Sunday, 15 November 2015

Big moves in the financial world.

For this article I will be expanding on the perspective that positive ET's are manipulating events (although that is not strictly true, more accurate is that they are able to see how events are playing out, and ever so slightly 'managing' them, while also having put in place energies through their actions that will inevitably play out in a certain way.)

This brings me back to a dream I had recently, a dream that showed what the 'ascension' by David Wilcock, really means. How completely things will change if there is an energy that changes everything, rather like the sun had expanded and encompassed earth... Big change.

Notably missing from this dream though was any hint of a date.

So, this is the big financial news:

IMF Greenlights Addition Of Chinese Yuan To SDR Basket: Wall Street Responds:

When I say big this is MASSIVE. It is as significant historically IMO as the surrender of Hitler. In fact, history may look back on this event similarly. This has also been the reason for all the stock market manipulations fundamentally brought about by China, i.e. the August crashes (after China devalued their currency, the crash ended when the US bombed Tianjin.)

It means that the Chinese Yuan will soon be a reserve currency, countries will be able to hold their foreign reserves in this currency. This will give the Chinese the dominance that the Americans once had and additionally, they can gold back!

However, this isn't all good.

From the article:

'It would be most ironic, however, if China achieves its ultimate objective, which is simply to find foreign buyers for its currency as an offset to domestic outflows, which in turn sends the Yuan soaring beyond its pre-devaluation levels, thereby slamming the Chinese economy even further and assuring that the unfolding Chinese hard landing becomes a full-blown global crash.'

So in English, the Chinese are becoming part of the same disease stock market Babylonian slave debt system that is the problem. But it is a gamble. It may be that the Chinese gain ascendancy and become the new America or it may be (and more likely IMO), that the Chinese become part of this system and the toxic debt destroys effects them more than they predict and they go down with it.

Which, if Wilcock and Goode's data on these events is to be believed, would simply be an extension of karma.

Considering, it is likely that the positive ET's haven't been feeding China information like we might assume they have, they seem pretty 'obtuse' from Corey's descriptions. So this is likely China's own ideas of how they want things to go down; and if they had wanted to free humanity they likely would not have gone this route, (they would have backed away from the financial system and America would have fallen). However, since they have gone this route, they will likely go down with it.

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