Wednesday, 1 February 2017

positive effects of root chakra work. News.

Another small mistake.

I have spoken previously on this blog about one of my spiritual practices, which is not masturbating. I had an accidental relapse today but have learned something. I had previously believed that if porn is boycotted that masturbation can't occur accidentally. But that is not true, and now I know that that can happen without porn I will have to avoid even mild solitary sexual action.

I believe that not masturbating is fundamental to the positive effects I am now experiencing. I have experienced stress today because I can feel a part of my 'soul energy' missing, in my mind especially. I feel far more tired than I would normally.

The positive effects before this mishap though are clearly happening in concert with other positive things, because results do not usually exist other than as part of multiple causes. But I am able to physically move and concentrate a lot. Fundamental to this is very effective herbal sleeping medication that I would not have found had I been bothered with the more fundamental stage of stopping the masturbation.

It is as though the root chakra that correlate with those parts is faithfully changed in my energy field and the positive effect from the useful aspects of my perspective have gained physical manifestation. Not having this problem again would be good and if this happened at a more important time like there will no doubt be pressure to if there are important events in my life, it would have been far more damaging.

It is only one time and it was not deliberate (deliberate is a stronger outpouring of energy) the problem will probably have subsided by 19:00.


Other than that politics is very interesting. There is increased attention for good reason at the stock market since it is going down by three figure numbers daily. There is also interesting news that Starbucks is in conflict with the Trump administration and the law, no doubt one big company will fail soon- ish and if a company fails in direct response to a conflict with Trump and the people, then that will be pretty cool.

I have noticed the stock market for my company is not good, although I work at a franchise, the parent company is not doing well.

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