Thursday, 5 November 2015


Well the shit really has hit the fan.

Influenced possibly by personal factors, my mother is going to chuck me out of home. Soon, and she's going to lock the door behind me, she's talking about this right now!

And I won't survive long. My health falls apart at the smallest thing. Social housing isn't exactly easy to come by atm!

Also, since June of last year I have been in constant pain after a negative ET experience and a girl whom was previously to having met me had seemed to be positively polarised, but then acted extremely hatefully towards me.

I'm still getting the same problems from that period. I can't walk the dog because of spirits and the strong feeling of demonic interference and being locked inside myself.

Like I said since meeting someone on the positive polarity whom has turned negative, I have been unable to polarise positively so I have no protection. 'Love is the greatest protection' and I do not have it.

I don't want to survive.

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