Thursday, 31 December 2015

The two paths of the cheating woman and the demise of the devil.

I have not had a good time with girls, I have had chiefly two experiences:

1) Girls that just don't find me to be a relevant human being. That they would talk to and interact with, but prefer to outwardly reject with sometimes the addition of flirting a little with.

Standard this one.

2) Girls that seem to like me and that I have a good connection with who then go and sleep with someone else, and punish me by calling me a 'stalker' for any affection I show them at all, in order to not have to face their own indiscretions.

Fun life!

It strikes me that girls take one of two routes after cheating:

A) They go extremely left wing: Because they have to hide their indiscretion they have to justify this to themselves and take on the extreme left wing view that they are 'lying to someone (the partner they cheated on) by saying the person need to be lied to for their own good because they are too delicate to hear the news.

They then jump at 'Green' issues because it allows them to cement in this way of thinking and justify it with standard global warming alarmism.

B) They take a harder view that their cheating was somehow justified, This then grows into finding excuses to find men that are less 'hard' in the material sense, to be unworthy in some manner.

The first behaviour I have observed for a long time, the second one I put together because of Katie Hopkins (who admits cheating) on the same day seems to think that a 49 years old Labour MP Simon Danczuk is absolutely fine to be trying to seduce a 17 year old girl. On this same day starts admonishing young people for staying at home with their parents. (Which if he was not in a position of power would not be so bad IMO. Imagine a constituent inviting him round and having to hide his daughter.)

Clear distortion to animalistic concerns here and neglect for spiritual concerns.

Not exactly about gender that last one but it seems to me in the society we live in the more artistic kind of person linked with the outer planets (and/ or, unwell) will be more likely stuck home with their parents at the moment. As society becomes more unequal it becomes more heirarchical and ejects the unusual people and values conformity. Like Katie Hopkins.

The demise of the devil:

666 seems to appear in the market (DOW) when it is clearly going to go down and shifts. Or when it is going up for no reason.

Number play today, (significant to me):

DJI: -117.11 (-0.66%)
DAX: -117.13 (-1.08%)

117 personally relevant. and 12 (but one number off again, this was a synchronicity to show something non positive and perhaps is another nod here) in between 11 and 13 personally relevant.

0.66 is one number off 666 male form of the devil. (US imperialist masculine).
1.08 is one off 1080, female form of the devil. (EU consuming mother feminine).

So, I wonder, from this funky number play, if the 'devil' is starting to lose the wheel, and if we will see less successful rigging in the markets. Good timing with Asian Bank soon to officially open.

(This post is updated and followed up on next post.)

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Dreams, possible hints on moron barbie, and bad potential news.

I wondered, from dreams, whether part of what will happen after this 'moron barbecue' is that extraordinary people will take the place of celebrities, rather than ordinary people.

... and this is why subconsciously a lot of the population don't want anything to do with any 'golden race' and prefer the status quo.

A world where half of TV is a wisdom teachings special is not one that a lot of these people would like to experience, they don't want to have to think about things and they probably imagine that they would feel diminished under these circumstances.

The dream that made me think of this was gnomes going up a stairway from an ice circle with a 'Jonathan Ross' feel to it. Gnomes seemed a little like dwarves from 'Lord of the Rings'; whom seem very third density to me!

... I'm sure this all being an experiment in which data is collected, that that sort of data is very useful and has been factored in for future mixed harvests.

Second, it seems to me the groundwork is laid for a new years attack by quote unquote 'Da'esh'. With Brussels (the EU) refusing to do fireworks and Turkey (America) stopping a planned New Year attack, it seems to me like these powers are metaphorically signalling that this is what their plan is.

It's not something I want to be right about, but like a lot of these things it's just about puzzle pieces


I have talked before in the post preceding the last one about how I believe this flood is HAARP induced.

I wondered, if specifically, the fact that @twcuddleston got flooded is less than a coincidence.

During the election, the girl under the twitter address @twcuddleston (Abby Tomlinson) started a group called the 'milifans' the supported Ed Miliband. These were young and mostly female activists that didn't like the way the Labour leader at the time (British Mainstream Left) were treating Ed Miliband.

David Cameron was not happy:

In the most recent floods @twcuddleston's house was flooded.

... and to me, that's just another of those unpleasant, and creepy coincidences around this area, and reminds me of when the Conservative government passed cruel acts to do with animal rearing, suspected by the animal rights activists as revenge for 'fox hunting' being made illegal due to activism.

January 22nd, the real new year.

First section from my bring4th blog:

Just a quick note, I'm going to expand on this argument on my Google blog, but since it will include a lot of projection into the futures and 'maybe's' and a political angle. I will not include the whole article here.

Suffice to say that in the Human Design Chart. The new year is when the sun moves into the first hexagram, on January 22nd.

To me it has always felt that way. When I first heard this I was studying at Uni, and at University students are often given assignments to do over the holiday period, which are usually due in about a week into January and just before January 22nd.

