Wednesday, 30 December 2015

January 22nd, the real new year.

First section from my bring4th blog:

Just a quick note, I'm going to expand on this argument on my Google blog, but since it will include a lot of projection into the futures and 'maybe's' and a political angle. I will not include the whole article here.

Suffice to say that in the Human Design Chart. The new year is when the sun moves into the first hexagram, on January 22nd.

To me it has always felt that way. When I first heard this I was studying at Uni, and at University students are often given assignments to do over the holiday period, which are usually due in about a week into January and just before January 22nd.

In a lot of ways it does not FEEL like it is the end of the year at the moment in my view, this is why.


So, let's take a look at how this may reflect into political life:

  • Da'esh seems to be winding down a bit, how will this reflect after they have lost the Iraqi city of Ramaldi and the ongoing onslaught against their oil tankers. We will no doubt find out more when their
  • The Chinese are about to open their new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank that could very well be the END of America's financial empire. Benjamin Fulford is reporting that oil hedges will be expiring in January.
  • At some point, and there is a lack of information here, Marc Morano's 'Climate Hustle' will be released. I have heard early 2016 and January 2016. This is a possibility at the moment. This is one of the big things.
  • And in UK political news, each major political party has potential for arguments and disruptions: Labours upcoming re-shuffle (that will end the period when 'moderates' have control over the Labour party, it might end moderate Labour) Conservative parties fall out over the EU and whether ministers can campaign for and support Brexit, and UKIP's internal spat, always quiet but obviously always there, ready to blow anytime.

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