount of companies actually keeping the index UP are growing fewer and fewer. I.e. most individual stocks are dying but some few high flyers are keeping the whole thing up and a decreasing number of these, in fact if eight companies were not trading so well then the whole thing would be shooting down... You can see why that would be a problem:

If it wasn't for these eight companies the market would be down in 2015:

Warming: The S&P is NOT in good shape:

There are many companies about to go bankrupt from the low oil price (which the cabal have done to assault Russia but is now working against them):

Four US firms with $4.8 Billion in debt warned this week they may default at any minute:

Here is another one that I am just now looking at, China has devalued again, and devaluation from China was the thing that collapsed the Dow in August (until of course, Tianjin had a problem with their TNT, how's the 'investigation' into that going?)

Currency war by 1000 cuts continues. PBOC devalues Yuan for longest streak since Lehman:

And another one, Corporate bonds, which are the thing keeping buybacks going (companies buying back their own stock so it doesn't crater). Corporate bonds are at $0 (or into the -)and perhaps to go negative. I.e. people aren't buying corporations debt:

Why are primary dealers liquidating bonds at an unprecendented pace?:


For the first time ever, corporate bond inventories have turned negative - What this means:

War in Syria

Still with me?

When you say 'War in Syria' you don't mean 'war in Syria' you mean 'Moscow outsmarting the West' because that's precisely what it is. From the outside every stage looks like a masterful chess game to the effect that the only thing 'sore loser' America can now do to maintain it's narrative is to try and smear Russia over alleged 'doping' of athletes.


There is only one article I have to add to this, and this comes presciently on a new moon day because it is obviously a very very big deal:

Iraqi deputy calls for stepping up coalitions actions against ISIS in Iraq:

This is one of those 'strategic' titles you see every so often (saw a blinder today trying to push the Dow up), which is actually a bit different to what is being stated, to clarify, here is an excerpt:

According to Pushkov, nobody in Russia and Iraq has clear understanding of how seriously the United States is interested in fighting the Islamic State. "Until recently, the United States has been passive and inert in fighting IS. Naturally it is a source of concern for the Iraqi side because the Islamic State has siezed a number of major cities in Iraq and four Iraqi provinces" Pushkov explained.

Elsewhere in the article it is also explained that IS can cross state borders to recoup it's losses from fighting (dying) in Syria and to keep the fighting to the Syrian side of the border is a strategic weakness.

Take home lesson: Russia/ Iran/ Syrian armies will soon be able to follow IS over the Syrian- Iraqi border and IS's funeral will fast approach. Either that or the US will step up to the plate and the Iraqi's will not seek extra help from Russia because of this (unlikely, but not impossible), either way, the cabal plan to topple Assad for that pipeline going through Syria could not be further from being accomplished.

Another little tidbit:

(Edit 14/11: This was actually an article from early October. Likely a no- show then).

The fact that my computer just switched off when trying to write this part of it tells me it is legit:

The fact that this is coming on a new moon is exciting, it is the beginning of the energy, unlike the anonymous protest that happened on a 'waning'. (This article is from this twitter:, more to come, he says, although we have heard that often):

This map shows 95,000 downloaders of child abuse pictures worldwide:

Excerpt from the article: The only ones that have been able to validate VG's material, is the downloaders themselves. We have therefore contacted and confronted ten men. Seven of them admit that our information corresponds with what they have actually done:

- How on earth have you found out all this on me. Was the reaction of the first person to be confronted by VG. He runs his own company:

- I don't think I am doing anything wrong. We all have different preferences. But if the police get hold of this, I go to jail, I lose my house and my job. That would be the end of it.

This is one of the infuriating things about unethical people... Don't think you are doing anything wrong? You are keeping a childs pain and humiliation alive and keeping up interest in this perverse activity.

That's why we have jail. YOU may not think you are wrong but the collective with its greater power has a different opinion.

Makes me sick.

Tying it all into astrology:

Well there is not too much to say here because a new moon is a receptive time. A time when the new energies are setting in for this cycle.