In a lot of ways it does not FEEL like it is the end of the year at the moment in my view, this is why.


So, let's take a look at how this may reflect into political life:

  • Da'esh seems to be winding down a bit, how will this reflect after they have lost the Iraqi city of Ramaldi and the ongoing onslaught against their oil tankers. We will no doubt find out more when their
  • The Chinese are about to open their new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank that could very well be the END of America's financial empire. Benjamin Fulford is reporting that oil hedges will be expiring in January.
  • At some point, and there is a lack of information here, Marc Morano's 'Climate Hustle' will be released. I have heard early 2016 and January 2016. This is a possibility at the moment. This is one of the big things.
  • And in UK political news, each major political party has potential for arguments and disruptions: Labours upcoming re-shuffle (that will end the period when 'moderates' have control over the Labour party, it might end moderate Labour) Conservative parties fall out over the EU and whether ministers can campaign for and support Brexit, and UKIP's internal spat, always quiet but obviously always there, ready to blow anytime.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The movement of U-ran-us.

Building on the trends that I mentioned in this article, 'The next big astrological event':

Uranus has gone direct... So what is the damage.

Well, the Iraqi army has taken back a key city in the fight against Da'esh, this fits.

Even though the story with global stocks seems somewhat quiet, another trader of bonds is going insolvent soon, while the Yuan continues to devalue

... and who could forget, as already mentioned the Chinese have announced their new bank is opening on the opening square of the next new moon (Jan. 16-18, this is very significant, it could lead the way to the US bankruptcy, since such a crash now would not cause quite so much chaos with an alternative world financial system available.)

However, the astrology is as follows: Uranus has just gone direct, meaning it will have more 'momentum' in everyday events, and Pluto is squaring it, it is a separating square but still a square to within 2 degrees. The Sun is also approaching this aspect

This means that over the next few days until the sixth of January, the sun will shine more and more light on this area. We will see both into the depth of nothingness lying behind the establishment and where the Uranian revolution is effecting this.

What happened in England is that it erupted in flooding.

To people whom follow this blog, I'm going to just jump straight into the conspiracy side of things and posit. This could either be the 'good guys' or the 'bad guys'. If it is the bad guys it is true to form, weather modification technology but why? Perhaps because of the war against the bankers proxy in Middle East. This is the most likely explanation and not much more really needs to be said about it!

Could this planet and themes reflect into British politics? All of the main parties (Conservatives, Labour and UKIP) have the opportunity for historic inner party disputes. Re- shuffle of Corbyns cabinet plus arguments over the EU, (especially if David Cameron refuses to let his party members campaign and vote against the EU!)

Also, the floods are set to continue with another storm on its way today. There could be political and financial fall out from these events.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Star Wars IV, A new hope.

Which is what we have, a new hope.

This isn't about Star Wars, I'm just writing and liked that as a title.

But what we are going through on this little planet of ours is a kind of 'Star War'. It is Extra Terrestrial entities that interact with us on both sides.

And even though I had a whole idea of how a Star Wars sequel could go since the current one, 'The Force Awakens' is apparently not very good. I don't really want to get that involved with thoughts of the 'Dark Side'.

However, there is a new hope, and it is because of this:

China Establishes Rival to World Bank:

Could this be the beginning of the end?

Looking back on it now, there are a lot of times when I've been sure things are going to change, and been unrealistic in general in this regard.

I liken this to the recent Uranus retrograde, Uranus is about all these kinds of ideas, when the planet enters its 'shadow zone' (the area it will later retrograde over) we show the bad side of that transit, when it goes retrograde we experience the bad side often without so much the good, there is emphasis on the 'distortion', then it goes forward again with our renewed understanding.

So as it went forward and almost just before the election, Uranus has entered my first house and I've been more involved in this kind of thing. As it went forward I have had ideas that sudden moves in the stock market or British politics were the solution. I.e. that Jeremy Corbyn was ultra significant. But it seems to me now that he is a good guy, but he could still not be the 'answer'. That the stocks can show distress without it being a big crash that will end the world (like I thought on the Monday of the 'options expiry'.

However, there are answers, and the stocks could crash (and suddenly) but I have to be realistic. I have been waiting for the 'arrest of the Illuminati' since David Wilcock talked about it in 2011! It is good to not think of it like that. There is not much to replace it since I have a kind of 'metaphysical' discomfort on top of everyday stresses that is, like I said, a discomfort. Also, I would like to have more connection with others whose actions will very likely someday effect me and I do not.

However, still, even with my own problems. Perhaps thinking of the whole thing like little pieces of a puzzle is more useful than a mega solution being available.

So, one piece, a little significant but not much, the new Star Wars film is obviously a dodgy agenda, and all the fans whom enjoy Star Wars and the soul of the original show might have a backlash against the corporate clones for making this film. It is possible.

It strikes me how the manipulators have got into the film industry through 'reviews'. Since the Ethan Hawke film (mega occult expose) 'Regression' was not shown in UK cinemas, due to bad reviews.

