Wednesday, 30 December 2015


I have talked before in the post preceding the last one about how I believe this flood is HAARP induced.

I wondered, if specifically, the fact that @twcuddleston got flooded is less than a coincidence.

During the election, the girl under the twitter address @twcuddleston (Abby Tomlinson) started a group called the 'milifans' the supported Ed Miliband. These were young and mostly female activists that didn't like the way the Labour leader at the time (British Mainstream Left) were treating Ed Miliband.

David Cameron was not happy:

In the most recent floods @twcuddleston's house was flooded.

... and to me, that's just another of those unpleasant, and creepy coincidences around this area, and reminds me of when the Conservative government passed cruel acts to do with animal rearing, suspected by the animal rights activists as revenge for 'fox hunting' being made illegal due to activism.

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