Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Stuff, UKIP and Secret Space Program!

With health problems and two 'upset's' last night. I'm running on empty a bit.

For me, I was following a plan that seemed guided, seemed like everything was working out. Then, some people came along saying 'I'm part of your life path' and then, via their own decision, just started hacking away at that for what seemed like their own sadistic pleasure.

Had I been able to continue the path I believe I would have been on via my highest self I would likely have been able to bring in a lot of money via doing music. Without that, my life is off the tracks a bit and money seems to be leaving like some form of blood letting.

But I am not alone. Recently I talked to someone whose life went south after the economic crash and that seems to be the case almost everywhere. As a whole interlinked community everything is going wrong, and everything is linked. Positive polarity has become more difficult.

But at some point that will reverse and as an interlinked system we will move quickly back towards positive polarity.

Arron Banks... Get in there!

Westmonster: Arron Banks open letter to Paul Nuttall: “UKIP at a crossroads”
Open letter to the UKIP Leader.

It is not clear that Theresa May will follow through on Brexit fully, although so far she has done well. I do not trust the Tory government to get on with it and I want at least one of our people in government:
The letter sets out how Banks would bring in a CEO from industry to put in place:
A total rebrand of the image of the party.
An initial target of attaining 100,000 members within 18 months.
A professional team at the heart of the party including 15 trained professional agents to work on campaign strategy for our target seats in 2020.
Creating a policy agenda that is radical with direct input from the public using online Direct Democracy.
Engaging Nigel once again in UKIP – he is our biggest asset and needs to become energised with the party once again and work with you to deliver UKIP MPs.
We pioneered AI technology for the first time in a UK election using similar techniques that helped Donald Trump storm to victory... (Me: WTF?) 

The Leave.EU CEO visited the Five Star Movement in Italy last summer to gain a greater understanding of the technology behind the movement and we have been busy replicating their website and the Direct Democracy element of their campaign as well as exploring AI technology in greater detail.

The movement will be open for anyone to join – I urge you to sign up!
My emphasis.

I like the way this has turned out. That Paul, who was coronated on the basis of a 'unity' party (might as well say 'tolerance'), is now put in a position where if he does nothing there will be consequences. He has basically tried to make a political platform out of weakness and now it is time to take charge or be destroyed. Perhaps this mechanism will continue with many others in political life!

Direct Democracy is very exciting. I can imagine voting and then if I lost still wanting to support the party even if it had some things I disagreed with. Because I had a say and I believe in democracy! (Although I am not sure it is perfect in all instances).

Wilcock perspective:

While it is not just Wilcock, it is Fulford, Corey and many others. It's a good label because still, the world 'down here' does not seem to relate to the Wilcock world 'up there'. They seem like completely separate zones to the extent it is becoming difficult for me to follow Wilcocks work without any real life confirmation.

However, in his last Gaia episode with Corey, Corey said something fantastic... That the positive ET's and positive side of the space program wants FULL DISCLOSURE. This is very good and following from my prediction here:
When looked at in this way. There are so many things that become clear. The Chinese will never gain control over the global monetary system. The welfare state in America will be drastically repealed. UK politics is a complete fog I have no idea. It is likely there will be a strong pushback on Islam regardless of what happens with Wilders and Le Pen. The witches will personally suffer. Continual efforts by both sides, good and bad, to create any sort of government driven utopia will not happen, although they will repeatedly seem like they are going to, and before Daddy government comes along and fixes all our problems by arresting the kiddie fiddlers, the free market will step forward and start to work it's magic.
It feels strange to quote myself!

It seems obvious to me that if we are going for long term improvement, there is going to be quite a bit of shuffling of power before we get the 'upgrade' of some sort of disclosure. While we are in this place dealing with very base, powerful forces, many people have had to break cover. David Davis that I recently talked about. Google has had to break cover. While these things happen and trade changes (money is the movement of power) positive people are being empowered and negative people are falling. When we do get the upgrade these power positions will stay roughly similar and positive people will give us full disclosure. Whereas negative people will try and keep it down to partial disclosure.

If, like I said before, partial is even possible? 

Monday, 27 February 2017

Hello darkness my old friend.

Just after I register a really good post I come with a bit of a downer.

I have 'released my lower energy' again. By mistake. Although I do not think it will have a negative effect because a big part of the reason is that my health was low and I fell into quite a level of despair.

Things will be OK again soon including the fact that I am about to try a new sleeping herbal medicine but for the moment I feel a bit weird. It strikes me that the thing I could have used to get me through all this was energy work. A bit of Qi gong.

Back to practice as it previously was.

March 15 Megaday! Right wing free market and disability

Sky News: Could Geert Wilders help the Dutch provide the next election shock?
The Dutch vote in a General Election on 15 March and the alt-right Freedom Party is currently the most popular party.
Telegraph: Theresa May poised to announce end of free movement for new EU migrants next month
The announcement means that the "cut-off date" for EU migrants is likely to be around March 15, once the Government's Article 50 bill has gone through Parliament.
Zerohedge: Stockman: "After March 15 Everything Will Grind To A Halt"
“I think what people are missing is this date, March 15th 2017. That’s the day that this debt ceiling holiday that Obama and Boehner put together right before the last election in October of 2015. That holiday expires. The debt ceiling will freeze in at $20 trillion. It will then be law. It will be a hard stop. The Treasury will have roughly $200 billion in cash. We are burning cash at a $75 billion a month rate. By summer, they will be out of cash.
Since I wrote that last blog I saw both these articles. They were always there but only now that we are in this new moon cycle does it suddenly become relevant!

March 15? Is there some metaphysical significance to that date? Is it a solstice or something? What's the deal? Nothing notable astrologically that day, I might even say it seems rather quiet! Aside from the by- election in Manchester that will come at some point I can't think of any relevant political news than these three events, and these are all big global events that have massive remifications. Unlike the Manchester by- election.

Just one of those things I suppose!

March 18th is three weeks on a Saturday!

UK politics:

The Sun: benefits cut PM’s policy guru expresses ‘regret’ after saying that anxiety sufferers should have their disability benefits ‘SLASHED,’ in move that ‘could save £3.7billion’

This is the reason people shy away from the right. I argued a little while on twitter with some people that were reasonable, but some that just wanted to assume the worst of everyone. Some of the relevancy here is I believe shown in the article:
He said: “Having experienced myself traumatic anxiety as a child carer living w alcohol I know all too well the pain anxiety and depression causes.
This from the minister that had brought up the idea to cut disability "benefit" as the Cameron government labelled it but can more accurately be described as "welfare".

