Sunday, 19 February 2017

Tidbits on a quiet news cycle.

The closing square of the moon cycle is always the most boring. Not much happens and anything that does seems to be a result of what has gone before and nothing with its own life.

That is where we are now.

Next week at this time we will be one day into the new moon.

Two things to say, firstly,


This comes from someone linked to Tommy Robinson, and it seems to actually have some answers on Islam. The whole religion is very mysterious and it is generally secretive and not at all clear. This blog seems at least to have some idea:

General and politics:

This is a very beautiful segment from Alex Jones:

The only other thing that is interesting is that we have entered spitting distance from the by election in Stoke. Exciting.

When I think about it there is some part of me that believes Jeremy Corbyn will stay as leader even though, watching the machinations, this seems unlikely.

In 1997 I remembered the incredible happiness when Tony Blair got in and people believed their lot would be eased. He of course is a bad person who immediately opened the floodgates to mass immigration and sent us to war with Iraq for his oil buddies. The destruction between on one hand his actually quite convincing charm and apparent sincerity, and on the other the mass of pain and destruction he has caused, this is heavily emotional.

The Labour party is such an incredibly vicious arm of the establishments, with a lot of connection with paedophilia and a fanatical moral righteousness, that when Corbyn came along it felt like we were all being saved from that toxicity.

To an extent we were, he did not push remain even though it was the way his party went. BUT, he is not doing so much recently and Diane Abbott is not a very nice person either. She might not be a paedophile but she is still a self righteous racist freak.

I don't want to see Jeremy go, but the moderately political that make up Labour are very likely to vote for a more... 'moderate' character and will be sick of Corbyn. They look at him and see someone that is not doing anything, they do not understand the negativity that he has prevented the empowerment of.

What will those on the left do? That is an interesting question. Campaign probably, some will join UKIP and some will just whine! Rather like how the Bernie supporters were forced out of their unpolarised positions... NO. It is not an option in todays climate. You are good or bad, no middle ground.

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