Tuesday, 8 December 2015

New moon for real

New moon trine Uranus:

The Uranian energy of revolution will be easy for this period. It will flow easily.

Mars Opposite Uranus:

The anger that we probably currently see will continue, in fact the dangerous anger of war will get more intense briefly.

Saturn trine Neptune:

All things to do with karma and people getting what they deserve are in confusion at the moment (this might be expressed by the fact no one knows what is going on in the Middle East. If we knew that Da'esh was winning/ losing. Something to do with the oil trade, we might know. Low crude suggests to me that it's not going well for the 'powers-that-were'.)

Mercury in Capricorn:

Talk of things that are establishment. Not just the overall narrative but specific thought process and structure type things.

New moon Square Neptune:

Neptunian rythm will continue this whole month.

Pluto is in conflict with a lot of what's going on. (As always at the moment.)

Venus - Neptune exact trine. A lot of mystical and/ or feminine strangeness, becoming emotionally relevant (water)

New Moon square Jupiter.

Enthusiasm, partly about our future, will seem to get in the way of the joy and exploration of the moment.

(Personally, the new moon is also next to my Uranus - Moon conjunction that is responsible for a lot of this theorising, so I expect some fireworks in my own life in the 28 day cycle!)

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