It is likely that many of these anxiety sufferers are suffering from genuine problems such as overwork (or the one referenced by this minister), medical conditions that are causing a problem to them, such as food intolerances and problems that can't properly be diagnosed.

In my last post I referenced the welfare state but did so intelligently by clearly labelling how to create prosperity. By removing taxes/ tarriffs/ regulation designed to destroy business and alleviate competition of the corporates; and allowing businesses to thrive so there would be jobs to go to and peoples families would have more wealth and be able to deal with them. (Additionally reducing strain by reducing immigration would help.)

To remove the welfare system before that is put in place, and while immigration is keeping many people out of jobs, is just ridiculous and cruel. That should be clear but for some reason it is not for some people. It is clearly what a certain section of the right wing believe.

These people I always found exasperating when I was trying very hard to find work. They were the ones attracted by the Cameron government.

I also want to say, in my libertarian free market outlook that I have outlined would there be any need for tax?

I am not sure, I do not believe it is needed to build roads, business can do that. I cannot think of many government functions that cannot be privatised including, perhaps especially, police. No policeman is going to arrest the father of a 14 year old girl being raped and return her to the rapists if the community is paying his wages. What if community actually controls the courts via common law?

But disability? Border control? Army?

Perhaps. There are many people that need huge amounts of money for medication to survive. HIV, Diabetic Insulin, I think Luekemia, to name a few.

Of course when the whole Satanic system falls such things will be easily curable. But we are not there yet. I do not have the answers here but in China, no one avoids taxes because they are set at something like 7% and it is more effort to avoid them than to pay them... This seems ironic since China is totalitarian Communist.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

The problem with socialist thinking.

Very often when I am talking to people that are either strongly left, or some who casually lean left but because they have not thought it through (in my opinion). I am at a loss to explain exactly what the immediate psychological process that leads to the problems socialism and communism create.

But I think I have had an insight in explaining this:

Those on the hard or soft left seem to believe that the reason there are so many problems is because the people in charge are simply not very nice people and if they install someone who 'cares about the people' then things will be better.

They have believed this before every coup in history that has inevitably lead to poverty, death, suppression of free speech, torture of political dissenters and genocide.

To illustrate this, why are we having problems today with bad housing, low wages, bad NHS care, the stripping of the welfare state for the disabled and in positions where there is no employment to escape from it:

So where is our money going to? Some of the answer is in this article. The relevant part is in the additional part not in the title, because it is split into two separate articles:

Daily Mail: The death of Ukip and the birth of a new political era ... Subtitle: Royal Bank of Scotland has become a scandal. It’s time to shut it down
This winter there is a crisis in the Health Service. Elderly people are dying for lack of decent care because the Government cannot afford it. The unemployed are having their welfare payments slashed and our military capacity has been slashed to the bone again and again. Yet the taxpayer continues to pour unimaginable sums into the RBS black hole.
This is from a self avowed Conservative, who budges not one inch in his political views.

So, lets think of the left wing model. Taxpayers give huge (have stolen from them at gunpoint) sums of money to the government who then redistributes it 'according to the greatest need'. Obviously there are problems with demotivation here that are not going to be addressed, since they are addressed many places anyway.

But... Who gave permission for the government to steal take money that we have been told is taken to go to the NHS, and instead put it into a failed institution? Who gave permission to the government for many things... Immigration where we are taxed to pay for the health of random Africans and other citizens coming into our country?... Refugees that are causing chaos and mass rape in Sweden? Global warming taxes?

The people did not give permission for our politicians to do that. But yet they do. The left thinks they can elect someone with a different mindset, (although often wanting to keep policies such as global warming taxes and immigration because they have no respect for the laws of economics). But if there is a new leader elected under this system there will always be a pet project some government employee. Because people are emotional and fallible.
For instance, say you were the person in a position of administering justice, and a family member you deeply loved had done something bad. Most people would try and get this person off.. It is human nature. There is an irrational part of us all. As is the desire to punish. Under Huge Chavez, prisoners will thrown into jail in rat infested 3 foot rooms. Female suicide was the highest in the world. A judicial system controlled by more people instead of few will not have those same mechanisms.

The pay off for many bureaucrats in agreeing to spend other peoples money is to get the feeling of being a good person. 'Virtue signalling'. Laws to do with 'refugees' were passed with qualified majority vote. Which means that the larger countries dominate the small. Plus the vote was never published. There is no way to guard against the results of the vote being misrepresented.

This is where the problem is. The right wing free market philosophies devolve power in the form of wealth to the people. When pensions were first created it was working class communities getting together and doing it themselves. There was a massive outcry as the politicians loudly stated that pensions should not be controlled by the dullards, and they nationalised them. Only to take money from the pension pot when the government wanted it.

This is also now used for social control. Man people in teaching and the NHS don't branch out because of their pension, and think of it everyday.

If there was little tax and health, education etc. were all privatised. The government would have no ability to take money and follow its nefarious agenda. The difference here is that where there is corruption, they free market will handle it by that business failing. Like the banks would be able to in a free market. The left wing seems to think there is some magical potion, perhaps the right "saviour" who will end all corruption. The right believes in a system whereby corruption, that is inevitable, is weeded out by natural laws.
Plus, as regards to welfare, if people have money there is more innovation, and the persons own family is able to pay for things more. That is the difference between government and citizens having money. With the government you fill in a form. But the community will be able to distinguish between those who genuinely need help like Mr Clapson up there. Or those who are parasites like a friend of mine who once told me that I was not finding a job because I was like a "fat person who can't stop eating food". 

All my friends/ acquaintances (who work) now think badly of this person since he does not work. He is a layabout.

UKIP, and Trump witchcraft doo dab.

UKIP movements:

I must admit I'm still a bit wounded from the whole UKIP losing thing.

Not to worry though:

Daily Mail: Nigel and I are fed up with Ukip, says major Ukip donor Aaron Banks as he threatens to pull funding unless he is made chairman so he can 'purge' members and stop the party being 'run like a jumble sale'

Express: 'MR NOBODY' Douglas Carswell SLAMMED by his OWN PARTY amid growing calls to LEAVE Ukip

Now these people are all saying that Paul Nuttall is a good chap who has been lead astray by Carswell and co. I don't agree. Nuttall knew that he was being coronated in the leadership election and yet he said nothing.

These movers and shakers know that though, and I think what Banks is doing is that he expects Nuttall to refuse his offer, but the membership and his future critics will know that he did everything he could to reform the party before moving on.