It was an Ethan Hawke and Emma Graham film, it would have pulled in the dosh even if it had been terrible.

The new year will bring great things audience... Hold on!

Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas update.

Whoa... AGAIN my views have shot up quite significantly, and I have no idea why.

Possibly because I said something about Hillary and the Rothschilds on Donald Trumps twitter and some people followed me though, or perhaps a late response to my post on David Wilcocks page.


The interesting parts of last year that will feed through to this year:

1) The EU is a MESS. The refugee crisis, the debt including Greece and many other Eurozone and European countries. It's all leading to an inevitable dissolution. At the moment, there is problems in Spain after an election has seen an insurgent party, one that is not one of the two mainstream left or right parties, gain power. This has lead to real problems in forming a government that might be 'indefinite'.

This will inevitably lead to problems somewhere down the line for the EU. For instance, when it comes to another bailout for Greece or a debt payment, there may be trouble. The interesting thing is that Spain has learned from Greece, so it doesn't matter what the tyrannical group of banks does, there are simply more people to potentially oppose it than support it with a population on earth that is more service to others than service to self.

Not only this but a refugee crisis that has sprawled out of all control and lead to some governments closing their borders in contravention to EU law. If this leads to the end of the Shenghen zone it will only hasten the EU's demise.

There is also Portugal that has formed a government that may create some fuss with the EU as well (previously covered)
2) Related but not the same, the market crash is getting really close.

The Santa rally is a time tested tradition that encourages regular citizens ('investors') to buy presents and holidays while a lot of the important equities that would slow the index down are closed.

Two VERY important things in this regard.

One is that stock buybacks are in trouble, since bond funds (bonds are debt that is repackaged and sold off!) are going bankrupt and insolvent. This is the first step to real stock crash because as explained before, without the ability to get loans corporations cannot buy back their own stock, if they cannot do that then it will crater.

Another thing is that one of the primary rigging mechanisms seems as though it will soon not be able to be used. USDJPY!

Also, it really seems as though whomever Benjamin Fulford is involved with are the ones controlling this. The Chinese Yuan devaluation stopped for the Santa rally, and who really knows what those folks are up to? But they could devalue again and threaten the markets. Also, the stock rose perfectly (until the end) with WTI crude, which as Benjamin Fulford has detailed, is a big part of the crash (and will go down again?). From ZH:

3) Small things in politics:

Exciting because the US presidential candidacy has two potentially non cabal presidents (Donald Trump foremost and Bernie Sanders, although as detailed the democrat nomination may be rigged against Bernie)

In the UK, politics could get interesting since Jeremy Corbyn, the opposition leader, may be purging his cabinet of a lot of members whom don't think like him. I am split on this, Labour has had a problem that it is fundamentally a Rothschild influenced party, however, it could be that even if Jeremy Corbyn is not 'cabal', he may take on a somewhat radical direction. This is not a problem though really, since I am not Labour. It is INTERESTING though.

The good thing with Jeremy Corbyn heading the Labour party is that he essentially stops anyone worse taking over. We'll see. I tend to think he's a good person myself whom does not have as many radical beliefs as a lot of people would say and has the patience to deal with his supporters who believe in things like anthropogenic global warming. (While his brother, Piers Corbyn is very much against that perception, so I tend to think Jeremy is aware it is a fraud as well). Jeremy also recently went to visit the left wing and anti EU party in Portugal, indicating he is still against the EU in his heart!

Monday, 21 December 2015

Insight, how the left and right align.

You are either:

Pro immigration control, probably free market and industry, and pro sovereignty (anti EU if you're part of that bloc).


Anti Austerity, and serious about it.

Both these things attack the same opponent.

So perhaps we can move away from the brilliance of the negative plan then... 'They turn the best of us against each other'. Just for that line, the rest of the trailer is not particularly impressive:

Or perhaps differences in method are truly able to divide people.

The next big astrological event.

Don't know what it means specifically.

But the date is when the sun hits Pluto, on 6th January! (it will also be square Uranus, so there will be a good vs. evil feeling in the air, that feels like it gets to our 'souls'!)

Then the next day it will square Uranus, so we might feel that 'Uranian' ideas are getting in the way of our 'Sun' (Christmas?) Feeling!

Pluto seems to be 'whatever the Illuminati happen to be up to. (Scorpio abuse of power Thatcher years, Sagittarius adventuresome banking and imperialism. Capricorn breakdown of the system (different polarity))

Also on December 26th Uranus will go direct. This means that the feeling of 'revolution'. the complex, sciency feel that takes in loads of things such as aether sciences, will start to feel more active.

It will be a subtle but unmistakable change!

Econ cover as many names as I'm likely to get

Any now will likely come more slowly. (Need to look up Rothschilds and stuff)

Thanks to @Helen121 and @KaiHolloway

Most upfront and one I haven't yet got is guy on the right of Clinton.

Behind Greenspan is that a young Joni Mitchell? John Lennon figure next to Hollande?

