Friday, 3 February 2017

Personal work problem.

Just as I write a post about Thatcher I get in trouble with work and their complete disrespect of workers law...

That is although by the letter of the law they might be correct, they are not correct.

I have come into this problem. Basically, my work place have screwed up and overpaid me for time I have spent off work meaning they have no more 'hours' left to give me for the next two weeks I have off work.

At first I considered going to the Union, of which I am a member, but it would be likely that the company would be able to claim that since I was overpaid previously, and did not highlight it to my immediate manager, I cannot make a claim that I am legally entitled to 5.6 weeks paid holiday.

Regardless though, I do not care what these people say, it is time for me to get another job. I still have the next two weeks if I want it because it was signed off by my previous manager, but at zero pay. So clearly any plans to relax in this time are not on the cards, I will have to be applying every single day, (except Sunday) and if I get responses continue with that (i.e. two weeks off) but if I do not get responses I will go back to work (earlier) on the lowest possible hours in relation to my contract so I can continue applying. It will be good to get the ball rolling because job searching is stressful, it is necessary to get a 'swing'.

The problem has come about because the store does not educate their managers about these issues. My previous manager had no idea how to do the holiday. This one I have had to explain it to her through basic logic.

When I work I am very efficient, I am very focused on exactly what I am doing and I have a technical kind of thinking that can keep up with things. However, the flip side of this that is kept back by discipline is that if someone is saying something illogical and against me I can feel very angry. It is as though that focus goes into the person who is considered to be 'in the way'.

I am not what is considered 'tough' by many people, including former friends, but I know there is an anger there. This event has made me feel that my temper is going to be harder to hold. If someone asks me to do something I will feel less accommodating.

The company I work for cuts corners everywhere. Not only in the training of their managers or their payslips (hours of holiday is not listed on the payslip as it has been on previous ones I have got in other jobs). But in many other things as well including the pay of its shift runners. I have previously thought about this and traced many problems back to bad shift runner pay.

The upper management here have an arrogance about them. One time someone was talking to one of the highest managers about bad shift runner pay and his response was not inspiring. It is this arrogance of 'I am going to take what I can from you' that is what corporatism is and is reflected very much by the same old groups. The 'remainers' etc.

It is precisely these kind of employers that very much support open door immigration, whose arrogance never seems to be challenged. They want open door immigration so they can treat people badly and when those people leave they have more people to hire, they are the kind of people that support taxes that kill their competitors (in the market sense of the word 'kill'). Socialism not free market capitalism.

This group never really seems to get the metaphorical punch in the gut they deserve, they are the type of people that will complain 'Oh no, we can't survive without immigration'. Completely missing out that if they managed the place better and invested in it they might be able to retain staff.

It is this meandering diatribe that has brought me to this post, on Brexit:
The government’s Brexit plan is still looking hazy in regard to immigration controls, as they potentially look at ‘phasing’ in immigration controls. That could mean the UK still has open borders by 2020.
Britain voted Leave mainly to take back control of our borders and drastically reduce levels of migration that are currently at a record high.
But the government are yet to commit to when exactly EU freedom of movement will end and what will replace it.
The follows predictions that if strong borders are not put in place soon, another one million EU migrants could come to Britain by the time we leave, as well as rumours that the government may not be planning to curb freedom of movement at all.
If net migration is still running at 330,000 per year by the 2020 General Election, the government will have some explaining to do
Previously I have believed that everything is guided, I expect that a lot of things are, although more recently, in the last few years, I have felt often that things have no rhyme or reason, where darkness have taken over and life paths meander there is no deeper meaning.

But the timing might be suspicious if one were to try and look at it like that... If I leave am I not likely to end up at another minimum wage job that does not respect its workers? Possibly, or maybe it will work out.

I would like to have put more pictures in here but I am so angry I am unable to.

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