Witches against Trump: 

These fruitcakes:

Stillness in the Storm: Witches Worldwide Target Trump in Mass Occult Ritual
Binding spells, or defixiones, are some of the oldest in the historical record, and are nearly universal in the world’s magical systems. In this document, binding, which seeks to restrain someone from doing harm, is differentiated from cursing or hexing, which is meant to inflict harm on the target(s). It is understood, in this context, that binding does not generate the potential negative blowback from cursing/hexing/crossing, nor does it harm the caster’s karma
My emphasis!

OK, well let's have a look at this shall we:
  • Unflattering photo of Trump (small); see below for one you can print
  • Tower tarot card (from any deck)

Grounding and Disposal

Afterward, ground yourself by having a good, hearty laugh, jumping up and down, clapping your hands, stomping your feet, and having a bite to eat. Grounding is very important—don’t neglect it. And remember—he hates people laughing at him.
 The Use-His-Pet-Phrase-Against-Him Variant: In place of “So mote it be,” instead say, “You’re fired!” with increasing vehemence. This should be particularly beautiful as the flames consume his image.
Do these things sound positive to you? Or in any way 'defensive'? Does it feel positive or defensive?

The Tarot is an archetypal system which means, we all pass through experiences roughly guided by an archetype. We also do as a society. Immediately preceeding the Tower is the Devil. The Devil is when we have gained in spiritual strength but not yet able to use it. So the environment challenges us to a level we are not yet able.

Then eventually, we have the tower, that was originally a single bolt of lightning. Later it was added to as all the tarot were.

The lightning represents spiritual insight. It is the arriving at a sudden conclusion in the midst of the darkness of oppression. (Whether that be outer or inner). Perhaps it might be compared to the moment an addict makes the choice to stop his addiction.

(On night before Britains EU referendum!)

But, I have referenced here how lightning is being used prophetically in relation to this archetype.

What I think this ritual does is attempts to push the 'tower' onto Trump in the inaccurate way it is depicted.  However, when Christian group and others respond, even just the American people sending love to Trump and his agenda, the energy will bounce back.

It will allow, via free will, these women have opened the door to this kind of insight upsetting their balance. This might come in the form of a market crash, a sudden change in the welfare state, the disintegration of feminism or some other thing. Whether it could simply be enough for Trump to continue and them seeing their ideas are ridiculous is possible, but to my mind doubtful. It will likely arrive in a physical form that is on top of what would happen anyway.

Also, they are stating they will continue the ritual until Donald Trump is out of office, they are expecting to gain polarity from that and if they do not they will lose polarity. Again I don't know what form this will take. But it seems likely to me that their magickal work will take some physical form but will likely be unable to properly manifest. Due to lack of proper focusing of intent.

Feminism and globalism:

I think this article shows how feminism supports globalism:

Independent: Tory MP tries and fails to block anti-domestic violence bill with 91-minute speech

The Independent knows full well that most people only read the headline, but here's the crux:
“It seems to me that the last thing we need here is another group from a super-national body set up to make it look like they are doing something on issues but just becomes a talking shop when actually its not the implementation of the Istanbul Convention that will actually make any real difference to levels of violence generally, and certainly to levels of violence against women,” he said
Just another (successful) attempt to grab power by the globalists!

Result of witchcraft ritual:

To use a metaphor, if I was going to work in a hospital to heal the sick I would expect a different crowd to support me than if I went out to rob someplace. My friendships or lack thereof would change because of these endeavors.

Same thing with entities. To demonstrate how a small intent can change everything. I recently read a post from 'Humans of New York', about a guy who was doing very well at gambling, he felt like he was psychic but then later, he just felt something was wrong and then he lost his wife and children and his wife was destroyed.

Another one I heard was someone who did a love spell on an ex and then their lives went into chaos. This is because the intention is not positive, so it allows a negative entity into their lives and things go wrong.

I wonder if a similar thing will happen with these women. Who is it that opposes Trump? People that sacrifice babies to Moloch. To cast spells against him is to claim help from negative entities that share those same goals.

Perhaps this is why as this was going on I woke up and felt a strong need to send love to 'beautiful girls'.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Vision of the future.

A bit of a strange one here but my background for this information is the new age!

A few hours ago I saw a tweet that talked about a global meditation that was happening RIGHT NOW for mass arrests of paedophiles in the elite DC club!

I started to focus, visualise and send energy to it and something got in the way; my higher self. I do not believe that this is the way things are going to turn out. Because, I believe positive forces are manipulating things.

During the America election I knew how things would go down. That Hillary would get Bernie, that it would be Hillary vs Trump and Trump would win.

Because it is a simple thing when looked at in accord with metaphysics. There needs to be two choices. Positively polarised and negatively polarised; and the unpolarised choice needs to be closed up as we continue creating the delineation between positive and negative.

Bernie was unpolarised. Once you had just those two Trump has to win, because otherwise we would be beginning a nuclear holocaust and positively polarised higher entities cannot allow that.

Unfortunately, I thought that would continue but with Nuttall I got that wrong because I had not been hard enough on him and had confidence in my perceptions. He was the negatively polarised choice, in the UKIP leadership election, out of him and John Reese Evans. Even though UKIP was the positively polarised of the two available choices in my view. Nuttall was not able to carry the energy.

The point I'm trying to make here is that these invisible rules coupled with intuition are how I am making these predictions and all through the beginning of the political campaign there were rumours coming from people like Benjamin Fulford that Hillary was going to jail and the election would not happen. Something else I knew would not happen.

When looked at in this way. There are so many things that become clear. The Chinese will never gain control over the global monetary system. The welfare state in America will be drastically repealed. UK politics is a complete fog I have no idea. It is likely there will be a strong pushback on Islam regardless of what happens with Wilders and Le Pen. The witches will personally suffer. Continual efforts by both sides, good and bad, to create any sort of government driven utopia will not happen, although they will repeatedly seem like they are going to, and before Daddy government comes along and fixes all our problems by arresting the kiddie fiddlers, the free market will step forward and start to work it's magic.

Corporate war. That's where we are going next.

And these might all be wrong. But after my brushes with a kind of higher energy I feel is intensely apparent at the moment. I thought I'd just lay it out as I perceive it to be.

As a metaphor, I imagine us going into a world where both sides grow stronger, or seem to. Where there is increased nanotechnology and robotics, and increased telepathy and human psychic power.

But you can chalk that one up to a childishly- eager imagination!

Nothings happening!

End of  the moon cycle. Not much going on.

Some fruitcakes are trying to 'magick' Donald Trump out of office.

Stocks are reaching daily all new super great highs!

English politics is firmly stuck in no change mode.