There is a clear 'left wing' vibe with a lot of this. There are no Bushes but then we are talking about Rothschild here not Rockerfeller.

Update: Econ 2016

Perhaps the reason that Hillary is on the front and there is an American flag over those closed booths on the other page (see previous) is that they are planning to rig the vote!

(Updated 12:29:) The Democrat debate is this year so they are rigging against Berny:

Exciting times. Regardless of whomever's dysfunctionality and whether you agree with them or not, and even whether they succeed, we have completely non cabal candidates in England and America: Berny vs. Trump and Farage vs. Corbyn.

In England either of those could be replaced. However, it is still worth nothing.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Economist 2016 cover:

So, first thing out the gate, significantly important, from this video:

The inside cover of the economist, not the main cover, shows many different booths, with England with an arrow in it, the English flag to be precise.

The booth has an 'electoral' kind of feel to it.

This means, to my mind: A SIGNIFICANT TERRORIST ATTACK ON THE UK to offset the EU referendum. I wondered why they were doing so little against that.

Possibly with Extra Terrestrial links: Because an arrow could be 'Sagittarius' i.e. 'Orion'. Where the negative ET's hail from. 'Independence Day' is also out at the moment as well.

Other symbology:

There is a map of the world population behind Greenspan behind his checkout. ('Checkout'). This could mean that the negative groups are planning to use the financial crash for depopulation.

The reference to Marx in the top right and red flagged protesters could also mean using those whom are on the left for the negative elites goals. The left seems more like how they want to achieve them. As SGT report said, the American flag butchered with the green agenda and LGTB rainbow shows this in more detail.

The phone next to the Da'esh leader in the very centre could be an internet attack.

Nothing else sticks out. Or it does but not so much as to give an actual 'brainwave'.

Notice the little pink 'brain' in a jar next on the right of the business man false UFO below Merkel!


In response (again) to social media, I have been thinking of Scotland.

If I were to run England these would be my thoughts:

  • As far as I can tell Scotland has no economic resources at all. The oil has run out, the steel works and others are bankrupt, they are not a 'financial centre' anymore, they don't have much arable land for crops and little for livestock.
  • They do however have potential for some 'free energy' technologies, however, these have not been completely developed.
  • There is no point in having a second referendum if the first one was clearly rigged. See here for a full explanation and here for a briefer one.
  • From that perspective you kind of have to let them go. Otherwise you are holding a government captive fraudulently (Yep, when has that ever mattered right? ... but it matters to me!)
There is no more complex situation than this. Anyone who ignores the fact of the rigging and campaigns for a new vote is clearly quite delusional, especially if they know it was rigged. 

Over hopeful and naive.

However, if I was separating from them as a country I would do one of two things: Support as much industry as possible, since you do not want them to be dependent on you and you don't want a lot of migration from Scotland. Plus you might have a good trading partner for whatever they produce (I do think a little like Trump don't I!)

If they are difficult and make bad financial choices, one of the worst they could possibly make in my opinion and have made statements to this effect is that they don't want Trumps investment. Trump is a big boy and I suspect will forgive the slight, but it does not look good for the SNP's leadership unless there is some backchannel under which it was made to be OK!

Anyway, if they are too difficult build a wall! Or if it is possible allow the migration if it doesn't adversely effect your own country too much, but then you risk them making England out to be the bad guy while continuing to follow bad financial policies, so one or the other depending on circumstance.

My plans for England would be along the same lines as those of UKIP, since I support UKIP because it lines up with my beliefs:

  1. Remove all global warming legislation (£18 Billion)
  2. Control over migration (so you have control over the amount of workers you have etc.)
  3. Leave the EU, make our own laws own trade deals.
  4. EU tax laws and our own laws and whatever it is we are doing to stop small business.
  5. Control over our waters for fishing... The list goes on.
Importantly, not getting involved in foreign arguments that don't concern us i.e. We don't need to sanction Russia, we can trade with China etc.

Saturday, 19 December 2015


This is the best time a crash could happen for me:

A) My sister is in Switzerland where her and her mother will be looked after, and even though my sisters mother is a very capable person, at other times she has melted down into a neurotic mess (before my alcoholic father died), so it is just a little bit of a worry for me. But in Switzerland they will be OK I think!

B) A close friend of mine is going up North for Christmas, whom once made jokes 'I'll just steal Joe's food if things get bad'. I would kill him if he tried (I think). However, him being 'not around' is even better. More of a danger however is 'guilt tripping' me into using my 'prep' for his whole family.

Yep a mean post but nonetheless, this is how I feel,

I have little problem if this crash takes a few casualties. Not because I desire peoples pain but that if it is a necessary loss, it is an acceptable loss, because the 'cabal' will keep killing if they are not taken down. (And I have warned everyone close to me, if they get into trouble, they were warned! What more can you do?)

Even though I still doubt there will be a big crash soon, here is an interesting youtube video:

It is worth remembering here that David Wilcock put out this article tallking about 'spritual protection' that basically said everyone would be alright in the instance of a crash, i.e. the army would have supplies ready and would help people!

