Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Tentative astrological/ market prediction.

This is what I think:

The stock market will go down a little bit tomorrow and the next day.

(The rigging is getting more and more difficult occasionally because those who rig risk losing everything, it used to be corporations doing it but now it is not. It is individual SMALL investors. I.e. the ordinary person. The devil really is within.)

The market will go down, possibly DOW will end around 15,800 - 15,900.

Then on Monday it will break the 15,666 line, which I am calling the 'will of the devil'.

So it will break the 'will of the devil'.

Then all hell will break loose.

(This coincides with the closing square of the blood moon dated 4th October, which is a Sunday, so I am betting the 5th is when it will happen.)

(Update 01/10: Perhaps with Mars opposite Neptune around then the 'problem' will be immediately followed with QE or another financial stimulus.)

Sunday, 27 September 2015

The blood moon is here.

This moon cycle has been full of energy. For me 'political' energy'.

It started off in the UK with the election of Corbyn and not a great deal else going on really.

Then, on the Sun, moon square, I posted here overloaded with info. on political events that I felt I couldn't even nit together.

Now, it is the full moon, and it appears to me fairly obvious that a wind down of the elite COULD be on its way.

So here are some events in no particular order:

1) Catalonian independence. Even though the exit polls are predicting this it cannot be said to be a definite yet. But if it is true it could be a major thorn in the side of the EU, Catalonia is 19% of Spains GDP, and if Spain has financial problems and refuses to pay the EU. That would be Greece times 20 (Spain is a much bigger economy). It would finish the EU off. (The banking system is sitting on a lot of debt and is about to collapse)

Notably, the EU's problems with refugees was quietly dealt with by a few very professional hitmen turning up in Libya and killing the traffickers, ferrying people over from Libya. Talked about in a Guardian headline but mostly quiet. As all those publicly protesting in Britain 'refugees welcome'. Do not even notice or pipe up.

Guardian: People traffickers who transferred thousands to Europe killed in Shootout

2) Volkswagen is having problems in Germany. The ECB has decided not to buy it's debt. Which is the equivalent to a car dealership to saying; 'here are the forms for bankruptcy'. 

Telegraph: Volkswagen suffers as buyers abandon its debt

I don't really know if that is the case but it strikes me if Volkswagen behaves like most companies and uses debt to hide it's toxicity then it is going to struggle and will DEFINITELY go down. This is the next Lehman.

When a stock market is going down the big thing obviously is when it tests it's previous lows. In Germany it has already done that and gone below the black market low. In America, the DOW's black monday low is 15,666. It seems to me that to go below that is 'breaking the will of the devil'; and it has seemed to me personally that 666 shows up when the stock market is being rigged to stay in a bull market.

Something called 'sell orders' happens at a previous market low. Which is that people program the algorithms in these financial instruments to sell when it gets to the previous low since then it is known there will be trouble. The Stock market is being destroyed by the same sort of self centered behaviour that keeps it rallying! Delicious irony.

It is worth noting that both these points may effect the same economy; Germany, that is heavily invested in these EU and debt related matters.

3) As I am sure you know, Putin has essentially checkmated the US and is now going to annhilate ISIS and is inviting the US to join him. The US doesn't want to destroy its own creation and wants Assad out but they can hardly say that and support ISIS publicly now can they. China is also supporting Syria (and contrary to popular opinion, the Chinese army is quite a bit larger than the American one). Iran is thinking of joining.

Zerohedge: US On The Ropes: China To Join Russian Military In Syria While Iraq Strikes Intel Deal With Moscow, Tehran

This reminds me of the Johnny Cash Song; 'When the man comes around':

Hear the trumpets, hear the pipers.
One hundred million angels singin'.
Multitudes are marching to the big kettle drum.
Voices callin', voices cryin'.
Some are born an' some are dyin'.
It's Alpha's and Omega's Kingdom come.

Those things are enough. They are all massive events that could change the course of history. I am not fully expecting change tomorrow, I'm just laying it out there!

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Defense against the 'spiritually enlightened':

This all came together in a Disqus comment, it is repeating information for anyone that is paying attention, but people won't necessarily put together all the dots as I have here.