Dutch election sneaks forward. Article 50 deadline sneaks forward.

I expect to see some new movement around March 1st when the moon crosses the Mars- Uranus conjunction.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Nothing changes in British politics. Defence of Milo.

Stoke by election:

So, nothing then. Nothing changes.

Perhaps this is what is meant by a 'holding pattern' as David Wilcock has mentioned.

Labour won Stoke, with 7,000 Labour and about 5,000 to UKIP and 5,000 to Tories. So a clear split. In Copeland the UKIP vote was non existent and Conservative's won that area.

It is highly likely 'kippers tactically voted Tories in Copeland, but Conservatives are not cut from the same cloth. They would not likely tactically vote UKIP in Stoke, and I think the Conservative leadership would prefer a Labour win to a UKIP one.


I have had a dream this morning. At the end it included a Chinese woman (Interpretation: Cabal!) abducting me and some others and we were in a warehouse being experimented on to create a non gendered beings. To inject people with hormones to make them non gendered. At the end of this dream there was a woman in white crying and on the screen was a diagram of a womans body, where a chunk was highlighted of her feminine shoulder, and animation showed that they were going to add muscles/ testosterone injections to her.

The whole dream with many other parts felt like a message. Part of that I think has been highlighted with two news stories today regarding transgenders. One of which is that Donald Trump is about to crush Obama's transgendered bathroom agenda.


So all the saints at Breitbart were going to boycott Milo in protests at a few words they disagree with. I wonder, have any of these people ever done anything real, like in the real world, that would eclipse in negative effect many times that of a few words?

I know exactly what he said, and even the negative interpretation of it, because it was directly excerpted in Stefan Molyneux's very black and white overview of the matter.

Let's think of this. Has any one at Breitbart ever done something that is sexually unethical... In the (let me say it again) real world? Has anyone cheated? or convinced someone that loves them to engage in sexual acts they don't want to do? BDSM? Voyeurism? Stalking? Perversion?

Also, when Stefan talks about how Milo's characterisation of his own experience might effect other victims of sexual predation negatively... But maybe it doesn't. Maybe such people can brush it off or assume he's a harmless wanker. Perhaps Stefan has no place defending other people... Rather like the left does being offended on behalf of other groups.

To me it all seems hypocritical. People are very quick at a kind of witch burning mentality, if you are a paedophile you are a bad person simple as. There are no black and white here. It is not like stealing where it is considered justifiable to steal for food, or rape if someone is severely and deliberately provoked or even murder. If you are a paedophile or if you defend it, if you were a stonesthrow away from a paedophile one time on a camping trip you are a bad person simple as. (Same thing goes with domestic violence, the physically violent one if he is male is always the bad guy but I'd like to see some of the people who hold this view hold their own as they are viciously shouted at by a woman for an extended period of time.)

How many people has Milo redpilled that would not have been redpilled otherwise? Milo reaches a community that might have felt alienated from the mostly Christian Trump supporting right.

Milo is not in the same category as paedophiles in general. He might have some strange ideas about his own abuse and he might extend that perception to others and even support a strange view of homosexuality that is not completely ethical (Older men with young boys). But that viewpoint in my view deserves little more than intelligent rebuttle and perhaps the occasional slap.

The people at Breitbart and in the non insane asylum political community should get over themselves. IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.

... and also. Milo's defence that he has taken down real paedophiles in the real world. That IS AN ARGUMENT!

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The darkness of these days.

Plutonian realm:

Yesterday, and in general, things are getting pretty dark.

Yesterday at 17:30:

This is the astrology of yesterday:

The red circle is the moon conjunct Pluto. Where the moon is in the day is where the emotional emphasis is, and this angry despair that is the result of looking under the surface of society is the result of attention on Pluto.

Which is why things felt oppressively dark yesterday afternoon and evening, and now they feel a little lighter.

When we are in the thrall of an emotion it feels like the only option. But when these planets change alignments things will change and feel different.

So yesterday. Infowars were talking about being censored with a depressing narrative, Natural news was also doing so, and the highlighting of Sweden was followed through by Tommy Robinson, who really brought it down to basics when talking about the Swedish raped epidemic. Also, Nigel Farage had an episode on LBC radio yesterday that made me so incredibly angry I had to stop listening, I felt like I was going to explode. He was talking about David Davis allowing free movement of people and some of the people he had on who were trapped and unable to find work because of immigration, these stories were awful. This was followed by an episode from Clive Bull on the screw up of business rates.

This from me:


But this morning feels a little lighter. For one we have the Stoke and Copeland by election coming. After I saw a tweet yesterday from the UKIP candidate for Copeland I started to wonder... What if UKIP won both?:

Which would be fantastic...  FANTASTIC... a real kick in the teeth to the establishment including David Davis.

If it happened, Jeremy Corbyn would likely resign 24 to 48 hours from now and things will get shaken up a bit. The same may also be true if UKIP won Stoke and Conservatives won Copeland.

Again, the people who are basically asleep. Not paying attention, will be suddenly greeted by this news and less able to ignore it. They have no idea.

Being "good" is not enough in politics.

There have been updates on this Antarctica related partial disclosure from David Wilcock and Corey Goode. It seems that their narrative is that the cabal and alliance are going to go through with this... Watch this space!

But, perhaps a little more exciting in that it is likely to effect us tomorrow is the Copeland and Stoke by election tomorrow. There is a 70% Brexit vote in Stoke. Copeland also have a 62% Brexit. Which is exciting. I realise twitter might have been a bit of an echo chamber for me because I had not realised that Labour are the odds on favourite to win Stoke and Conservatives for Copeland. However, Arron Banks internal polling seems to think UKIP are in with it in Stoke.

People do not know what Labour policy is on Brexit and in two highly Brexit towns, and Labour safe seats. It will be interesting how they vote but if Labour lose both towns, then Jeremy Corbyn is likely to be finished. This will be incredibly ironic because the reason Labour will have lost both towns is that voters do not like Labours Brexit stance. But those allies of the Portland Communication Group in the Labour party will no doubt blame Jeremy Corbyn for the loss.

Which is exactly how the left wing works in real politics. They start with a free market and then start interfering with that market, and all the indirect problems that come from their interference they blame on the free market; they then use this excuse to further interfer in the market and the closer to communism you get, the more suffering their is.

So, start with a good person, so a person who supports Brexit. Stop him being able to support Brexit properly. People stop voting for him because he doesn't support Brexit then blame him, and his Brexit support for leading the Labour party estray and install a remoaner.

