Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The movement of U-ran-us.

Building on the trends that I mentioned in this article, 'The next big astrological event':

Uranus has gone direct... So what is the damage.

Well, the Iraqi army has taken back a key city in the fight against Da'esh, this fits.

Even though the story with global stocks seems somewhat quiet, another trader of bonds is going insolvent soon, while the Yuan continues to devalue

... and who could forget, as already mentioned the Chinese have announced their new bank is opening on the opening square of the next new moon (Jan. 16-18, this is very significant, it could lead the way to the US bankruptcy, since such a crash now would not cause quite so much chaos with an alternative world financial system available.)

However, the astrology is as follows: Uranus has just gone direct, meaning it will have more 'momentum' in everyday events, and Pluto is squaring it, it is a separating square but still a square to within 2 degrees. The Sun is also approaching this aspect

This means that over the next few days until the sixth of January, the sun will shine more and more light on this area. We will see both into the depth of nothingness lying behind the establishment and where the Uranian revolution is effecting this.

What happened in England is that it erupted in flooding.

To people whom follow this blog, I'm going to just jump straight into the conspiracy side of things and posit. This could either be the 'good guys' or the 'bad guys'. If it is the bad guys it is true to form, weather modification technology but why? Perhaps because of the war against the bankers proxy in Middle East. This is the most likely explanation and not much more really needs to be said about it!

Could this planet and themes reflect into British politics? All of the main parties (Conservatives, Labour and UKIP) have the opportunity for historic inner party disputes. Re- shuffle of Corbyns cabinet plus arguments over the EU, (especially if David Cameron refuses to let his party members campaign and vote against the EU!)

Also, the floods are set to continue with another storm on its way today. There could be political and financial fall out from these events.

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