I was responding to someone whom I felt was being patronising but which Disqus censored directly insulting responses to this person. I find it especially irritating people that some people try and shut down debate by telling you you are being too intellectual that I feel is their way of 'winning' the argument:

(There is a bit of a discomfort or response in the ether now that things have gotten to where they have, it seems in my dreams)

Because of some mild negativity I have been subject too over the past few years. I am binded, every single second, AGAINST doing anything like meditation, music etc. There have been forces (IMO) of negativity in my life. Every second I guard my mind against certain thoughts.

Let me show you a synchronicity explaining the satanic nature of this. My blog is from a screenname called 'Phoenix'. My birthday is on the 5th August. And an astrology system I had a lot of experience with and that I consider incredibly enlightened is called the Human design chart over rumoured to start because a star exploded over Chile. My conscious sun (the most powerful point in the whole chart.) Is at number 33. And the site that Phoenix is on is Bring4th, Which is committed to the study of a spiritual system called the Law of One.

Chilean Miners strike. Started August 5th. 33 people (Los 33). In Chile. Phoenix capsule a factor. Under ground in the dark. Rumoured to be Annunaki connection. For 69 days. Session 69 of the Law of One neatly summarises that if a person of positive polarity is trapped in a place of negative polarity (not that I am but the basic principle) then they are not able to take up the behaviours of the positive polarity.

That's everything you need. That is why I am alienated from my 'real self'. Because forces have been in my life. This is a response I had in another old deleted (by Breitbart who you think would understand upset caused) post: Where would Srivinivasa Ramanujan, Don Elkins, David Wilcock, Graham Hancock, Nigel Farage have gotten without first absorbing a lot of technical information inspired by 'curiousity' i.e. 'spirit'.

There is hope. This new moon under which I am following the news and it seems to have diversified and something seems to be happening. Full on the 28th a UN conference. New moon on 13th October, the time when 'the 33' were lifted out of their troubles.

My timeline in accord with David Wilcock (and financial information which is my new hobby): Stock crash, Societal collapse, Illuminati Tribunals. I have prepped for a month. Like 'Damian McBride' advises.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Karma spiral, and infighting in the elite.

I'm kind of unsure where I am now because I have moved more to the political side of the equation. (this refers to my Bring4th blog, I am happy with this sort of post on my blogspot). Regardless, I thought of the details for this blog and wasn't going to write it then felt a strong inner 'push' to. So here we go:

I said on an earlier blog that I had gotten a dream where Nigel Farage had told me something to do with free will and Catalonia, and just a few days before the Catalonian referendum on independence (coming this Sunday), I have been putting together an interesting story.

It seems that when the elite rig the vote, since they have been abusing free will lately, it has always had quite strong blowback for them.


A) Certain votes rigged from 1992 in England leads to Scots dissatisfied.
B) Scots fight for an independence referendum. It is heavily rigged.

But they are angry, because free will has not been satiated. They have not been hypnotised into it so unlike 9/11 where there was REAL effort put into the free will side of things. (Meaning, you have to really try and not look at evidence it was US gov influenced), there is not enough hints at the Scots one so they feel INTUITIVELY that something is wrong that lead to. The SNP get elected. Scots have enough of the establishment.

Which leads to:

C) The establishment can't have these rogues in power so the GE 2015 is rigged.

Which leads in two directions. i) It influences the UKIP vote and ii) the left who feel angry but aren't intellectually inclined to follow it up, want someone in and the irresistable energetic power leads to Corbyn being elected as leader of the opposition.

On the EU side of things. The EU is having this problem as well:

A) The continual undermining of parties like UKIP (although the racism slur is probably free will covered the vote rigging isn't) and undermining of nation states leads to anger within certain countries. 

B) One of these countries is Spain. Where the Catalans do not want to go along with the right wing mega majority (that is in itself suspicious because with 20-22% unemployment you would think a left party would have more power.) The energy for Catalonian independence is huge with millions marching; and the EU predictably 'threatening' the Catalans saying they won't be allowed in the EU if independent.

But the EU has been acting like such a bully on the world stage.

That's on an EU intra- national level.

D) On an EU international level however: 

The EU has passed immigration quotas recently based on the qualified majority voting, which basically states if you are powerful, like Germany, you get to vote, and if you are not powerful, like Hungary, you don't get a vote.

The EU Just Forced Members To Accept Migrants Through Qualified Majority Voting. You Should Probably Know What That Means

Not only this but the results are kept secret. So we just have to take the EU's word for it that the result is as they say it is!

