Sunday, 6 December 2015

Astrology note and general:

Mars Pluto today.

Mars an aggressive 'diplomacy' (Libra). Is hindering (square) the 'hidden darkness' (pluto) in the establishment (Capricorn).

The US seems and it's allies have been truly outchessed.

Today we had a flood in the Northern parts of the UK, which is the negative groups being angered at Britains bombing of their proxy army.

We had Iraq and Turkey disputes, which is really partly a dispute of their backers. Turkey is getting desperate so is moving into Iraq to secure it's oil trade and Iraq is not having it and is threatening to have it's allies bomb them out of there... Since both countries are countries with powerful allies but Iraq's are stronger, we will see where this leads.

Mars feels as though a certain government diplomacy is getting the best of the negative forces. Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage (not sure how important the latter is to mainstream political pressure) have/ are talking about allying with Assad to fight Da'esh. This seems likely to have been the plan from the start. David Cameron goes in with a hairbrained '70,000 Syrian fighters' idea, which gets the idea over the mark, and Boris comes in (possibly the next Conservative replacement) with the 'Now we're there we have to ally with Assad'... Genius to be honest.

Let’s deal with the Devil: we should work with Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad in Syria

I'm following the exploits of the Labour party still hoping for my moron barbecue but have little to contribute as of yet. In honesty I don't know if he is a good guy or a bad guy and do not want to misrepresent someone. However, I have met a definite few radicals that fit the bill of this article in my time and I am willing to indulge the idea that perhaps these people (followers) are a bit extreme and are not really useful.

Wow, on the Guardian comment pages these people just go on and on!

Jeremy Corbyn’s clueless admirers have not the faintest idea about his hard-Left beliefs

No, we know pretty much who they are. There are the old lags from the openly Trotskyist Stop the War front group, the hard‑line Leninists and the militant trade unionists who never got over the Battle of Orgreave. They have been waiting for their moment for a generation at least. Temporarily slowed down by the collapse of the Soviet bloc in the early Nineties, they are now doing revisionist history in the great tradition and proclaiming that revolutionary socialism was never to blame for the KGB or the Stasi.
I've met this 'revisionism' and the numerous nod to Mao's has been sick!

But like I said, wouldn't want to be in hoc to the establishment if the normality just looks a bit radical because everything is so strange!

Another article on these people:

Corbyn’s ‘new politics’ means the self-righteous left wallows in its cruelty

I can't verify all these cases and it is important to note that the party I support UKIP has been maligned in the past with a similarly good case in appearance. It is an interesting piece though. It depends how any 'reshuffle' Corbyn does with his cabinet goes down. That is, if it matters and is not overshadowed by more important global events.


Two degrees (days) from now. Sun trine Uranus. Should have the energy of 'revolution' on this day that is easy and non conflicting. Or the sciency revolution that is how things are working out. A kind of revolution in heaven. Also in 2-3 days there will be an aggressive feel in relation to this (Mars is also added in there.) The aggression may seem to oppose the 'revolution'. More UK Syria whining?

At the same time frustration with the media misrepresentation and probably something to do with Russia and/ or it's allies. (Chiron added into those aspects).

A long term transit bringing an amazingness and 'god' like feel to our perceptions of our collective future (Jupiter North node in a little over three months exactly but growing from now until then.)

A lot of talk about our 'institutions' and thinking about our society, in about three days onwards.

Of course the new moon on Friday and end of the Paris Summit.

A personal note. Saturn return has begun and Sun is conjunct my Saturn today. Saturn is apparently about sex for me being in the eighth house. I have been having thoughts about the precise measure of discipline needed sexually and the sexual realm is starting to close in more than it was in a real way, now that Saturn is returning to it's own place in my chart. (Within range.)

Venus just entered Scorpio... A love of darkness? Trine Neptune. Now that is just too feminine. A kind of natural love of a slight sexual darkness, but which is shrouded in a kind of fog that brings illumination and confusion at the same time, and is like working a science out spiritually. (Neptune Pisces Lol.)

Thanks for reading!

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