Following that blueprint the Labour party will soon be as electorally irrelevant as the Democrats in America. Completely broken.

The left wing, the touchy feely people that generally have non complex views and want mummy government to take care of them, they are not bad people but not good people. You then have the actual bad people on the liberal left and the good people on the real right circling. Because these left wing people have too many hooks in their philosophies to actually have an effective political position, their weakness allows them to be effectively consumed by the liberal left.

This process works well because it forces people to make a choice or to remain utterly without power. Like the Bernie fans in America. Good or bad. Not the unproductive middle. (Or they can continue complaining about the lack of real socialism and not support either candidate. But that path is still effectively sliding them down to the liberal left.)

Of course I don't have all the answers. It may all turn out very differently. Labour may win both! Although I consider that unlikely.  Jeremy Corbyn may remain (Ha ha!)

We'll find out... All to play for!

Monday, 20 February 2017

Making use of sources. Refining personal habits.

Two times recently where information from alternative sources seems to me to have been proven subjectively correct

One: David Wilcock stated directly that the current Conservative government is not cabal. However, this seemed to contradict other sources plus what seems to be logically true of Theresa May, that she is cabal and does not support Brexit.

Well, yesterday, she turned up at the House of Lords and sat in the room with them as they voted Brexit. This may EASILY be a deception, but there seems to me to be something organic about this plus her holding Trumps hand, that is starting to make me think she may be on the level. (Daily Mail picture):

Two: Benjamin Fulford not too long ago produced a list of who was a member of the Illuminati, the 'Council of 300'. David Davis, someone I have always liked for his well written arguments, was on this list, and until recently he never put a step wrong.

Today he has come out and said that he is going to continue with freedom of movement of unskilled workers. This is directly cabal, he does not get it does he! This is a second piece of information that has been proven correct for me personally, despite for a long time not seeming to be so.

Yesterday, Benjamin Fulford has been talking about the idea that Donald Trump has been caught on tape by Jeffrey Epstein having sex with a thirteen year old girl and thus he is not getting on with paedophile arrests.

David Wilcock in the comment section directly contradicted this. Saying none of his sources have come up with the same information and such scandal would have been used in the original election campaign if it was true.

Also David mentioned in the comment:
The cat is out of the bag. The movie Vaxxed is now out on video and my God, once you see it you have no doubt that such a Cabal exists. They have been shoving forward population-destroying vaccines through the CDC like their life depended on it since 2001, and only now can people see the “horror movie in real life” based on it.
This film revealed the vaccines are ethno-specific, 264 percent more effective at attacking blacks, and gender-specific, significantly more effective at attacking boys. By 2032, if the curve continues, 80 percent of boys will be vaccine-damaged to the point of autism
I have also heard, in Stefan Molyneux's recent piece on Sweden, that it is female voters that support refugees... This is interesting, it is female voters that support the left wing aims of the government and, linking these two, it seems heavily key to the cabals strategy to manipulate women.

Incredibly easy to control! Without as much testosterone they are more likely to shut down and not research things in depth when subtly attacked. By setting up a taxation system that includes disempowering men (who are more likely to rebel) and also giving other powers of the state to women, such as legal and educational. You can have a group of people that vote left, hate men, and rely on the welfare system, i.e. the government for support, and do anything they are told.

This also recruits some men to this agenda who are manipulated by certain women in this area.

Personal habits:

I have talked before about stopping masturbation so the root energy rises into my system and helps my life. I mistook this morning but IN MY SLEEP. I just grabbed a girl in my dreams.

This was because of alcohol so I have decided to moderate the rule in my life (I often use rules!) So that I do not use alcohol to get to sleep. I only use it for social occasions.

This will make things difficult for me, unless I am able to sort out my sleeping, which is possible. The old product I used to use has been discontinuedf or at least a year. It was very effective, Potters Nodoff. I have a bottle and a little bit, and I have ordered knockout sleeping herbal tablets from the infowars store, and will possibly look around at other things before then to have as backup. But I have tried some things to no effect, or with bad side effects.


Sunday, 19 February 2017

Tidbits on a quiet news cycle.

The closing square of the moon cycle is always the most boring. Not much happens and anything that does seems to be a result of what has gone before and nothing with its own life.

That is where we are now.

Next week at this time we will be one day into the new moon.

Two things to say, firstly,


This comes from someone linked to Tommy Robinson, and it seems to actually have some answers on Islam. The whole religion is very mysterious and it is generally secretive and not at all clear. This blog seems at least to have some idea:


General and politics:

This is a very beautiful segment from Alex Jones:

The only other thing that is interesting is that we have entered spitting distance from the by election in Stoke. Exciting.

When I think about it there is some part of me that believes Jeremy Corbyn will stay as leader even though, watching the machinations, this seems unlikely.

In 1997 I remembered the incredible happiness when Tony Blair got in and people believed their lot would be eased. He of course is a bad person who immediately opened the floodgates to mass immigration and sent us to war with Iraq for his oil buddies. The destruction between on one hand his actually quite convincing charm and apparent sincerity, and on the other the mass of pain and destruction he has caused, this is heavily emotional.

The Labour party is such an incredibly vicious arm of the establishments, with a lot of connection with paedophilia and a fanatical moral righteousness, that when Corbyn came along it felt like we were all being saved from that toxicity.

To an extent we were, he did not push remain even though it was the way his party went. BUT, he is not doing so much recently and Diane Abbott is not a very nice person either. She might not be a paedophile but she is still a self righteous racist freak.

I don't want to see Jeremy go, but the moderately political that make up Labour are very likely to vote for a more... 'moderate' character and will be sick of Corbyn. They look at him and see someone that is not doing anything, they do not understand the negativity that he has prevented the empowerment of.

What will those on the left do? That is an interesting question. Campaign probably, some will join UKIP and some will just whine! Rather like how the Bernie supporters were forced out of their unpolarised positions... NO. It is not an option in todays climate. You are good or bad, no middle ground.

Continuing early summary of the Quran.

Just a quick update on the Quran...

Firstly, my continuing conclusion is that it has got absolutely zero better. No better.

I wish to re- iterate that I am still close to the beginning, almost 10% through.

It has got no better since my last update. It is still a book filled with violence. There was a short bit, ten lines or so at the beginning of Sura 4 where I thought I may have made some breakthrough into something halfway positive but it was so convincingly cut off by the normal violent speech, that it's hardly even worth mentioning.

