Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas update.

Whoa... AGAIN my views have shot up quite significantly, and I have no idea why.

Possibly because I said something about Hillary and the Rothschilds on Donald Trumps twitter and some people followed me though, or perhaps a late response to my post on David Wilcocks page.


The interesting parts of last year that will feed through to this year:

1) The EU is a MESS. The refugee crisis, the debt including Greece and many other Eurozone and European countries. It's all leading to an inevitable dissolution. At the moment, there is problems in Spain after an election has seen an insurgent party, one that is not one of the two mainstream left or right parties, gain power. This has lead to real problems in forming a government that might be 'indefinite'.

This will inevitably lead to problems somewhere down the line for the EU. For instance, when it comes to another bailout for Greece or a debt payment, there may be trouble. The interesting thing is that Spain has learned from Greece, so it doesn't matter what the tyrannical group of banks does, there are simply more people to potentially oppose it than support it with a population on earth that is more service to others than service to self.

Not only this but a refugee crisis that has sprawled out of all control and lead to some governments closing their borders in contravention to EU law. If this leads to the end of the Shenghen zone it will only hasten the EU's demise.

There is also Portugal that has formed a government that may create some fuss with the EU as well (previously covered)
2) Related but not the same, the market crash is getting really close.

The Santa rally is a time tested tradition that encourages regular citizens ('investors') to buy presents and holidays while a lot of the important equities that would slow the index down are closed.

Two VERY important things in this regard.

One is that stock buybacks are in trouble, since bond funds (bonds are debt that is repackaged and sold off!) are going bankrupt and insolvent. This is the first step to real stock crash because as explained before, without the ability to get loans corporations cannot buy back their own stock, if they cannot do that then it will crater.

Another thing is that one of the primary rigging mechanisms seems as though it will soon not be able to be used. USDJPY!

Also, it really seems as though whomever Benjamin Fulford is involved with are the ones controlling this. The Chinese Yuan devaluation stopped for the Santa rally, and who really knows what those folks are up to? But they could devalue again and threaten the markets. Also, the stock rose perfectly (until the end) with WTI crude, which as Benjamin Fulford has detailed, is a big part of the crash (and will go down again?). From ZH:

3) Small things in politics:

Exciting because the US presidential candidacy has two potentially non cabal presidents (Donald Trump foremost and Bernie Sanders, although as detailed the democrat nomination may be rigged against Bernie)

In the UK, politics could get interesting since Jeremy Corbyn, the opposition leader, may be purging his cabinet of a lot of members whom don't think like him. I am split on this, Labour has had a problem that it is fundamentally a Rothschild influenced party, however, it could be that even if Jeremy Corbyn is not 'cabal', he may take on a somewhat radical direction. This is not a problem though really, since I am not Labour. It is INTERESTING though.

The good thing with Jeremy Corbyn heading the Labour party is that he essentially stops anyone worse taking over. We'll see. I tend to think he's a good person myself whom does not have as many radical beliefs as a lot of people would say and has the patience to deal with his supporters who believe in things like anthropogenic global warming. (While his brother, Piers Corbyn is very much against that perception, so I tend to think Jeremy is aware it is a fraud as well). Jeremy also recently went to visit the left wing and anti EU party in Portugal, indicating he is still against the EU in his heart!

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