Thursday, 31 December 2015

The two paths of the cheating woman and the demise of the devil.

I have not had a good time with girls, I have had chiefly two experiences:

1) Girls that just don't find me to be a relevant human being. That they would talk to and interact with, but prefer to outwardly reject with sometimes the addition of flirting a little with.

Standard this one.

2) Girls that seem to like me and that I have a good connection with who then go and sleep with someone else, and punish me by calling me a 'stalker' for any affection I show them at all, in order to not have to face their own indiscretions.

Fun life!

It strikes me that girls take one of two routes after cheating:

A) They go extremely left wing: Because they have to hide their indiscretion they have to justify this to themselves and take on the extreme left wing view that they are 'lying to someone (the partner they cheated on) by saying the person need to be lied to for their own good because they are too delicate to hear the news.

They then jump at 'Green' issues because it allows them to cement in this way of thinking and justify it with standard global warming alarmism.

B) They take a harder view that their cheating was somehow justified, This then grows into finding excuses to find men that are less 'hard' in the material sense, to be unworthy in some manner.

The first behaviour I have observed for a long time, the second one I put together because of Katie Hopkins (who admits cheating) on the same day seems to think that a 49 years old Labour MP Simon Danczuk is absolutely fine to be trying to seduce a 17 year old girl. On this same day starts admonishing young people for staying at home with their parents. (Which if he was not in a position of power would not be so bad IMO. Imagine a constituent inviting him round and having to hide his daughter.)

Clear distortion to animalistic concerns here and neglect for spiritual concerns.

Not exactly about gender that last one but it seems to me in the society we live in the more artistic kind of person linked with the outer planets (and/ or, unwell) will be more likely stuck home with their parents at the moment. As society becomes more unequal it becomes more heirarchical and ejects the unusual people and values conformity. Like Katie Hopkins.

The demise of the devil:

666 seems to appear in the market (DOW) when it is clearly going to go down and shifts. Or when it is going up for no reason.

Number play today, (significant to me):

DJI: -117.11 (-0.66%)
DAX: -117.13 (-1.08%)

117 personally relevant. and 12 (but one number off again, this was a synchronicity to show something non positive and perhaps is another nod here) in between 11 and 13 personally relevant.

0.66 is one number off 666 male form of the devil. (US imperialist masculine).
1.08 is one off 1080, female form of the devil. (EU consuming mother feminine).

So, I wonder, from this funky number play, if the 'devil' is starting to lose the wheel, and if we will see less successful rigging in the markets. Good timing with Asian Bank soon to officially open.

(This post is updated and followed up on next post.)

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