This has lead to all sorts of tensions with several countries closing their borders and various other things.

Migrant Crisis Sparks Balkan Border Battles As EU Buckles Under Overwhelming Refugee Flow:

So Sunday is either a rigged vote, and a REAL pushback somewhere in Spain and possibly within the EU. Or a genuine vote that is most likely going to go towards independence by my guess, since when given the majority usually votes in their best Service to Others interest.

Secondly, on a simpler note that I COULD write an article on since their is enough info. but probably will not here. There seems to be a lot of infighting in the elite. A LOT. Giant potshots that are the equivalent at shooting at each other inside an aircraft with big, non bulletproof windows!

Technically both infighting and certain people standing up for themselves possibly. But these people being those who perhaps would have been bad guys but were treated badly.

The first example of this is that Goldman has written some interesting financial reports about cannibalising other banks. (Making them into Lehmans)

Is Goldman Preparing To Sacrifice the Next "Lehman"

The second is pig- gate, where Lord Ashcroft who couldn't buy his way into the Conservative Party has written a painstakingly well researched book on David Cameron that could literally bring him down.

David Cameron once put a 'private' of his anatomy inside a dead pigs body, shock biography claims

WATCH: Tory HQ are controlling the porkies told by 'independent' commentators about the Cameron book

The third is this strange Volkswagen situation, where the US regulator decided to chow down on the Germans and ignored a lot of other worse performing cars. The German economy, that's exactly what it needed!

Why Volkswagen is systematically important for Germany and for Europe:

All Hail VW: Heroic Resistance against Green Tyranny

The fourth is employees blamed for the Libor fixing of the banks are suing and they know where the bodies are buried.

(Can't find this atm sorry!)

Two other pieces of news is that someone important for the whole US shutdown scenario was visited by the pope, resigned the next day, and now the shutdown is not going to happen.

Divine Intervention? House Speaker Boehner Resigns From Congress Amid "Conservative Coup"

And mysteriously, a Californian lake has dried up in one night!

Californian Lake Mysteriously Runs Dry Overnight, Thousands of Fish Dead:

Also, both Janet Yellen and Dalai Lama are having health difficulties. The elite are having problems!

Cool, personal, ultra obscure dream.

Just had a dream.

It was kind of complex,  part of it talked about a girl from the distant past now, and added a new Surname. So say this girl from the past was called, say, Gina Binder and the new surname was Parnum.

When I just searched the name on facebook it came up Bindum Parnum... No joke!

Then info. on real people became clear because of that. (Nothing I couldn't've found out anyway.

Just shows me what I knew anyway. 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Some thoughts.

A) I had just been posting images to do with the fact the DAX (German stock market) has plunged almost 1/4th recently, and then Vauxhall has this problem. Good guys or bad guys (to use a simplistic phrase)?

Well, it could be someone positive but it is just as likely to be the Americans trying to reduce competition for their car industry, get revenge on the German government for their proposed alliance with Russia over Syria, and enforce their global warming propaganda.

Whatever the reason, it's like shooting at an enemy inside a plane that doesn't have bulletproof windows. This looks as though it is going to positively influence the continuing crumbling of the EU

B) I noticed my last post on all the headlines was on sun square moon. The Quarter moon phase. Whatever is manifesting now it will express itself on the full moon then die down.

C) Is Corbyn being positioned to take power sooner than 2020? Why would the army bother with coup threats if this was not the case. I read a top hedge fund manager saying Corbyn's ideas of QE for the people could positively influence the next financial crisis. Surely, someone so well informed knows the 'next financial crisis' could be tomorrow.

D) So on this UN meeting Putin will talk about his plans on ISIS and Syria.

And that's it, I'll leave you with this comedy video on David Cameron:

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


A summary of this dream is that it most certainly wasn't from my energy or anything that seriously even relates to me.

It was basically a complex and deliberate dream reminding me that A) The negative, even though a lot of people find it cartoonish, is real B) They are endlessly technically intelligent.

The dream took a kind of 'replicator'/ Stargate SG-1 imagery.

