Wednesday, 11 November 2015

New moon, the setting of the pattern.


11th November. New moon.

And I've explained how the new moon works before, the energy is set on the new moon and escalates onto the full moon then eventually wanes as the moon closes.

The last 'close' was particularly uncomfortable because it was a Uranian energy that 'shouted out' and then was 'oppressed'. The 'bad side' of Uranus, the suppression of that energy is very uncomfortable and is like an intolerable frustrating, trapping boredom and forced apathy.

Part of me isn't that enthusiastic at this stage because I feel this cycle is going to be trouble. The important thing is emphasizing the politics starting the cycle off so I will do that first.

The steps to the 'cabal' crumble:

1) The 'refugee' crisis.
2) The financial crisis.
3) The war against ISIS.

The power players in this are the EU and the US. Same banks, same hidden controllers.

So, here's all the relevant info before I move onto the astrology, with summaries:

The refugee crisis:

The 60- Second Summary of Europe's latest crisis

This explains very well how catastrophic it is for the EU at the moment in every one of its member countries. Three examples from this list are:

Romania: revolution November: PM resigns, government resigns following massive protests about corruption.

Sweden: One after another refugee centre burns down, PM warns refugee situation becomes unsustainable.

Greece bankrupt: youth unemployment over 60%, refugee crisis escalates on Greek islands.

Every single EU country seems to poll very highly anti EU
When the refugee crisis first started (and was obviously photoshopped fake and media pushed) my thought was that the neg groups,  Had pushed this agenda to manipulate the positive groups (that work through Russia, China etc. to collapse the satanists in the G5 Govs.) not to shut down the finance system and arrest them because, if during this period of civil unrest you have Africans that know how to survive in the softer European states causing a problem, it is impetus not to collapse the financial system. Well, today I was reminded of that from this violent video:

The Forced Collective Suicide of European Nations:

Continuing on, a great explanation of Portugal from the Guardian:

Portugal senses a chance for change after pro- Austerity government is ousted:

A summary of this situation from THIS article:

Eurozone crosses Rubicon as Portugals anti Euro left banned from power:

The recent election ended with the right wing party having enough votes for a minority government (less than half the seats so cannot pass legislation definitely), however, the two left parties whom find it difficult to agree have agreed to form a coalition that is anti austerity (Conflicting reports on whether they are anti EU, but  they are definitely anti Austerity... I suppose it's the same thing).

The President whom controls part of this process refused to allow the left wing coalition office, giving power first to the right wing minority, with passionately expressed reasoning that he did not want all the austerity Portugese government have inflicted on the population reversed.

This is silly, and because the EU have already come out with some pretty totalitarian stuff about Greece, ('democracy is irrelevant' kind of thing). We can assume the EU are the ones that have pushed this perspective.

Now however, the day before the new moon, the 10th of November, the left wing voted the right wing government out of office!

What comes next for Portugal is either i) the left is refused office and the government has to simply not function anymore or ii) they are allowed in by the 'President'. With the whole world watching neither is good for the EU. This being a left - right battle it looks like the EU will lose their last potential ideological allies if they were to screw with Portugal, since the left have already started to frame this as a debate between the evil right and the heroic left!

(Here's another article from the Guardian the explains the EU refugee crisis with some of it's diplomatic underpinnings:

EU's dilemma at refugees laid bare at Malta summit:

Excerpt: Merkel has won international plaudits for her liberal, open door policies. She is also under seige, however, at home from malcontents in her coalition government, in the EU because her partners are not sure what she wants, and from third countries who say they are willing to help but are also baffled by the absence of coherent policies in Berlin.

Me: Says it all.)

The financial crisis:

So much here has already been said, debt, Deutsche bank, etc. But a snapshot from a few weeks ago what happened was that i) terrible economic data was released, and ii) the stocks shot down, by 200 points, and iii) panic brought until they were up 200 points.

The system is so rigged that people whom know the system is rigged through and through, in detail, were staring open mouthed as the DOW continued incredible rallies through multiple onslaughts of terrible data.

A few different people have predicted after the August drop of 1300 points in three days, that the Dow in November would be the 'big one' and the figures aren't disagreeing with this... This is the Dow as of late (using the 'snip' tool I just learned about, a lot quicker than 'print screen' and cropping):

So that rally at the end there? That is not based on anything sustainable. Shipping is very down (Dry Baltic Index, Chinese Containerised Freight index.)

The rally of the Dow is based on the rally of the S&P, the reason for this is that the S&P is a futures market. It is the a market that bets that the entire DOW will go up, and invests in a little bit of every stock. (The S&P is in turn RIGGED by the VIX. Which is what's known as a volatility index and probably is important for algorithmic programmes trading rather than human beings)

There are problems with the market at the moment which is; that the amount of companies actually keeping the index UP are growing fewer and fewer. I.e. most individual stocks are dying but some few high flyers are keeping the whole thing up and a decreasing number of these, in fact if eight companies were not trading so well then the whole thing would be shooting down... You can see why that would be a problem:

If it wasn't for these eight companies the market would be down in 2015:

Warming: The S&P is NOT in good shape:

There are many companies about to go bankrupt from the low oil price (which the cabal have done to assault Russia but is now working against them):

Four US firms with $4.8 Billion in debt warned this week they may default at any minute:

Here is another one that I am just now looking at, China has devalued again, and devaluation from China was the thing that collapsed the Dow in August (until of course, Tianjin had a problem with their TNT, how's the 'investigation' into that going?)