Friday, 18 December 2015

Todays market crash (*snort*)

I may have to leave this half written, or temporarily unreferenced. I have somewhere I have to be.

Wow, things are a little difficult at the moment. Not massively so to be fair.

My perfect scenario would be for the markets to crash and all the chaos involved in the 'Illuminati Tribunals' to happen now. I do not need to engage in the illusion of Christmas. I do not need the illusion of safety. I'm ready now.

However, that is unlikely. I do not believe there will be a market crash later today through the DOW market open and close, but if there were, and I feel compelled to highlight the information, this is why it would be:

Options expiry:

Options are automatic programmes that buy and sell stock at certain intervals according to pre- programmed requirements.

An example would be I have a stock valued at £50. I have 1000 of them. These are £50,000 together. If I know the stock has previously had trouble I could set up a 'stop gap' or a 'put' at say around £30. If the market tumbles and goes to £30 then the stock will automatically sell. If the market tumbles however and I DON'T have a stop gap, the company may go below £30, right down to £0.01 and I have lost all my money. (Company would probably go bankrupt before £0.01)

These options are going to expire today. So what that means is that many people who own shares who don't pay attention because their 'puts' will defend them from harm (or other options may buy, being 'short' and bounce a market going down). Faced with these stocks that will not be protected. People may choose to sell and be far more gittery.

So in that example, if I'm holding a £50 stock with no stop gap, and it starts tumbling, I may just get out, especially if the market is on a panic creating down anyway.

Bond market chaos:

The bond market is in a lot of trouble. Junk bonds in particular. Companies are already going belly up and insolvent (not paying their customers back their money). This is how the 2008 crisis started.

This may have a strong effect on corporate buybacks.

WTI crude:

Currently at an all low level (WTI Crude $35.02). Considered very important although the oil market is somewhat opaque so the reasons aren't exactly clear but most people in finance seem to reference this as important.

Crude level has pulled the market down previously.

Yuan devaluation.

The same thing that single handedly caused the August 21st crash is happening now, only a lot slower, but still happening. This is why the Americans are doing weather garbage on China IMO, and blowing up the occasional factory. Warfare.

Fed Rate Hike Superstition:

The Fed has recently, very minutely increased interest rates. This is effecting liquidity in the markets and people may think that it is because of the Fed Rate Hike that any of these other problems are happening and 'trade accordingly'. I.e. Sell, when they don't know the fundamentals of the market.


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Could be nothing but...

I've been getting a deep foreboding feeling recently.

Could be nothing. But it has also happened two time before very accurately. (And yes, one was with negative feeling, not just positive).

One was that I was walking around in the kitchen and for no apparent reason felt a little uncomfortable and a sudden strong feeling that I needed my prep.

The other is just an ongoing, miasmic, feeling of discomfort around this rate hike.

But is likely to be nothing!

(BTW one of those was Virginia Tech (5 days), the other was Gordon Brown leaving office! (moments))

Just in case it turns out to be another terrorist attack. Like this perhaps

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Rate hike tomorrow! (*Snore*)

The market has become practiced at 'bad news is good news'.

Over the past few months abysmal and obviously false economic data has been released and the market has rallied every time (even when the reasons for this are opposing each other).

So, the next few things are:

Rate hike
Climate Hustle film released in January.
Other things, such as the Liberal Justin Trudeau arresting Wall street. (Benjamin Fulford)

But Liberals are nothing if not cowards, so don't expect anything their either.

If there is fallout from the rate hike it will be when some company cannot pay back its debts and goes belly up, taking the whole market with it.

Likely in the new year.

When the 'global warming' alarmists start to get damaged and stop feeding the monster with their 'soul energy'...?

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Everyone's talking about the end of the world.

Either Apocalypse or Ascension.

David Wilcock ascension.

Da'esh is talking about a 'final battle' where they defeat NATO at Dabiq (yeah, good luck with that) then they are obliterated by a demonic creature, then the 'second coming' arrives to slay that demonic creature. That all makes sense.

The hollywood religious propagandists (the religion of lies) have just released an X- men trailer naming some positive spirits as demons and really twisting the whole thing; and talking of these positive spirits creating the 'end of the world'. (Plonks).

And others are wondering just what is going on with the economy. It looks like to me that without some huge stimulation (such as another explosion), there is threat of a drop:

The US is set to rate hike on Wednesday. There are differing views on whether this will happen or not but if it does, corporate defaults could start up. Zerohedge is generally posting that something is going to happen soon. That the top has been met. The Yuan devaluation (catalyst for the late August crash) is being repeated currently.

Most importantly, WTI crude is very low:

This is what Benjamin Fulford talked about would be the catalyst for an economic crash.

The only other thing we are waiting for then is the Paris Summit. Let's see if these guys and girls can do it all nicely rather than 'apocalyptically'!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Moron Barbecue number #2 The rise of the right.