And that's what I believe. If people don't want to prep I only hope that they are not in my geolocational orbit. But the worst of the worst is being taken down and to consider that they are not determined and negative enough to throw a spanner in the works and upset your Western neoliberal delusions of safety (as perhaps the citizens of Greece and Syria once had) is highly, highly stupid. In a sense my thoughts on that behaviour (even though I obviously disagree with DW on this), my thoughts on that behaviour is that you have not escaped the nice warm confines of orange ray, not much further advanced than an overweight American that watches soap operas everyday and has never had a metaphysical thought in his life.

*These are the same reasons, the intelligence of the negative, that I percieve that I personally cannot strongly towards the positive atm.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Well, that escalated quickly (Information overload!)

The news has been coming so thick and fast that my brain is a little overloaded, so this will be a bit of a jumble. Not together, I can't see a unifying plan behind all this which in itself is interesting, since I am fairly OK usually with this kind of thinking, but there are just too many inputs.

This is some of the information:

A) Pig - gate. The single issue that will take down David Camerons 'attitude' of respectability. The only thing he really has to defend his behaviour (flashback to earlier Pluto direct)

B) Osborne has agreed to Chinese deal. With Renmimbi denoted debt:

C) Greece is still in the same position it always was. It is no better now and it could default on it's debt. Tsipras is still strategising:

D) Saudi's head of UN human rights panel.

E) Russians close to actually sending their military full on in to help Assad.

F) English army general threatens to coup d'etat if Corbyn were to win 2020. Even Tory MEP Daniel Hannan says 'This isn't F'n Bolivia!'

G) And from Fulford. Blood moon coming on UN meeting. My question is; is it even possible to remain non polarised? Is the meaningless platitude route available or is the energy pushing so polarity has to be chosen? Good or bad?

H) Markets are still CTD. Got a bit of a lift today, not much of one, some headlines about China but they are still in just as bad a place. And no event in the future (i.e. rate hike) to take everyone's mind off everything.

I) Refugee/ migrant crisis still completely spinning chaotically out of control with many disagreements of powerful people. See Breitbart.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Two and a half events for the coming week.

(Edit: Removed from the title; 'So relax Sunday.')

A) Stock market opens.

Seems to have lost a bit of steam. And the 'rigging' of the market is also losing steam. I theorise that a lot of the algorithms and computer gimmicks, especially to keep the market up when it wants to go down, computer gimmicks are making the stock market in the AI direction (although not there) THIS is why 666 keeps turning up in financial markets.

Regardless, there is no reason to assume it's going to go down now more than the past few weeks. But there is definitely crisis point being reached.

B) Greek election results.

And if the election isn't rigged there will be i) Golden Dawn will gain more power (you only need enough people to believe the EU is bad enough to frame them regardless of whether they did), and other anti EU parties will gain power.

The migrant/ refugee crisis, with 100 or 1000's of people PER DAY, turning up in Greece, will definitely move some over to the Golden Dawn. The migrant crisis itself has lead to that great declarer of the need for the EU's 'open borders', to close their own borders and send riot police there. Other countries are following suit to threats by Germany... (?) These are the sort of issues that end empires.

C) This is the half because it might not be this week but it is a big deal. Syria. The Russians are helping Assad and more help is on the table. Syria is actually fighting back to ISIS. What will happen with the US?

In England, the newspapers are still obsessed with Corbyn. Every tiny little move of his is followed it's pathetic, and several big hitters are out against him! It's like the newspapers are having a 'tantrum'. There doesn't seem to be a 'plan' to it. It's just irrational and emotional.

One recent 'gem' was when he was at his constituency on a Friday and he got criticized for not having watched the rugby match at that time.

In the grand political game he is not even that important ATM. He is in opposition not government! Although that role could become extremely important with any issue that the Tories may lose votes to an internal rebellion. (Slim majority).

Quick note on the new moon.

The new moon was on Shemitah (Jewish New Year).

It was opposing Chiron.

I have noticed that Chiron correlates with the wound of being lied to and having things misrepresented by the media. That does seem to be a pattern atm.

According to astrological theory this should reach a precipice at the full moon (MONDAY 28SEP) and conclude in some small way by the following full moon. ( TUESDAY 13OCT, Anniversaty of Chilean Miners coming out of mine).

On the Syrian- Russia incidents. Zerohedge has a fantastic article. Seems ISIS days truly are numbered.

