Sunday, 20 December 2015


In response (again) to social media, I have been thinking of Scotland.

If I were to run England these would be my thoughts:

  • As far as I can tell Scotland has no economic resources at all. The oil has run out, the steel works and others are bankrupt, they are not a 'financial centre' anymore, they don't have much arable land for crops and little for livestock.
  • They do however have potential for some 'free energy' technologies, however, these have not been completely developed.
  • There is no point in having a second referendum if the first one was clearly rigged. See here for a full explanation and here for a briefer one.
  • From that perspective you kind of have to let them go. Otherwise you are holding a government captive fraudulently (Yep, when has that ever mattered right? ... but it matters to me!)
There is no more complex situation than this. Anyone who ignores the fact of the rigging and campaigns for a new vote is clearly quite delusional, especially if they know it was rigged. 

Over hopeful and naive.

However, if I was separating from them as a country I would do one of two things: Support as much industry as possible, since you do not want them to be dependent on you and you don't want a lot of migration from Scotland. Plus you might have a good trading partner for whatever they produce (I do think a little like Trump don't I!)

If they are difficult and make bad financial choices, one of the worst they could possibly make in my opinion and have made statements to this effect is that they don't want Trumps investment. Trump is a big boy and I suspect will forgive the slight, but it does not look good for the SNP's leadership unless there is some backchannel under which it was made to be OK!

Anyway, if they are too difficult build a wall! Or if it is possible allow the migration if it doesn't adversely effect your own country too much, but then you risk them making England out to be the bad guy while continuing to follow bad financial policies, so one or the other depending on circumstance.

My plans for England would be along the same lines as those of UKIP, since I support UKIP because it lines up with my beliefs:

  1. Remove all global warming legislation (£18 Billion)
  2. Control over migration (so you have control over the amount of workers you have etc.)
  3. Leave the EU, make our own laws own trade deals.
  4. EU tax laws and our own laws and whatever it is we are doing to stop small business.
  5. Control over our waters for fishing... The list goes on.
Importantly, not getting involved in foreign arguments that don't concern us i.e. We don't need to sanction Russia, we can trade with China etc.

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