Friday, 27 November 2015

X- men days of future past.

Interesting film, (haven't actually seen it but got the gist).

Especially when thinking of the whole 'superpowers' area.

Reminiscent of the Terminator films which were DEFINITELY insider informed. Very high budget.

But what is it saying?

I always thought that these groups thought of themselves as better than anyone else and so in any film where someone had a greater 'power' than others, it would be a metaphorical representation of what they themselves thought they were, with the 'normal' people being what the rest of us are.

However, according to Corey's info, they do not necessarily think like that, they are very keen to use any genuine trend to their own advantage, and know of 'indigo' children, to use a cartoonish term. (Indigo being the fifth since that's where the wisdom takes them, Crystals being the different densities that can show green ray at a strong level, if I was using that terminology, which I don't, life is more complex).

So what are the producers saying... Do they believe this is real or is it just a film.

And if it is 'real'. They are encouraging those whom aren't keyed in the 'superpowers' way to be comfortable with those whom are, and be against the real enemy, whom really is a real enemy... AI!

Superman vs Batman film reminiscent of these ideas as well?

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