Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Being "good" is not enough in politics.

There have been updates on this Antarctica related partial disclosure from David Wilcock and Corey Goode. It seems that their narrative is that the cabal and alliance are going to go through with this... Watch this space!

But, perhaps a little more exciting in that it is likely to effect us tomorrow is the Copeland and Stoke by election tomorrow. There is a 70% Brexit vote in Stoke. Copeland also have a 62% Brexit. Which is exciting. I realise twitter might have been a bit of an echo chamber for me because I had not realised that Labour are the odds on favourite to win Stoke and Conservatives for Copeland. However, Arron Banks internal polling seems to think UKIP are in with it in Stoke.

People do not know what Labour policy is on Brexit and in two highly Brexit towns, and Labour safe seats. It will be interesting how they vote but if Labour lose both towns, then Jeremy Corbyn is likely to be finished. This will be incredibly ironic because the reason Labour will have lost both towns is that voters do not like Labours Brexit stance. But those allies of the Portland Communication Group in the Labour party will no doubt blame Jeremy Corbyn for the loss.

Which is exactly how the left wing works in real politics. They start with a free market and then start interfering with that market, and all the indirect problems that come from their interference they blame on the free market; they then use this excuse to further interfer in the market and the closer to communism you get, the more suffering their is.

So, start with a good person, so a person who supports Brexit. Stop him being able to support Brexit properly. People stop voting for him because he doesn't support Brexit then blame him, and his Brexit support for leading the Labour party estray and install a remoaner.

Following that blueprint the Labour party will soon be as electorally irrelevant as the Democrats in America. Completely broken.

The left wing, the touchy feely people that generally have non complex views and want mummy government to take care of them, they are not bad people but not good people. You then have the actual bad people on the liberal left and the good people on the real right circling. Because these left wing people have too many hooks in their philosophies to actually have an effective political position, their weakness allows them to be effectively consumed by the liberal left.

This process works well because it forces people to make a choice or to remain utterly without power. Like the Bernie fans in America. Good or bad. Not the unproductive middle. (Or they can continue complaining about the lack of real socialism and not support either candidate. But that path is still effectively sliding them down to the liberal left.)

Of course I don't have all the answers. It may all turn out very differently. Labour may win both! Although I consider that unlikely.  Jeremy Corbyn may remain (Ha ha!)

We'll find out... All to play for!

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