Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Rate hike tomorrow! (*Snore*)

The market has become practiced at 'bad news is good news'.

Over the past few months abysmal and obviously false economic data has been released and the market has rallied every time (even when the reasons for this are opposing each other).

So, the next few things are:

Rate hike
Climate Hustle film released in January.
Other things, such as the Liberal Justin Trudeau arresting Wall street. (Benjamin Fulford)

But Liberals are nothing if not cowards, so don't expect anything their either.

If there is fallout from the rate hike it will be when some company cannot pay back its debts and goes belly up, taking the whole market with it.

Likely in the new year.

When the 'global warming' alarmists start to get damaged and stop feeding the monster with their 'soul energy'...?

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