Friday, 4 December 2015

A basic write up of 'where we are'.

Kind of waiting for the end of the climate change Paris summit at the moment. (The worlds most powerful leaders discussions taking place over two weeks, has got to lead to something!)

I keep getting hits of people on this blog coming to read, however, my inspiration arrives in sudden flashes (Uranus retrograde moon exact conjunction bi- quintile Mercury). I have little to say at the moment.

Perhaps with all these readers I should take more responsibility with what I write! Often when I write things I do not bother to consider their ramifications if it is going to get readers in the single or low double digits!

Anyway, so Oldham West did not happen like I planned. I don't know precisely where that leaves me although these are my thoughts:

  • This 'moron barbecue' coming from the Celebrity thing. I think the metaphor was right. There could be ramifications with i) allegations of postal vote tampering and it's repercussions ii) perhaps the Corbynistas aren't really the problem. I feel like they are but perhaps that was just me around Syria Vote and frustration around trying to communicate a pro war message. To people that, like I have said before; England is very tired of war, on a psychic level.
  • The real 'celebrity' morons although could be applied to Corbynistas (not definitely with their anti capitalist message) more likely applies to those locked in orange ray and not doing much. Perhaps they're not a set enough group but there are some intelligent people and others who join because it is fashionable.
  • Anything could happen from here. As I write WTI crude, a key economic indicator, is CTD at $40.14 and has hit a $39 handle today. If it goes much below $38, it would apparently have a considerable effect on the economy. There are lots of confusing ups and downs on the stock market and other economic indicators at the moment, more than usual. Fundamentally, the refusal of the ECB to Quantitative ease or the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates is shaking the non rigged part of the market (what, about 20%?)
  • At the moment, I'm really waiting for something to fall, some chain to break. It is interesting what is going on at the moment, the chess board brings lots of potential moves and unpredictability and even opportunities for sudden checks and checkmates. 

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