Saturday, 14 November 2015


(Periodically being updated as I think of new ideas)

A strange idea that I touched upon briefly earlier.

What psychic abilities will people get as the 'golden age' starts to unfold,

...and will we be cut short of using these abilities since we'll be 'ascending'.

I would like some of a period of happy living, love and recovery from this semi- nightmare that is happening at the moment:

Ideas of superpowers:

Me: An extension of these things, knowing things psychically and not being blocked in the real world in regards to the information. Basically a psychic. A bit like 'Benjamin Sisko' from Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

Close friend: A Jason Bourne kind of physicality, with emphasis on carrying out his plans to do with 'the high life'. Full expression of creativity.

Sister: Superwoman (Because there is a unusued 'power' and potential within her, and some intuitions about her life path). Mainly the floating thing I am talking about. No 'laser eyesight'.

Mother: No powers, not inclined, but an ongoing interest in the almost administrative side of healing technology, helping third world countries etc.. Any 'powers' she gets would likely not be really used, or would be used but not as a 'main event'. This would likely be an adaptable role that would grow as circumstances/ politics/ humanitarian disasters grow and change.

Others: I wonder if some of these powers would be less than harmonious at first, and would characterise peoples anger. An 'unpleasant' telepathy perhaps. But the person would be 'destined' to go through life processes in the following six months or so that would bring them around to positive. This is most true of some of the young perhaps who have never experienced what life would be like outside the economic crash.

Perhaps a simple basic telekinesis that might fit into an otherwise very normal life!

Other ideas for powers: Ability to change the environment somehow or a communion with nature such as with plantlife.

Another person: The ability to reduce complex structures (i.e. rubbish, buildings) into ash!

Most people when I try to imagine what 'powers' they have I just get a kind of 'shut down'! Wouldn't be able to take an influx of energy.

Someone else (all family and friends): Power over death and unseen realms perhaps, physical contact with extra terrestrial racers (not a power but kind of is in this analogy, a different way than most would experience it in my intuition.) Strong emotional empathy (can be used any which way).

Interesting world it could be. We have no idea what life would be like in any other way than it is now! Or put another way, we have yet to experience life without tyranny? I say again... Very interesting!

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