Friday, 27 November 2015

So... It's all going down.

And I mean that.

What is happening globally IS a big deal. The twitterati may be fussing over the media representation of the UK Labour party (of a vote that is already probably decided), but VERY important things are happening.

It all starts here:

DISCLOSURE SHOWDOWN: The war for the truth.

A summary of this very well backed up piece of journalism (although to be fair not every line, since those whom follow David Wilcock have a certain trust in him):

Da'esh is a Rothschild proxy. They are threatening that if the MANY court cases against them go through, their people will be setting off terrorist attacks. In general, the cabal threaten if they are harmed then some nasty crap will go down.

So, in this paradigm; the people going to war against Da'esh in Syria are the good guys. After Da'esh is destroyed, and perhaps with a stock crash I don't know, we will get to disclosure (Disclosure of the secret powers behaviour and advanced technology to improve our lives, such as free energy). This is how his article finishes:

All of the Cabal's plans to create death on a massive scale are being very successfully blocked. All they are left with is terrorist attacks against smaller groups of people.
I am sure it hurts the Alliance every time one of these attacks succeeds. They have been working very hard to thwart and each and every attempt of this nature.
The Alliance includes a majority of the CIA and the Pentagon as well as Russia, China, Germany, the elected UK government and France, among many others.

Since this article though things have been developing, even when he published it it was already a few days out of date.

Firstly, before I carry on the idea of some of those governments being good guys is a bit difficult. I have hated our governments. But if you think about it it makes sense. It is quite conceivable that the reason the Conservatives have been cutting the poor and not taxing the rich thus far is that the rich are in with the Rothschild, and the banks are laying on the pressure.

But to continue on with the 'global politics' route, Turkey recently shot down a Russian jet inside Syria. While the Turkish government have put forward that their airspace was violated so they shot down an anonymous jet after warnings, both the Russians and the Americans are stating it was Turkey that went in to Russia occupied Syria and shot down the Russian jet (I withdraw this for the moment since I cannot seem to find it online.). What is interesting about this is not that it has happened but that...

...Putin will not let it go.

He has been outwardly stating that Turkey is an ally to terrorists, has been destroying the oil tankers going into Turkey for trade, and has been outwardly saying that Turkey is dealing with the terrorists:

Russia today. Commercial scale oil smuggling into Turkey becomes priority of anti - ISIS strikes:

And France has been backing him up on this:

Russia today: Putin and Hollande go after Erdogan's racket:

... Pretty amazing. They have labelled the Turkish Prime Ministers son as a trade partner in this.

Syria FM says US should study rumours Erdogans son is involved with oil trade with IS:

This is as significant as stating that the Americans were complicit in 9/11. It is big news and if international pressure continues here this is NOT good for the Rothschild.

This is a bit like someone calling out the rapist in the room that no one ever confronts.

(There are other measures Putin is putting in, anti aircraft weapons, sending Turkish businessmen home, it is possibly just the beginning)

Another small point is this:

Portugal's anti austerity left take power in watershed moment for the euro:

With this topsy turvy world where the Conservatives are now the good guys, I do not fully know that the EU is the monster I thought it was. It probably still is though.

To recap, in accord with an article already explained on my blog:

Eurozone crosses Rubicon as Portugals anti austerity left banned from power:

The left wing alliance in Portugal has the majority vote and the President of Portugal has been pulling out a lot of stops to ban them from power, because he supports the EU. However, they are now in power!

Regardless, this is another nail in the coffin of the EU, and an important one. If the banks are opposed this can only be good.


So it appears my prediction of a financial crash on the 30th of November is not correct. The David Wilcock article explained no one is going to let the market crash while Da'esh exists. However, the UK vote on war against Da'esh looks to be on the Monday (30th November), and we only have to wait and see to see in what other ways the Saturnian justice is chowing down!

(Update later):

Although I follow avidly David Wilcocks work it appears I may have missed something here, the reason that the stock market isn't crashing may be to do with the oil supplies going through Turkey and other ways in which the US and it's allies are profiting from Da'esh. It may be that this is a vital step to ensuring the stock market does crash. For instance, when it is absolutely known that the price of oil will NOT rise (as it could if Europe gained access to that pipeline), then it might be time to throw in the towel. Rather than hoping for a coup of Assad.

Maybe isn't definitely. It is possible David Wilcock just explains the highlights and doesn't know or seek to explain some of the nitty gritty.

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