Saturday, 19 December 2015


This is the best time a crash could happen for me:

A) My sister is in Switzerland where her and her mother will be looked after, and even though my sisters mother is a very capable person, at other times she has melted down into a neurotic mess (before my alcoholic father died), so it is just a little bit of a worry for me. But in Switzerland they will be OK I think!

B) A close friend of mine is going up North for Christmas, whom once made jokes 'I'll just steal Joe's food if things get bad'. I would kill him if he tried (I think). However, him being 'not around' is even better. More of a danger however is 'guilt tripping' me into using my 'prep' for his whole family.

Yep a mean post but nonetheless, this is how I feel,

I have little problem if this crash takes a few casualties. Not because I desire peoples pain but that if it is a necessary loss, it is an acceptable loss, because the 'cabal' will keep killing if they are not taken down. (And I have warned everyone close to me, if they get into trouble, they were warned! What more can you do?)

Even though I still doubt there will be a big crash soon, here is an interesting youtube video:

It is worth remembering here that David Wilcock put out this article tallking about 'spritual protection' that basically said everyone would be alright in the instance of a crash, i.e. the army would have supplies ready and would help people!

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