Marine Le Pen and Donald Trump:

Offending the lefties, have good points and statistics behind them.

Lefties in position of lesser power and can't enforce their ideal restrictions of free speech!

A moron barbecue moment: #1 Climate Hustle.

Global warming peeps getting roasted:

This is very exciting:

Climate Hustle: The Perfect Antidote To Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth

And, the creepy trailer (#2 is happier, I like this one):

New moon for real

New moon trine Uranus:

The Uranian energy of revolution will be easy for this period. It will flow easily.

Mars Opposite Uranus:

The anger that we probably currently see will continue, in fact the dangerous anger of war will get more intense briefly.

Saturn trine Neptune:

All things to do with karma and people getting what they deserve are in confusion at the moment (this might be expressed by the fact no one knows what is going on in the Middle East. If we knew that Da'esh was winning/ losing. Something to do with the oil trade, we might know. Low crude suggests to me that it's not going well for the 'powers-that-were'.)

Mercury in Capricorn:

Talk of things that are establishment. Not just the overall narrative but specific thought process and structure type things.

New moon Square Neptune:

Neptunian rythm will continue this whole month.

Pluto is in conflict with a lot of what's going on. (As always at the moment.)

Venus - Neptune exact trine. A lot of mystical and/ or feminine strangeness, becoming emotionally relevant (water)

New Moon square Jupiter.

Enthusiasm, partly about our future, will seem to get in the way of the joy and exploration of the moment.

(Personally, the new moon is also next to my Uranus - Moon conjunction that is responsible for a lot of this theorising, so I expect some fireworks in my own life in the 28 day cycle!)

Just looked at new moon.

For Friday the 11th.

F'all seems to be happening.

Perhaps I need the political know how to plug it all in (like 'data'. Lol).

Building on Saturn return stuff

Saturn coming within 6 degrees of my natal Saturn natal Saturn I think starts off my Saturn return.

There has not been much of a pattern, just a lot of girls around, attractive girls here/ there. The whole eighth house stuff seems on the cards. (In thoughts in a different way than normal by my perspective)

If the pattern continues for another year or two... So what? Makes little difference.

Sexuality is largely irrelevant in my life. Unless it becomes relevant. The energy may go unused. However, with the world being sorted out as I imagine in the next few months or years I imagine we will mostly be thrown into positive polarity as the negative stops becoming an option (with the negative getting 'arrested' and losing power).

The channel for the human design used to say that when things are not going correctly, he would get a Saturnian thump. I like this, karma. I do feel the drive more uncomfortably than I used to and my dreams are too fleshy recently. I feel really grounded in my dreams.

(I'm also working on the assumption that I have been thrown off my natural 'life path'. It is possible that my personality stuff is taken out because of this because I am deliberately shut down vibration wise. I expect ET contact will change this for a lot of people.)

Saturn return could be manifestation of the persons being in the 'real world' (I.e. Grounded Saturn.)

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Little bit of dream voice writing if you're feeling down

'The lack of love in the world today is sure of a big surprise' -

I.e. Lack of love 4D neg description in LoO.

Astrology note and general:

Mars Pluto today.

Mars an aggressive 'diplomacy' (Libra). Is hindering (square) the 'hidden darkness' (pluto) in the establishment (Capricorn).

The US seems and it's allies have been truly outchessed.

Today we had a flood in the Northern parts of the UK, which is the negative groups being angered at Britains bombing of their proxy army.

We had Iraq and Turkey disputes, which is really partly a dispute of their backers. Turkey is getting desperate so is moving into Iraq to secure it's oil trade and Iraq is not having it and is threatening to have it's allies bomb them out of there... Since both countries are countries with powerful allies but Iraq's are stronger, we will see where this leads.

Mars feels as though a certain government diplomacy is getting the best of the negative forces. Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage (not sure how important the latter is to mainstream political pressure) have/ are talking about allying with Assad to fight Da'esh. This seems likely to have been the plan from the start. David Cameron goes in with a hairbrained '70,000 Syrian fighters' idea, which gets the idea over the mark, and Boris comes in (possibly the next Conservative replacement) with the 'Now we're there we have to ally with Assad'... Genius to be honest.

Let’s deal with the Devil: we should work with Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad in Syria

I'm following the exploits of the Labour party still hoping for my moron barbecue but have little to contribute as of yet. In honesty I don't know if he is a good guy or a bad guy and do not want to misrepresent someone. However, I have met a definite few radicals that fit the bill of this article in my time and I am willing to indulge the idea that perhaps these people (followers) are a bit extreme and are not really useful.

Wow, on the Guardian comment pages these people just go on and on!

Jeremy Corbyn’s clueless admirers have not the faintest idea about his hard-Left beliefs

No, we know pretty much who they are. There are the old lags from the openly Trotskyist Stop the War front group, the hard‑line Leninists and the militant trade unionists who never got over the Battle of Orgreave. They have been waiting for their moment for a generation at least. Temporarily slowed down by the collapse of the Soviet bloc in the early Nineties, they are now doing revisionist history in the great tradition and proclaiming that revolutionary socialism was never to blame for the KGB or the Stasi.
I've met this 'revisionism' and the numerous nod to Mao's has been sick!