One small ray of light might be this part though:

Quran 4: 15. And those of your women who commit illegal sexual intercourse, take the evidence of four witnesses from amongst you against them; and if they testify, confine them (i.e. women) to houses until death comes to them or Allah ordains for them some (other) way
This is perhaps the place where the modern Muslim world decided that if a woman was raped she needs four witnesses, but this is not what the passage says. The passage seems to me moreso to say that if a woman is committing adultery then you need four witnesses to convict her. (Then apparently she can be put to death, even in an age where men could not control pregnancy, this is morally questionable.)

Taken from the twitter of @pmclauth who may be using it for his next book:

It would have to say somewhere else in the Quran that if a Muslim woman is raped she has committed illegal sexual intercourse for me to accept that definition as valid under the rules laid out in the Quran.

Here is another one of note:
Quran 4: 23. Forbidden to you (for marriage) are: your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, your father's sisters, your mother's sisters, your brother's daughters, your sister's daughters, your foster mother who gave you suck, your foster milk suckling sisters, your wives' mothers, your step daughters under your guardianship, born of your wives to whom you have gone in - but there is no sin on you if you have not gone in them (to marry their daughters), - the wives of your sons who (spring) from your own loins, and two sisters in wedlock at the same time, except for what has already passed; verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful
So incest is forbidden, another practice of (some of) the Muslim world that is not backed up by the Quran.

It is not all good though, I am quite frankly unimpressed by the Quran's section on Jesus because it seems to me, that if Muhammed attempted to say these were channeled, I don't think it would line up so cleanly with other Christian texts, such as the 'straight path'.

(Surprisingly I couldn't find a funny prophet Muhammed meme)

It also seems to barefacedly try to steal the mythos of Jesus and claim that power for Quranic teachings. It states Jesus said x and y about Allah, but he did not use the word Allah he used the word god; and his message was deeper than that expressed in these few lines.

Also, although it is contradicted a few lines later, the Quran seems to state in this line that Mary's child is 'of the devil':
Quran 3: 36. Then when she delivered her [child Maryam (Mary)], she said: "O my Lord! I have delivered a female child," - and Allah knew better what she delivered, - "And the male is not like the female, and I have named her Maryam (Mary), and I seek refuge with You (Allah) for her and for her offspring from Shaitan (Satan), the outcast."
All in all I am not much closer to any final conclusion. But we are closer to the vote in Holland!


My relationship with family and friends in the casual social area is one where I am careful to scan the person for what they can and cannot take and then I do end up explaining my perspective to them sometimes. I.e. with some people I talk about politics and some people I don't.

In person, I think reading the Quran and knowing/ understanding the bible the way I do I can give an informed opinion and my opinion will be one that others trust. Even if I do end up saying that the Quran is a violent warmongering book. If I talk about it from a position of depth and knowledge people will find it harder to challenge.

Not so with liberals on the internet clearly. Their arrogance is quite astounding. Often when they say something about Geert Wilders and him being a Nazi/ fascist/ something I ask them if they have read the Quran... Fair question?

A lot of the times they tell me, categorically that the bible and the Quran are the same kind of book. One thing I've been told by them is that it's all about 'interpretation', as though the very simply written Quran was some sort of Zen koan. (and when they themselves have read neither book). This is amazing. It is amazing people consider themselves informed enough to talk on a subject that they know nothing. Not a little, but nothing!

I do not believe these books are the same sort of book, they are in fact very different from reading both of them. It probably does not matter and I am reading the Quran to get an informed opinion, before fighting liberals I want to know the truth of whether Islam or the Quran are positive or negative for myself!

Musings on ascension and UK Politics.

Wow, now this is trippy, I've been awake a tad too long.

But when your sleeping pattern is very VERY out of whack, like 2pm seems the sensible time to sleep. It's hard to break the pattern without some side effects.

The Ascension Mysteries:

A good book, it is the authors life story that is profoundly self destructive. It reads a little like a very, very carefully constructed LSD trip. Which is programmed to subtly get more ridiculous as the story continues.

One of the things he mentions is that when the Soviet Union fell, David Wilcock is sitting in a room with a lot of drugged chaps. David feels passionately that the most important political event is happening on the screen. He wants to get up and shout at everyone in the room. The big enemy that has been tormenting the American people with nuclear annihilation. That has been on the TV screens every single day winding them all up.

They are now gone! But he doesn't. The reason he doesn't is the same reason I lately don't always mention things to people outside of this blog... They don't care! Later when he talks to one of his insiders the insider says that this is the deep states goal. To make people so traumatised they dull themselves with mind altering substances and will just lay there as tyranny walks all over them!

I am not all the way through the book yet, but I know from Gaia TV and David's online articles that his view is that soon- ish we are going to be going through a massive spiritual evolution. That there are devices in our skies that prevent telepathic contact with each other and keep us away from spiritually enlightening information. That at sometime these will come down and that will be the end of our individual lives as we experience them.

Also, that there is going to be a sudden solar flare and all technology is going to be temporarily wiped out. Since the negative ET's are made from nanites this will have the same effect.

This would be rather uncompromising then wouldn't it? If it were to happen, and I have absolutely no idea at this point. Most of our daily thoughts would have to be let go of or worked through very quickly. I cannot really imagine this even and wonder if it would just lead to widespread madness! Although positive ET's are resourceful!

I can't get my head around any of this. It seems to me more likely we would move into a world where we were developing extra sensory abilites but not quite at superman level yet (most of us), rather like the 4400 or Star Wars.

UK Politics:

So, what's going on here... Latest ideas picked up from reading:

- Remoaners are looking to unseat Corbyn either after the two by elections, after the Union battle between McClusky and his opponent, or after some other election a in around August.

- The reason Blair might have come out with his pro EU intervention now was to encourage Labour remoaners in Stoke and Copeland to vote Lib Dem and take the win from Labour. Leading to a faster crushing of Corbyn.

Corbyn has so far proven quite resilient, if any of this is true we will see how it goes.

I'm starting a new job tomorrow... Wish me luck!

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Globalist agenda of destroying small business.

BBC News: RBS accused of fraud and forgery by customers and ex-employee

Daily Mail: The shopkeeper who spoke for Britain: Business rates rises will turn the UK into a 'retail wasteland', wine merchant tells 'out-of-touch' ministers

Daily Mail: Bloodbath on the High Street: The oh-so English town where traditional shopkeepers now face closure because of a mad 177% business rates increase

The first article here references that the Royal Bank of Scotland has been intentionally and corruptly bankrupting small businesses and creating forged documents and conversations in order to represent themselves in a better light.

The second two reference a new policy the government has passed which decreases the taxes for businesses such as Amazon but increases the tax by about three times for small businesses, likely effectively bankrupting some, or even most, of them.

