Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Building on Saturn return stuff

Saturn coming within 6 degrees of my natal Saturn natal Saturn I think starts off my Saturn return.

There has not been much of a pattern, just a lot of girls around, attractive girls here/ there. The whole eighth house stuff seems on the cards. (In thoughts in a different way than normal by my perspective)

If the pattern continues for another year or two... So what? Makes little difference.

Sexuality is largely irrelevant in my life. Unless it becomes relevant. The energy may go unused. However, with the world being sorted out as I imagine in the next few months or years I imagine we will mostly be thrown into positive polarity as the negative stops becoming an option (with the negative getting 'arrested' and losing power).

The channel for the human design used to say that when things are not going correctly, he would get a Saturnian thump. I like this, karma. I do feel the drive more uncomfortably than I used to and my dreams are too fleshy recently. I feel really grounded in my dreams.

(I'm also working on the assumption that I have been thrown off my natural 'life path'. It is possible that my personality stuff is taken out because of this because I am deliberately shut down vibration wise. I expect ET contact will change this for a lot of people.)

Saturn return could be manifestation of the persons being in the 'real world' (I.e. Grounded Saturn.)

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