However, I summarised how I thought financially interesting things could be timed for the last part of November. Starting at the 22nd and through the 30th seeing something big. At the time I did not notice that the full moon is also at this time! It is on the 25th.

It will crystalise this energy which seems to be a very grounded and almost Cancerian slipping into something more positive. It is not a firework but a train falling off the rails.

There is quite a lot going on here and since the energy is fundamentally 'potentiating' rather than manifesting, we are seeing a certain aggression toward our future. The hidden aggression of this stock market stuff which is a little mysterious in refusing to act like a market should. This aggression and focus on the future will effect the falling down of our establishments as though it is natural that it does (Pluto trine Mars - North node Sextile Saturn Square Neptune).

Jupiter sextile Moon - Sun- Mercury, Sun then trine Chiron: The cycle will be kind of 'raw'. With complexity that relates to the real world. This cycle will slip past the moronic media following masses, and things will start to iron out there (i.e. people holding silly views on countries they're told are the 'enemy'.) The propaganda influenced ideas and real spirit could converge. With mercury added into the mix you can expect a lot of communication in this cycle. About what Scorpio's about, the psychological reasons for things and the 'underlying' The Cayce readings talked about Mercury as the 'Indigo Chakra'.

Finger of Yod with the new moon and Jupiter to Uranus... Revolutionary ideas will be more powerful than the moon cycle if people are acting in line with their true STO selves!

And of course, in line with the data dump of potential paedophiles. Some of the alternative community are hoping for this to be a time of revealing of negative acts so 'the cabal' can be taken down. This is all in line with 'Scorpio'. Which is where the new moon is!

When it's good:

I feel when astrology is REALLY good it does not reveal anything other than what's right in front of you. It is a metaphysical tool that essentially cancels down to the truths that are easily observed by everyone.

As the LoO says, it is a different take on the information that is... Always and ever the same.


(BTW wasn't Benjamin Fulfords last post FANTASTIC):

Benjamin Fulford - November 9, 2015. Israeli Nazionist regime doomed as fuhrer Bush negotiates surrender:

In this he talks about a Rockerfeller and Rothschild that ordered Russias plane in Egypt taken down that the picture below in the Charlie Hedbo magazine was their confession, that this Rothschild and Rockerfeller were killed in retaliation:

This is a brilliant trailer I saw, it has a good feel to it:

As though something out of the 4400, I also wonder a bit what will happen when these abilities that people might start to develop. I have been enjoying imagining what friends and family would have as abilities. I think of it as just extending 'them'. And I do think that people would have specific, rather than general, abilities. Like some people have specific life gifts.

I imagine there will be many unpredictable and interesting things about the new world we will move into!

Friday, 6 November 2015


Mum changed her mind on info. I told you about having to leave home. She has been steadfast now for quite a while, but from some reason decided it was unethical to chuck me out at the last minute.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Off to the march

Off to the MillionMaskMarch. FUCK IT! If protest has stopped then it's stopped!!!


Well the shit really has hit the fan.

Influenced possibly by personal factors, my mother is going to chuck me out of home. Soon, and she's going to lock the door behind me, she's talking about this right now!

And I won't survive long. My health falls apart at the smallest thing. Social housing isn't exactly easy to come by atm!

Also, since June of last year I have been in constant pain after a negative ET experience and a girl whom was previously to having met me had seemed to be positively polarised, but then acted extremely hatefully towards me.

I'm still getting the same problems from that period. I can't walk the dog because of spirits and the strong feeling of demonic interference and being locked inside myself.

Like I said since meeting someone on the positive polarity whom has turned negative, I have been unable to polarise positively so I have no protection. 'Love is the greatest protection' and I do not have it.

I don't want to survive.


The previous post with the one before it and I could not think of a better example of 'seek and ye shall find!'

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Astrology. Next New Moon November 11th.

Wow, either I mistook my page views or they went up quite substantially since a few minutes ago!

This moon cycle is REALLY dragging on. I'm doing two things at the moment. Trying to do my jobsearch and having this information exploding out of me. So here we go!:

The last one, as summarised recently had its energy set with Uranus opposite the new moon. First I will summarise Corey and Davids info... That the alliance against the cabal is trying to hammer out an agreement and the Chinese specifically do not want any real disclosure but want some sort of 'controlled' disclosure.