From the third article:
If the Government takes away close to £10,000 in business rates, I’m not sure where we’ll find it from. We can’t just put up the price of a cappuccino.’ They employ 13 people and are open 8am to 11pm in the summer. ‘For us to slog our guts out and have that taken away just doesn’t seem fair. I can’t see how it is justified.’
Free market:

The fundamental point about free market economics is small business. It is the thing that empowers the ordinary person against the government and against the corporates. It offers competition for the usually corrupt and incompetent corporates (who spend their money on that black hole that is left wing politics). Small business is THE thing for the free market right.

This is why the real right want to decrease taxes such as global warming taxes that harm small business through energy rates. This Tory government seems more left wing to me. This is right out of the communist playbook.

It is also known by the Satanic globalists that small business is the way the working class becomes empowered. Which is why they intentionally pass all these regulations and taxes to strangle small business. It is the main focus of the EU project.

So, this is one of those things that the globalists are doing clearly and one of the things that needs to be changed. It would not surprise me if this was Nigel Farage's first issue with the European Union and then he focused on the issue of immigration because he could campaign to a larger portion of the electorate on that basis.

Friday, 17 February 2017

UKIP Nuttall Stoke Trump

Yesterday I talked about how if Nuttall/ UKIP won Stoke the remainers would likely topple Labour and unify.

Of course, that's no reason for him not to win, what it actually means is that the polarity is increasing in that UKIP are gaining in power, so, to allow free will, Labour will also have the equivalent opportunity to increase the equivalent opposite power.

Luckily though, it seems the public have no appetite to stop Brexit!

Paul Nuttalls speaking recently about how he had had a bad time rubbed me up the wrong way. Nigel Farages style is completely different in that Nigel is able, like Trump, to put the media on the back foot when he speaks. He uses terms such as 'the establishment political class', effectively minimising such people in listeners minds, and would bring it back to Brexit and the benefits UKIP would actually bring.

Nuttall however has fallen back on ideas such as the 'unity' of UKIP. This is UKIP's new mantra. Unity... Might as well say 'tolerance'. Which is what bastards convince someone to say when they are too powerful for someone to oppose them and so that person has to "tolerate" them. Nigel Farage has said recently that UKIP have people within it that want to turn it into a mainstream party (he also stresses this as an important by- election).

Luckily Nuttalls second in command is saying some good things. Basically there is still a fight, or to put it more bluntly, still a victory, waiting to happen between Carswell/ Evans and Farage. The stronger UKIP is, the more likely Farage/ Banks/ Kassam will win out in my opinion.


Also, I've been paying attention to Alex Jones and what he says is that Trump has been doing so much, passing so many orders that Alex cannot even cover it. He also laments that the media does not cover any of these things.

This is interesting because it may be that even though there is not much news and things seem a bit slow. In fact, things might be moving faster than they ever have under the surface, and we will realise this when we start to see the results.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

The situation in Stoke!

So many things are going on.

On the by- election in Stoke:

Huffington post: Nigel Farage Refuses To Campaign Anymore For Paul Nuttall In Stoke Amid Splits At Top Of Ukip

There is a problem in UKIP. Nuttalls election as leader was not an election but a coronation in which all the inside people in UKIP voted for the 'safe' candidate and made sure to give the UKIP leadership election the minimum amount of attention and no debates, because they didn't want the favourite of the membership that were paying attention and in the Farage/ Kassam camp, to vote for John Rees Evans.

This has left some dangerous people in the party. Lisa Duffy, Suzanne Evans and Douglas Carswell who all have questionable loyalties and shy away from rocking the boat. Suzanne Evans is a full on Social Justice Warrior.

This will eat UKIP eventually. Either Arron Banks will directly oppose them as the Duffy camp gains more power, or they will protest something and since they have won before, probably win again. A fight is coming there.

English politics is safe at the moment there is no one rocking the boat. Theresa May's loyalties are not clear although the ostracism of Farage hints the current Tory government is anti Brexit. The only person I am convinced actually does want Brexit is Corbyn.


So let's look at this Stoke by- election. It happened because a very committed, in the know, full on neo liberal/ Blairite Tristram Hunt left his post. The new guy applying for the post is called Andrew Snell, (which is a better supervillain name than any Bond villain I know). Andrew has not been doing well in Stoke. Even though opposing research on Paul Nuttall has lead him to go to ground, Andrew himself seems to have been trying very hard to sabotage his own chances.

He could genuinely be that awful. Like Alex Jones says the establishment demons are not efficient, they are a lot of the time lazy and obsessed with their own mansions and their enemies. But after a prolonged campaign of telling Paul Nuttall that he is not from Stoke, Andrew answers a tweet: "I wouldn't know, I'm not from Stoke."

If Andrew loses it will reflect on Corbyn, even though Stoke will have voted against the pro EU candidate who is further away from Corbyn than UKIP is; and Corbyn is using his best headmasters voice to tell the Labour MP's not to be overtly pro EU, it will still fall on Corbyn. There have been rumours Corbyn is testing new potential leaders in case he does bad on February 23rd (translation, in case he does bad in Stoke!)

What do the Remainer Blairites have to gain in Stoke? Well, if Snell wins they have kept down UKIP and kept Nuttall out of the house of Commons (I think the opposition would be far more hysterical and genuine if Farage was about to win Stoke personally!) If Snell loses however, they potentially have the opportunity to gain the whole Labour party to the remainers cause and side with pro EU Tories, SNP and Lib Dems and vote Brexit down at every opportunity!

We'll see!

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Irritating story and the history of Islam.

I'm just lost for words:

Daily Mail: Make-up artist, 22, and her boyfriend, 27, agree that SHE can sleep with whoever she likes but he must stay faithful after she told him she would leave him otherwise

Where are this girls parents? Where are the male members of her family to give her a clip around the ear!

This kind of thing only happens in a society where women dominate.

Also, there seems to be efforts by the Daily Mail to misrepresent this story. The actual incorrect title of the article is: Make-up artist, 22, and her boyfriend, 22, agree that SHE can sleep with whoever she likes but he must stay faithful after she told him she would leave him otherwise.

When I copied this onto facebook and twitter, the focus was on the guy, if you just read the headline you might think that he volunteered to let her sleep with other guys but on closer reading that is clearly not true:

This is what happens in a society when women start to have dominance. The mainstream establishment politics caters to womens biological needs in that it creates a strong in group that protects women from any criticism. But it does not cater to men in that opportunities for advancement and meritocracy are cut off by those at the top. Who create empty sychophants to advance their own agendas rather than applaud genuine hard work and merit.

