Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Economist 2016 cover:

So, first thing out the gate, significantly important, from this video:

The inside cover of the economist, not the main cover, shows many different booths, with England with an arrow in it, the English flag to be precise.

The booth has an 'electoral' kind of feel to it.

This means, to my mind: A SIGNIFICANT TERRORIST ATTACK ON THE UK to offset the EU referendum. I wondered why they were doing so little against that.

Possibly with Extra Terrestrial links: Because an arrow could be 'Sagittarius' i.e. 'Orion'. Where the negative ET's hail from. 'Independence Day' is also out at the moment as well.

Other symbology:

There is a map of the world population behind Greenspan behind his checkout. ('Checkout'). This could mean that the negative groups are planning to use the financial crash for depopulation.

The reference to Marx in the top right and red flagged protesters could also mean using those whom are on the left for the negative elites goals. The left seems more like how they want to achieve them. As SGT report said, the American flag butchered with the green agenda and LGTB rainbow shows this in more detail.

The phone next to the Da'esh leader in the very centre could be an internet attack.

Nothing else sticks out. Or it does but not so much as to give an actual 'brainwave'.

Notice the little pink 'brain' in a jar next on the right of the business man false UFO below Merkel!

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