But like I said, wouldn't want to be in hoc to the establishment if the normality just looks a bit radical because everything is so strange!

Another article on these people:

Corbyn’s ‘new politics’ means the self-righteous left wallows in its cruelty

I can't verify all these cases and it is important to note that the party I support UKIP has been maligned in the past with a similarly good case in appearance. It is an interesting piece though. It depends how any 'reshuffle' Corbyn does with his cabinet goes down. That is, if it matters and is not overshadowed by more important global events.


Two degrees (days) from now. Sun trine Uranus. Should have the energy of 'revolution' on this day that is easy and non conflicting. Or the sciency revolution that is how things are working out. A kind of revolution in heaven. Also in 2-3 days there will be an aggressive feel in relation to this (Mars is also added in there.) The aggression may seem to oppose the 'revolution'. More UK Syria whining?

At the same time frustration with the media misrepresentation and probably something to do with Russia and/ or it's allies. (Chiron added into those aspects).

A long term transit bringing an amazingness and 'god' like feel to our perceptions of our collective future (Jupiter North node in a little over three months exactly but growing from now until then.)

A lot of talk about our 'institutions' and thinking about our society, in about three days onwards.

Of course the new moon on Friday and end of the Paris Summit.

A personal note. Saturn return has begun and Sun is conjunct my Saturn today. Saturn is apparently about sex for me being in the eighth house. I have been having thoughts about the precise measure of discipline needed sexually and the sexual realm is starting to close in more than it was in a real way, now that Saturn is returning to it's own place in my chart. (Within range.)

Venus just entered Scorpio... A love of darkness? Trine Neptune. Now that is just too feminine. A kind of natural love of a slight sexual darkness, but which is shrouded in a kind of fog that brings illumination and confusion at the same time, and is like working a science out spiritually. (Neptune Pisces Lol.)

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Musing on the celebrity lightning strike metaphor.

Could it be that since the airstrikes in Syria, some of the everyday people are so distressed that they are 'seeking' the truth.

Is the 'lightning strike' because people are having to see that truth?

I.e. Is there another aspect to this metaphor than bad guys getting vengeance upon them... The Church lightning could be spiritual awakening. The DOW traders not being so stupid and the Saudi thing? That does seem very 'karma'. I can't see the positive awakening there. Perhaps people becoming more aware Da'esh is not free from Western involvement.

Unlikely though in relation to the Syrian war. The anti war crew are pretty closed minded.

Friday, 4 December 2015

A basic write up of 'where we are'.

Kind of waiting for the end of the climate change Paris summit at the moment. (The worlds most powerful leaders discussions taking place over two weeks, has got to lead to something!)

I keep getting hits of people on this blog coming to read, however, my inspiration arrives in sudden flashes (Uranus retrograde moon exact conjunction bi- quintile Mercury). I have little to say at the moment.

Perhaps with all these readers I should take more responsibility with what I write! Often when I write things I do not bother to consider their ramifications if it is going to get readers in the single or low double digits!

Anyway, so Oldham West did not happen like I planned. I don't know precisely where that leaves me although these are my thoughts:

  • This 'moron barbecue' coming from the Celebrity thing. I think the metaphor was right. There could be ramifications with i) allegations of postal vote tampering and it's repercussions ii) perhaps the Corbynistas aren't really the problem. I feel like they are but perhaps that was just me around Syria Vote and frustration around trying to communicate a pro war message. To people that, like I have said before; England is very tired of war, on a psychic level.
  • The real 'celebrity' morons although could be applied to Corbynistas (not definitely with their anti capitalist message) more likely applies to those locked in orange ray and not doing much. Perhaps they're not a set enough group but there are some intelligent people and others who join because it is fashionable.
  • Anything could happen from here. As I write WTI crude, a key economic indicator, is CTD at $40.14 and has hit a $39 handle today. If it goes much below $38, it would apparently have a considerable effect on the economy. There are lots of confusing ups and downs on the stock market and other economic indicators at the moment, more than usual. Fundamentally, the refusal of the ECB to Quantitative ease or the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates is shaking the non rigged part of the market (what, about 20%?)
  • At the moment, I'm really waiting for something to fall, some chain to break. It is interesting what is going on at the moment, the chess board brings lots of potential moves and unpredictability and even opportunities for sudden checks and checkmates. 

Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Holy hell I have had a bump in readers all of a sudden.

Perhaps for my geo- synchronicity article I linked on divine cosmos comments.

And I'm building on that in this article. Not with any new information though, this is not a super article like that. More like your classic blog with a kind of diary entry format.

So, I am very uncomfortable atm. The reason why hit me a second ago. On top of my normal emotional discomfort I am, on the psychic level, flowing against the crowd so completely at the moment. I am pushing a service to self option, and can see, through the precognition that comes from the last article sort of thinking, how things are going to play out.