This will change soon!


I saw, by coincidence an extremely informative video yesterday. The bible tells us 'if ye knock, the door will open'. It is only now that I am investigating Islam that such an incredibly informative video has showed up:

This gets closer to what I have been trying to discover, whether Islam and Muhammed was inspired by negative or positive entities. Even though the LoO hints positive there has been very little evidence of positivity so far and even the suggestion that it may have been negative channeling from the beginning.

However, this video casts doubt on the entire story. This man documents how terms such as Islam, Muslim, Mecca and the Quran didn't appear until 50 - 300 years after Muhammeds death. That for hundreds of years after his death the Kahba of Mosques faced Petra rather than 'Mecca', and other evidence Petra was the places described in the Quran not Mecca.

With this information I'm starting to get a picture of what the agenda might have been. Why Mecca in that particular location? Saudi Arabia!!! That totalitarian state that lives on oil. (This means that the soul that incarnated to become Muhammed likely, had not intended to give Saudi Arabia power and legitimacy!)

It seems that Muhammed got on with his activities, including conquest and the Arab world followed his lead. However, later on, many power hungry rulers created the religion and formed it as an ideology that opposes Christianity.

If there ever even was a cave and an angel Jibril is not at all certain. Although, Jay Smiths narrative does legitimise Ibn Ishaq's work who originally stated that when Muhammed met the angel first he was terrified and felt the entity was a demon.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Early conclusions on the Quran.

Following on from my last post I have been listening to LBC, the issues discussed have been citizens that are using the European Freedom of Movement rules and issues with Islam, with a nod to the recent survey in which 55% of Europeans did not want migration from Muslim countries to happen at all.

It reminds me of the fact I am reading the Quran, the religious book of 1.6 million people and the second largest religion on earth.

Firstly, the point in both of these subjects, is that the government is making effort to increase tension, which is of course highly likely. With the Muslim migration issue why are there entire streets of only Muslims? Rather like historically in England, there are rich and poor areas placed together so that services do not degrade, (because the rich are very capable at making sure services stay at a good level). If the government wanted Muslims to integrate surely they would not push them into Muslim only zones?

With the issue with European migration, someone clearly is hoping that creating problems with British expats versus EU nationals living in Britain, that this conflict will bring a push back to stay in the European Union!

The Quran:

I am far too early in this book to be making judgements and/ or conclusions. The reason I am writing about this is that it is fairly emotionally heavy document and I need to express it.

I am up to Quran 3:26. I am taking notes on the Quran. For instance, this is the only statement that I have found in any way positive in the book thus far:
224. And make not Allah's (Name) an excuse in your oaths against your doing good and acting piously, and making peace among mankind. And Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower (i.e. do not swear much and if you have sworn against doing something good then give an expiation for the oath and do good).
Although there are other statements that might broadly be perceived as positive, very often in this book the statement before or after nullify's the positivity of that particular statement.

There is a difference with the Quran and the Bible. The Bible full of a metaphorical and mysterious language, for instance, the part where Legion is exorcised from a possessed man, and there are loads of beautiful statements in it, and even insightful statements into human psychology: 'The wicked man in his pride doth persecute the poor'.

From what I have read of the Quran thus far, and this is clearly my perception. But it seems a book that is less intending to communicate the fascination that is evident of an infinite creator, and more intent on creating a loyalty to a diety.

Everything is brought back to Allah, the narrative is unable to explore a story outside of this insistence, and these statements are sometimes intimidating, and dressed up in words designed to sound religious but on closer evaluation being more to create intimidation:

'Allah is severe in punishment.' Is repeated oft.
'Allah is all hearer, all knower' - Or similar, sounds good at first but then you realise the intent is more to create fear that a supernatural entity is watching a person rather than any sort of exploration of the larger implications of infinity.
'Allah is the most wise, the most merciful' Again no discussion of what this might mean, and it is directly contradicted that Allah is at all merciful in most of the book, for instance:
Q2:253: If Allah had willed, succeeding generations would not have fought against each other, after clear Verses of Allah had come to them, but they differed - some of them believed and others disbelieved. If Allah had willed, they would not have fought against one another, but Allah does what He likes.
This books seems more to me like a political tract than a religion!

Larger politics:

David Seaman, David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford seem at the moment to be quite frankly... Stressed. David Seaman is convinced mass arrests are going to happen soon. Probably, he was not there in 2011 when David Wilcock was coming out with the same assertions. He has not experienced the fact that these people are less capable than they purport to be (or perhaps the negative is more capable.)

I wonder whether these writers, and others, have never been concerned with Islam as a larger issue because if the things they were trying to achieve happens they believed the harder aspects of fanatical Islam would become less of a problem.

For instance, terrorism in my belief, all the major attacks, 9/11, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, are false flags that have co- operation from specialist Western military forces and elements of their government. Clearly, if these were arrested and the attacks stopped, plus the charging of people like Tony Blair for war crimes and crimes against humanity, then this will effect Islam... Will it stop the fanaticism? Doubtful but it is likely many people believe that the problems will stop there.

Also, after such a time we would be seeing contact with extra terrestrial races; in studies the cabal have done the people most effected by this will be religious people and scientist, (so, if we include Darwin as a religion because it certainly isn't scientifically valid, we could then shorted that to "religious people"). Really, when there is enough disclosure, likely many, many belief systems will go the way of the dinosaur.

But I'm not sure this is completely correct; disclosure is taking time and I do not know that anyone will be arrested for a long time yet and in the mean time, we have Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen likely to be elected in their respective countries. One of the callers into Nigel Farage's show went to a mosque and the Imam was saying that Allah had given England to the Muslims.


I believe that if there is to be any renaissance of Islam, it will come from Iran, or Iran will be on side. Iran is using it's Shi- ite militias to aid Syria, that is a secular country, and they oppose Saudi Arabia directly. Even though Iran has the barbarism associated with many Muslim countries, it is less so than Saudi Arabia, and you have to start somewhere. (Regrettably not Libya!)

I also believe, as I have outlined, that Saudi Arabia is using manipulative tactics that even Trump will not oppose to keep America in its pocket. All Trump is doing in relation to the Muslim world at the moment seems to be increasing the tension with Iran, that are close allies of Russia and China, and is fighting one of the worst cancers the modern world has seen in the form of Da'esh.

Regardless, we will just have to see. If Geert Wilders is elected and the country erupts into a civil war then people in the West are going to look at the Netherlands and wonder if their own countries Muslim population are a stonesthrow away from creating similar amounts of trouble.