Friday, 10 February 2017

Pathetic liberals and political tensions.

Liberals have become pretty pathetic recently.

Yesterday, something I said offended a liberal who then told me triumphantly anti Trumpers had won and Trump was an idiot for even challenging the court ruling against his "Muslim ban".

Firstly, liberals are only ever losing at the moment and, regardless of other factors, this victory is very likely to be short lived, and even if it were not there will be other victories for the right wing movements soon.

So why be so triumphant at minor victories? Surely they know this and if they did not want it thrown in their face might practice some humility?

Secondly, that was a very basic expression of facts. I knew from other tweeters that 80% of the appeals of the ninth circuits decisions are refused, I feel like I should not be tormenting liberals with facts sometimes.

Anyway, perhaps for some cause and effect soon, with the revealing of electoral rigging some of these people might be going to jail.

Also, this is very interesting, and it is quite amazing it got as far as it did without anyone noticing:

Daily Express: EXPOSED Secret Plan To Tie Britain to EU after Brexit is being kept 'under the radar'.

Nevertheless, the full moon today.

Even more paedophiles have been arrested and Trump is signing executive orders to actually deal with America's problems such as human trafficking and drug gangs. Also, Greece is actually being discussed seriously again (groan!) and there is also quite a lot of talk about a market crash or renewed conflict somewhere in the globe.

Trump has now accepted the 'One China' policy, there are hints of conflict now with the US and China, it seems likely to me that the positive forces behind the scenes are attempting to stop us hurtling into another major war.

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