Saturday, 25 February 2017

Vision of the future.

A bit of a strange one here but my background for this information is the new age!

A few hours ago I saw a tweet that talked about a global meditation that was happening RIGHT NOW for mass arrests of paedophiles in the elite DC club!

I started to focus, visualise and send energy to it and something got in the way; my higher self. I do not believe that this is the way things are going to turn out. Because, I believe positive forces are manipulating things.

During the America election I knew how things would go down. That Hillary would get Bernie, that it would be Hillary vs Trump and Trump would win.

Because it is a simple thing when looked at in accord with metaphysics. There needs to be two choices. Positively polarised and negatively polarised; and the unpolarised choice needs to be closed up as we continue creating the delineation between positive and negative.

Bernie was unpolarised. Once you had just those two Trump has to win, because otherwise we would be beginning a nuclear holocaust and positively polarised higher entities cannot allow that.

Unfortunately, I thought that would continue but with Nuttall I got that wrong because I had not been hard enough on him and had confidence in my perceptions. He was the negatively polarised choice, in the UKIP leadership election, out of him and John Reese Evans. Even though UKIP was the positively polarised of the two available choices in my view. Nuttall was not able to carry the energy.

The point I'm trying to make here is that these invisible rules coupled with intuition are how I am making these predictions and all through the beginning of the political campaign there were rumours coming from people like Benjamin Fulford that Hillary was going to jail and the election would not happen. Something else I knew would not happen.

When looked at in this way. There are so many things that become clear. The Chinese will never gain control over the global monetary system. The welfare state in America will be drastically repealed. UK politics is a complete fog I have no idea. It is likely there will be a strong pushback on Islam regardless of what happens with Wilders and Le Pen. The witches will personally suffer. Continual efforts by both sides, good and bad, to create any sort of government driven utopia will not happen, although they will repeatedly seem like they are going to, and before Daddy government comes along and fixes all our problems by arresting the kiddie fiddlers, the free market will step forward and start to work it's magic.

Corporate war. That's where we are going next.

And these might all be wrong. But after my brushes with a kind of higher energy I feel is intensely apparent at the moment. I thought I'd just lay it out as I perceive it to be.

As a metaphor, I imagine us going into a world where both sides grow stronger, or seem to. Where there is increased nanotechnology and robotics, and increased telepathy and human psychic power.

But you can chalk that one up to a childishly- eager imagination!

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