Saturday, 26 December 2015

Star Wars IV, A new hope.

Which is what we have, a new hope.

This isn't about Star Wars, I'm just writing and liked that as a title.

But what we are going through on this little planet of ours is a kind of 'Star War'. It is Extra Terrestrial entities that interact with us on both sides.

And even though I had a whole idea of how a Star Wars sequel could go since the current one, 'The Force Awakens' is apparently not very good. I don't really want to get that involved with thoughts of the 'Dark Side'.

However, there is a new hope, and it is because of this:

China Establishes Rival to World Bank:

Could this be the beginning of the end?

Looking back on it now, there are a lot of times when I've been sure things are going to change, and been unrealistic in general in this regard.

I liken this to the recent Uranus retrograde, Uranus is about all these kinds of ideas, when the planet enters its 'shadow zone' (the area it will later retrograde over) we show the bad side of that transit, when it goes retrograde we experience the bad side often without so much the good, there is emphasis on the 'distortion', then it goes forward again with our renewed understanding.

So as it went forward and almost just before the election, Uranus has entered my first house and I've been more involved in this kind of thing. As it went forward I have had ideas that sudden moves in the stock market or British politics were the solution. I.e. that Jeremy Corbyn was ultra significant. But it seems to me now that he is a good guy, but he could still not be the 'answer'. That the stocks can show distress without it being a big crash that will end the world (like I thought on the Monday of the 'options expiry'.

However, there are answers, and the stocks could crash (and suddenly) but I have to be realistic. I have been waiting for the 'arrest of the Illuminati' since David Wilcock talked about it in 2011! It is good to not think of it like that. There is not much to replace it since I have a kind of 'metaphysical' discomfort on top of everyday stresses that is, like I said, a discomfort. Also, I would like to have more connection with others whose actions will very likely someday effect me and I do not.

However, still, even with my own problems. Perhaps thinking of the whole thing like little pieces of a puzzle is more useful than a mega solution being available.

So, one piece, a little significant but not much, the new Star Wars film is obviously a dodgy agenda, and all the fans whom enjoy Star Wars and the soul of the original show might have a backlash against the corporate clones for making this film. It is possible.

It strikes me how the manipulators have got into the film industry through 'reviews'. Since the Ethan Hawke film (mega occult expose) 'Regression' was not shown in UK cinemas, due to bad reviews.

It was an Ethan Hawke and Emma Graham film, it would have pulled in the dosh even if it had been terrible.

The new year will bring great things audience... Hold on!

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