A basic set up of politics. English politics has two main political parties that get the largest proportion of the seats. There are 650 seats in total. So that means to get a guaranteed winning of a vote no matter what the opposition does, you will need more than half (326). This is called a 'majority government'.

The Tories have a majority government. They have 330 seats. That's a slim majority.

The three biggest seat holders at the moment are: Conservative: 330 Labour: 232 Scottish National Party: 56 (Almost every seat in Scotland, I think bar three).

The thing on the table at the moment is a vote, the Prime minister will put forward to vote on airstrikes in Syria against Islamic State (I like to call them Da'esh which is what they will be called for the rest of this article). The leader of the Labour party spent his young life as a Stop the War activist, he is very against war. His followers of which there are many, are very determined also not to go to war, they have been protesting in person and on social media (obviously). They see this as a repeat of the Iraq and Libyan war and believe the government has malevolent intent.

These people I have spoken out against before on this blog, I find close minded and irritating. However, I have already said that, I have also already said something I will re- iterate in this article.

Corbyn and his supporters are behaving like a bloc. Trying to understand it it goes like this: 'Normal' people do not like Corbyn, they are not radicals. It seems like Corbyn and a small band of radicals are insisting trying to push their perspective, it is very likely they will fail, and will do so spectacularly, and it is very likely that the problems this creates will have a reverberation for the politically aware (and perhaps some of the not-so-politically-aware) people in England.

I could be wrong on this, it could be that Corbyns supporters actually make up a larger part of the electorate than I am assuming. I find that unlikely.

At the moment there are two issues on the table. It is not likely Corbyn will win the Syrian airstrike vote and prevent the British government going to war, however, the Telegraph has been reporting today that while the Labour vote against the war was at about 60 MP's (Member of Parliament... Politicians) . These MP's have been getting 'appalling intimidation' from Corbyn supporters. Corbyn himself is forcefully attempting to bring his own MP's around to his perspective saying they will have 'nowhere to hide' if they support Syrian air strikes.

On top of that these same supporters are protesting today and many other days... Don't bomb Syria and in support of Paris Summit. They are at full intensity.

This... I predict... is going to end BADLY... Let me sketch out what is going to happen.

Vote wise it is highly unlikely that Corbyn and his band of twitter radicals will stop the airstrikes. Some of Cameron's MP's are rebelling, it could be as few as 10 or it could be a few more., here's the rough count:

Tories: Out of 330, between 10 and a few more will likely not vote for the strikes, leaving the remainder to vote for the airstrikes.
Labour: Corbyn is trying to whitter these down. Let's say it is between 30 - 60 truly brave souls support the air strikes and the rest against. (Perhaps 10, but I doubt that, some will be very angry at being bullied. Like Douglas Carswell says; did they become a politician so Diane Abbott could tell them what to think?)
Liberal Democrats: Voting for the airstrikes. 8 seats perhaps minus about 1 - 2
Democratic Unionist Party: 8 seats. Voting for again. Same as above.
Scottish Nationalist Party: Against the airstrikes. 56 seats.

There isn't much lee way here no matter how you do the maths. Say 12 votes from LD's and DUP. Will solve Tories potential problem with rebels. From there you need more Tory rebels than Labourites voting for the strikes, abstentions also could get in the way but not significantly. This is extremely generous as well to the 'don't bomb Syria' vote.

So you can see where Corbyn and his band are coming from. But it is a very long shot. More Tory rebels than Labour supporters?

I think... They will lose this, and Corbyn and his band will have put in a lot of effort to push it that will include bullying people.

What comes next is not pretty for Labour, and is from a place in the North of England.

An extreme Labour safe seat in a place called Oldham is having a by- election. This has been a Labour seat for a long time. It should be very easy for the Labour party to put up a donkey as their candidate and still win.

However, because of this unusualness. Labour... Real Labour, not the young passionate activists, but dyed in the wool 'voted-Labour-all-their-lives-types', do not like Corbyn; he is 'toxic'. Part of the reason also is that there is dissatisfaction within the Labour party, and they refuse to go to Oldham to campaign on Jeremys behalf. The Labour MP's are not happy with Corbyn.

There has already been talk of people leaving due to various different things. If Corbyn starts losing Labour MP's, that could spell trouble. If he is bullying them... That also spells trouble. With the support of 'appalling intimidation'. That is trouble; and these Labour MP's may make some sort of move to replace him. I don't know what that would be (I am not versed on that part of politics) but it could happen.

So imagine it. All the intensity of a fanatical, quasi religious group of fanatics, some of whom have been quiet most of their lives but are now joining in since a candidate 'left' enough is giving them a voice. Against a population whom doesn't like these people or their symbol. The hope will go... and then...

Well all that intensity will find an unpleasant manifestation? Either whinging or potentially violence. The country will be going to war and these type of people's hated party, that they deride as fascist and racist (UKIP) will have taken a key seat off them.

Nope, not good at all.

But that's just a story!