Which is patently ridiculous. It cannot happen like this it will snowball completely no matter how slow they try to make it. And the energy of the human race is wound and ready for revolution. So they'll have to apply some pretty stringent tyranny to keep themselves from being overthrown if they're keeping things secret and having a natural injustice surviving because of that (i.e. victims of paedophilia for instance kept back because of its satanic nature'.

Also, who assumes the Blue Avians, the REAL power will go along with this? They are having to keep energies out of our planet that will evolve us with some pretty powerful shields. They don't work for the Chinese! They will push the society so it can handle these energies and will scheme at a level no one on earth can comprehend to make this happen.

So down to astrology (the reason I summarized those things was that astrology simply explains a lot of the time what's normal and real. So it will likely come up in my theorising):

November 11th:

The new moon at 18 deg Scorpio trine Chiron at 17 deg Pisces and sextile Jupiter at 18deg Virgo.

Not a nice few aspects. Chiron is a deep wound that just will not heal, very like the myth. It often shows up today in relation to the corruption of the mainstream media, and most specifically to Russia it seems to me. Being lied to by MSM is a very strong feeling here and the soul knows these things.

The aspect to new moon is also inconjunct Uranus in Aries. (Which further creates a special aspect with Jupiter that shows that Uranus will take centre stage in this cycle if things all go well. The moon cycle will be 'secondary'.)

With Jupiter Sextile this creates a sense of happiness and passion but simply rawness when this can't be expressed. This sounds stressful although I get the intuition it will not be stressful in this new moon. Something 'in the society' has 'given up' and it's all kind of flowing in some way.

Pluto MillionMaskMarch

Today, at the MillionMaskMarch. The sun will be exactly Sextile Pluto. I see this as interesting because with such an exact aspect it hints at the relevance of this march IMO. Anonymous is quite a Plutonian meme. But also a Uranian meme. More Plutonian. It is a dark anger that is solid but has not direction. Somewhat unlike Uranus actually. But like Uranus it seems to be acting with a higher purpose one cannot quite pinpoint.

Back to transits

And on November 11th, on the day itself we could be feeling quite an aggression surrounding our future and our destination as a species (that's an interesting pronouncement considering current events)

Saturn tucked in the corner there tells me that despite the information I follow most of the time, not a lot will be happening in the markets on November 11th. I would look at when the Sun comes close to and crosses Saturn for action there, It comes within distance November 22nd and is exact (exact seems to matter atm) on November 30th.

Thus there is a difference here between common sense, where the markets surely cannot last that much longer, and the stars, which would push any economic events a few weeks further on.

But then I look at the stars. Not only is Saturn travelling fast in this period. Going 2 degrees in this time. But it squares Neptune, and Neptune, even when you say or think of Neptune, it doesn't even need to transit. Neptune always adds a level of impenetrable 'weirdness'.

I have sun bi- quintile Neptune lol!

These events will be at the closing square (Sun Saturn exact conjunct square Neptune). So it may feel like things eclipse and during the drag the market kind of dies!

More on the moon!:

Not much is happening on the full moon apparently. Uranus is retrograde so maybe more 'internals' in relation to the sciency and revolution side of things is in order, or is happening! Although, the full moon could see loud proclamations of the state of the markets. Saturn in Sagittarius is particularly 'market like' reality! Pluto in Sagittarius was the lead up to 2008. And hosted the Iraq war and a lot of crazy excess! Now Saturn is there reigning it in!

So loud proclamations of Saturn related things on November 24th (After the beginning of this influence for those aware was November 22nd). So chat about market problems that only grow stronger culminating on November 30th in intensity; and the whole thing happening under and impenetrable fog.

I LOVE NEPTUNE. If I was a superhero, FOG would be one of my powers!

The close and the new Square on December 11th looks like a time of extreme conflict!


So there you go!


For those of you who don't know I started off doing a lot of very interesting spiritual work, kind of channeling almost things from deep inside, with a side interest in politics.

