Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Dreams, possible hints on moron barbie, and bad potential news.

I wondered, from dreams, whether part of what will happen after this 'moron barbecue' is that extraordinary people will take the place of celebrities, rather than ordinary people.

... and this is why subconsciously a lot of the population don't want anything to do with any 'golden race' and prefer the status quo.

A world where half of TV is a wisdom teachings special is not one that a lot of these people would like to experience, they don't want to have to think about things and they probably imagine that they would feel diminished under these circumstances.

The dream that made me think of this was gnomes going up a stairway from an ice circle with a 'Jonathan Ross' feel to it. Gnomes seemed a little like dwarves from 'Lord of the Rings'; whom seem very third density to me!

... I'm sure this all being an experiment in which data is collected, that that sort of data is very useful and has been factored in for future mixed harvests.

Second, it seems to me the groundwork is laid for a new years attack by quote unquote 'Da'esh'. With Brussels (the EU) refusing to do fireworks and Turkey (America) stopping a planned New Year attack, it seems to me like these powers are metaphorically signalling that this is what their plan is.

It's not something I want to be right about, but like a lot of these things it's just about puzzle pieces

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