Friday, 20 November 2015

Message on Corey's facebook.

Here it is:

I wonder personally whether it will become a situation that when people start to know psychic powers are real a lot of people will start developing them. Which means A) They will have more power towards 'disclosure', and B) Some people whom are not in a good place atm will develop powers originally that could be used for a bad purpose. This is all rather like a 'Harry Potter' fictional kind of musing. However, if it were the case, many of those I would consider 6D wanderers (whom are not usually into this kind of information since they cannot hold the amounts of wisdom for it, needing to balance each wisdom with an amount of 'love'). Those 6D wanderers will have truly amazing 'powers' in this scenario and their presence will be underestimated by all the 'models' the 'governments' might come up with. 'Love' has a powerful real world kinetic thing wheareas 'wisdom' is more of an indefinable force that doesn't effect others unless it is the (incarnated) 6D form which is 'power'. These are all obviously a theory in progress. But what it could mean is that we expand to a place where there are powers and some 'bad guys' still around. (Agents, Matrix 'Smiths' like) Inevitable destination though is towards the positive as humanity as a kind of 'immune system' throws out it's crap. Popular culture has been rife with superhero films for a very long time now.

I'm not saying that this view is informative or 'super' in some sort of way. Just wanted to repeat what I had written here.

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