Then some stuff went crazy into my life and these two split into poles. I was either very intensely talking about myself and my emotions, or talking very focused on politics and astrology, but the two didn't really meet. There had been a split.

Then I slowly transitioned talking less about myself, as these emotions and intuitions would come up but their intensity would find no expression and no return energy. I would then talk more about politics.

However, politics is always a cover for other emotions.


Things have gotten pretty dark. As I have previously summarized I had felt that all my intuition lead me to a result in the real world and in the real world, someone whom my life path 'depended on', was extremely, deliberately and with full knowledge cruel towards me, and I cannot travel my 'real path', the path that gives me my natural energy from the creator, since it will lead me back to attempting to interact with several of these people who are i) lacking kindness ii) fanatically angry and hateful of me of iii) nasty liars... All supremely weak human beings.

So what now? 

My health is declining. Since I can't travel my natural path, I can't relax and use the love and intuition to guide me along routes that would be good for me and avoid pitfalls. I am living in a world where I have no purpose and no place and where the world doesn't really attempt to make me one. I volunteer at a place where I know I am not needed. I don't get on well with people socially a great deal, I can't ever, not even for a moment relax, and, obviously, it is difficult to motivate myself when my 'raison d'etre' must be consciously avoided!!!

Needless to say this is all taking it's toll. I have not slept for a while and my diabetes is raging. It is causing real distress. The totalitarian governments are preventing the normal 'fixing' mechanisms from occuring that would normally perhaps aid my survival in this situation... Perhaps.

Day after day passes and the only thing that motivates me anymore is seeing some sort of justice against the people that originally harmed me... Because I have wholly given up on any hope of love from such people.

How long will I survive? Will I survive?... Probably. I don't know. I am trying to survive, it is not all important but I am at least trying.

I find it difficult to imagine I would gain justice since even though the behaviours involved are wholly unjustified, cruel, and the person who had the most influence did so because they believed they would be able to get away with it with no repercussions. I have grown tired of not seeing any material karma show itself ever so much so that I'm starting to doubt it exists. Bluntly stated... These people deserve to suffer in intensities far beyond that which would make them contact me and attempt to do anything and everything only so the suffering would end.

But, as I write this, and writing is another small way in which I contact the creator. I know it actually will be so and can motivate myself through this exhaustion and insomnia to make sure of that. When the stock market crashes and karma is in some ways 'restored' things will naturally set in the way that they should.

It's just that I need to constantly re- remind myself of this with the facts of how difficult it has been, for me and indeed the whole world, with this Satanic regime at the helm that just won't give up.

They can't win, it is not possible. They are just keeping people suffering for the pure sake of it!

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Wrong on Turkey.

It appears I was wrong on Turkey!

Comment on geopolitics surrounding Turkish vote.

If anyone is familiar with Martin Armstrong (whom is apparently referenced in MSM every so often), according to his model, government 'tyranny' as an energy peaked at the end of September, and now we are on the way down where government loses control. I ran this model through the French revolution and it is the beginning of a period that lead to Louis XVI being decapitated!
Also, we have seen in many ways how government tyranny is no longer succeeding consider:
America's 'illegal' bombing of ISIS and funding of 'moderate' terrorists (like Al Qaeda) in Syria seems to be meeting with very little success.
Poland and Portugal and the EU. Slovenia, Sweden, and Germany with the refugee crisis. (Beginning of 'Brexit' as well)
The house of Lords, after the tax credit rebellion is now possibly to rebel on police snooping powers and Right to buy in rural areas.
I'm hoping, unlike the Israeli election, this election will be the end of Erdogan for SOME REASON. And the alliance of Saudi Arabia (approaching bankruptcy and revolution), Israel, Qatar the US and... in contention Turkey. Will lose out against Russia, Iran, Syria and possibly Iraq (with China in the background.)
UK seems to not be sure of what side their on. Allying with China over the US (China and US sworn enemies).
Anyway, take home point, the 'energy' IMO is not in favour of Erdogan anymore. And the end of Erdogan will speed the demise of ISIS and the Saudi Arabia - Qatar - Israel - ISIS and US axis