Currency war by 1000 cuts continues. PBOC devalues Yuan for longest streak since Lehman:

And another one, Corporate bonds, which are the thing keeping buybacks going (companies buying back their own stock so it doesn't crater). Corporate bonds are at $0 (or into the -)and perhaps to go negative. I.e. people aren't buying corporations debt:

Why are primary dealers liquidating bonds at an unprecendented pace?:


For the first time ever, corporate bond inventories have turned negative - What this means:

War in Syria

Still with me?

When you say 'War in Syria' you don't mean 'war in Syria' you mean 'Moscow outsmarting the West' because that's precisely what it is. From the outside every stage looks like a masterful chess game to the effect that the only thing 'sore loser' America can now do to maintain it's narrative is to try and smear Russia over alleged 'doping' of athletes.


There is only one article I have to add to this, and this comes presciently on a new moon day because it is obviously a very very big deal:

Iraqi deputy calls for stepping up coalitions actions against ISIS in Iraq:

This is one of those 'strategic' titles you see every so often (saw a blinder today trying to push the Dow up), which is actually a bit different to what is being stated, to clarify, here is an excerpt:

According to Pushkov, nobody in Russia and Iraq has clear understanding of how seriously the United States is interested in fighting the Islamic State. "Until recently, the United States has been passive and inert in fighting IS. Naturally it is a source of concern for the Iraqi side because the Islamic State has siezed a number of major cities in Iraq and four Iraqi provinces" Pushkov explained.

Elsewhere in the article it is also explained that IS can cross state borders to recoup it's losses from fighting (dying) in Syria and to keep the fighting to the Syrian side of the border is a strategic weakness.

Take home lesson: Russia/ Iran/ Syrian armies will soon be able to follow IS over the Syrian- Iraqi border and IS's funeral will fast approach. Either that or the US will step up to the plate and the Iraqi's will not seek extra help from Russia because of this (unlikely, but not impossible), either way, the cabal plan to topple Assad for that pipeline going through Syria could not be further from being accomplished.

Another little tidbit:

(Edit 14/11: This was actually an article from early October. Likely a no- show then).

The fact that my computer just switched off when trying to write this part of it tells me it is legit:

The fact that this is coming on a new moon is exciting, it is the beginning of the energy, unlike the anonymous protest that happened on a 'waning'. (This article is from this twitter:, more to come, he says, although we have heard that often):

This map shows 95,000 downloaders of child abuse pictures worldwide:

Excerpt from the article: The only ones that have been able to validate VG's material, is the downloaders themselves. We have therefore contacted and confronted ten men. Seven of them admit that our information corresponds with what they have actually done:

- How on earth have you found out all this on me. Was the reaction of the first person to be confronted by VG. He runs his own company:

- I don't think I am doing anything wrong. We all have different preferences. But if the police get hold of this, I go to jail, I lose my house and my job. That would be the end of it.

This is one of the infuriating things about unethical people... Don't think you are doing anything wrong? You are keeping a childs pain and humiliation alive and keeping up interest in this perverse activity.

That's why we have jail. YOU may not think you are wrong but the collective with its greater power has a different opinion.

Makes me sick.

Tying it all into astrology:

Well there is not too much to say here because a new moon is a receptive time. A time when the new energies are setting in for this cycle.

However, I summarised how I thought financially interesting things could be timed for the last part of November. Starting at the 22nd and through the 30th seeing something big. At the time I did not notice that the full moon is also at this time! It is on the 25th.

It will crystalise this energy which seems to be a very grounded and almost Cancerian slipping into something more positive. It is not a firework but a train falling off the rails.

There is quite a lot going on here and since the energy is fundamentally 'potentiating' rather than manifesting, we are seeing a certain aggression toward our future. The hidden aggression of this stock market stuff which is a little mysterious in refusing to act like a market should. This aggression and focus on the future will effect the falling down of our establishments as though it is natural that it does (Pluto trine Mars - North node Sextile Saturn Square Neptune).

Jupiter sextile Moon - Sun- Mercury, Sun then trine Chiron: The cycle will be kind of 'raw'. With complexity that relates to the real world. This cycle will slip past the moronic media following masses, and things will start to iron out there (i.e. people holding silly views on countries they're told are the 'enemy'.) The propaganda influenced ideas and real spirit could converge. With mercury added into the mix you can expect a lot of communication in this cycle. About what Scorpio's about, the psychological reasons for things and the 'underlying' The Cayce readings talked about Mercury as the 'Indigo Chakra'.

Finger of Yod with the new moon and Jupiter to Uranus... Revolutionary ideas will be more powerful than the moon cycle if people are acting in line with their true STO selves!

And of course, in line with the data dump of potential paedophiles. Some of the alternative community are hoping for this to be a time of revealing of negative acts so 'the cabal' can be taken down. This is all in line with 'Scorpio'. Which is where the new moon is!

When it's good:

I feel when astrology is REALLY good it does not reveal anything other than what's right in front of you. It is a metaphysical tool that essentially cancels down to the truths that are easily observed by everyone.

As the LoO says, it is a different take on the information that is... Always and ever the same.


(BTW wasn't Benjamin Fulfords last post FANTASTIC):

Benjamin Fulford - November 9, 2015. Israeli Nazionist regime doomed as fuhrer Bush negotiates surrender:

In this he talks about a Rockerfeller and Rothschild that ordered Russias plane in Egypt taken down that the picture below in the Charlie Hedbo magazine was their confession, that this Rothschild and Rockerfeller were killed in retaliation:

This is a brilliant trailer I saw, it has a good feel to it:

As though something out of the 4400, I also wonder a bit what will happen when these abilities that people might start to develop. I have been enjoying imagining what friends and family would have as abilities. I think of it as just extending 'them'. And I do think that people would have specific, rather than general, abilities. Like some people have specific life gifts.

I imagine there will be many unpredictable and interesting things about the new world we will move into!

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