Sunday, 15 November 2015

Another note on Paris.

What strikes me about this is that it's CLUMSY. (Hazily remembered quote from the LoO when talking of negative polarity ET's: Their motives will not be that unusual to you. STO's can imagine and logically think through STS action they just don't go and do those things.)

It's been done very well free will wise, but on a basic political level there were a lot of other things that could be done.

On a level of maintaining negative polarity there are a lot of things that could be done.

I won't summarise either of this due to the possibility that such entities will end up reading this blog. But that remains my opinion.

It makes me look at the entire global order. Benjamin Fulford has stated that there is no 'New World Order'. That there are groups of differing interests that even undermine each other on key projects.

So when we look at things and see that they are absolutely ridiculous, sometimes there might be a plan to it but I suspect, quite a lot of the time, things really are that incompetant!

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