Saturday, 18 February 2017

Globalist agenda of destroying small business.

BBC News: RBS accused of fraud and forgery by customers and ex-employee

Daily Mail: The shopkeeper who spoke for Britain: Business rates rises will turn the UK into a 'retail wasteland', wine merchant tells 'out-of-touch' ministers

Daily Mail: Bloodbath on the High Street: The oh-so English town where traditional shopkeepers now face closure because of a mad 177% business rates increase

The first article here references that the Royal Bank of Scotland has been intentionally and corruptly bankrupting small businesses and creating forged documents and conversations in order to represent themselves in a better light.

The second two reference a new policy the government has passed which decreases the taxes for businesses such as Amazon but increases the tax by about three times for small businesses, likely effectively bankrupting some, or even most, of them.

From the third article:
If the Government takes away close to £10,000 in business rates, I’m not sure where we’ll find it from. We can’t just put up the price of a cappuccino.’ They employ 13 people and are open 8am to 11pm in the summer. ‘For us to slog our guts out and have that taken away just doesn’t seem fair. I can’t see how it is justified.’
Free market:

The fundamental point about free market economics is small business. It is the thing that empowers the ordinary person against the government and against the corporates. It offers competition for the usually corrupt and incompetent corporates (who spend their money on that black hole that is left wing politics). Small business is THE thing for the free market right.

This is why the real right want to decrease taxes such as global warming taxes that harm small business through energy rates. This Tory government seems more left wing to me. This is right out of the communist playbook.

It is also known by the Satanic globalists that small business is the way the working class becomes empowered. Which is why they intentionally pass all these regulations and taxes to strangle small business. It is the main focus of the EU project.

So, this is one of those things that the globalists are doing clearly and one of the things that needs to be changed. It would not surprise me if this was Nigel Farage's first issue with the European Union and then he focused on the issue of immigration because he could campaign to a larger portion of the electorate on that basis.

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