Monday, 30 November 2015

Pulling a few more moons together.

So, as I have most likely previously explained on this blog:

There is some pretty amazing symbology surrounding me and the Chilean Miners accident:

August fifth, when they went down into the hole... My birthday.
33 people... The solar position for the human design chart at August fifth, and obviously mine.
Phoenix... My name on Bring4th.
Only person who was 33 years old named Victor Zoho-ra.
69 days. Session 69. Could be:
i) Session 69 and 'negative environment', ii) Session 69 and needing to heal from 'death from suicide'. iii) The cancerian glyph.
Chile: The myth of the human design chart is a something exploded over 'Chile'. Some celestial object of some kind, perhaps a star, and the energy lead to the HDC.

And they were out on October 13th.

So the full moon for 2015 was October 13th. I wondered if this was going to be when things started to get solved. No, but I still feel like the process is happening.

The next one is November 11th. Or 11/11. A good sign.

And as it ends it looks like, the Climate Change Summit in Paris is where all the worlds leaders are going to come to some sort of arrangement to enrich humanity that will involve disclosure.

The summit, with the worlds most powerful leaders started on November 30th and will end December 11th... It is on for TWO WEEKS...

These people are going to be discussing something!

Plus, the Rothschild proxy Da'esh is looking like it's going to be annihilated soon.

The negative groups are being packed up like a suitcase and on the new moon of December 11th.... We will see what the next moon cycle has in store for us!

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