General (order: astrology, dreams and synchronicities, markets)


Interesting time astrologically. I am going to reference my own chart in relation to transits with a mention as to what the transits mean more generally:

A) Monday September 28th 3:47AM BST: The coming blood moon positions the sun at 4deg Libra and the moon at 4deg Aries (conjunct the south node, societies past) . That is directly over my North Node! Within my 12th house. Seems as though my more metaphysical future is going to get a subtle emotional boost. Perhaps any events that effect me will effect my 'service to others' (6th house) and the more mysterious undercurrents of my metaphysical life.

B) Pluto is going direct soon. Pluto is at 12deg Capricorn and in about 5 days goes direct. (Friday Sep 25th 7:59 AM BST). Although specifics with the slowest planet in the solar system are not too useful. Last time Pluto went direct we saw the rise of ISIS.

What I think this is to do with is that Pluto unlocks the 'subconscious' of society. The hidden. When that starts to happen the cabal have to put up some major stuff in order to cover up what is naturally being revealed.

However, in this climate I do not think they have the energy to succeed. We will see them TRY to go to Syria. News will be more in your face all of a sudden like it was when ISIS first came on the scene and the populace once again got reminded that the wider world exists.

For me personally it is interesting since Pluto exactly inconjuncts my sun in the tenth house. It will move away from this exact inconjunct and not return. So after the modern day events, I may find less and less energy in the whole plutonian/ politics/ Illuminati area. It may just 'fall away' for me personally over the next few years. Or at least take a back step in regards to intensity.

C) Sun North- node Conjunction, Thursday Sept 24th 1005 AM BST: I have an instinct about this one although it is not necessarily that important the 'future' of our society will come into question on this date and this is one to watch out for. It is in Libra, so it is about balance and fairness.

Dreams and syncs.

I had a dream today which was pleasant on a carnal level although, even though it might sound nice would be just flat out weird and anatomically not possible if it really did happen. Jeri Ryan from Star Trek was raping a young boy of about 17.

Then... Jeri Ryan was posted on my facebook feed.

This opens a whole can of interesting things about a kind of 'law of attraction' and how it works with people together.

I am fifth density. What I do not get that sixth density people have is.. My own energy. So I am reliant on meditation and astrology, light. Various kinds of wisdom to find my path.

However, energy from others does come into my life and does 'kind of' manifest things for me. But I do not feel these things as real so they do not stick.

Many examples: A) A friend of mine who passionately wanted me to get sexually involved with a girl so I would stop saying things that were inconvenient to him. Then a girl with the same birthday and same sixth density things showed up. B) A girl whom I suspect sent me energy and i met a girl exactly like her. However, then that girl had a boyfriend, because she could not send energy of someone that was prepared on a material practical level to get involved with me. C) A party girl with the same birthday as my mother... The list continues. Sometimes when talking in letters to people.

This sort of thing also allows me to be very psychic. To experience peoples energies like this.

The Jeri Ryan thing, since I started out with that, was probably my friend wanting that carnal reality for me, with perhaps some sort of acknowledgement of who I am. Jeri Ryan is probably fifth density and therefore is not overly carnal IMO (doesn't mean she couldn't f*** everyday). It was a projection of a guy's ultimate woman ideas onto her.

This is probably why I got the young extremely attractive and genuinely carnal girl 'harassing' me for several years (it was mutual positive feelings but the situation was f's up). This came along when the 'realisation' of certain past life ideas came about. So I was reading the LoO which allowed the energy into my life. But the pure carnality was probably partly from this energy. (Even though the genders are different. soul energy and projections)

After this, after the 'carnal' aspect of my 'past life' came into view, that girl left my life and my half sister became a bigger aspect. Same starsign and nice, interesting person.

People, especially 6D people will try and say it is my own carnality since they experience that and refuse to acknowledge I am different to them... Carry on!

Markets and geopolitics.

Well, it looks like the markets are dying, not with a BANG though, but with a whimper. They were screwed with a rate hike. Damned if they do, damned if they don't. If they hiked; no buybacks would crash economy, if they didn't low interest on yeilds is weakening US dollar and bursting the bond bubble (potentially). It is discouraging people from saving as well.

So the stocks are probably just going to whimper and die. No great big celebrated death. Just like a puppy lying there looking depressed.

Syria however is important. The US's hands are tied, they cannot go to war with 'ISIS' (use it as an excuse against Assad) because the Russians are now present. It's like the bully finally meeting the tough kids in the school playground whom are not going to put up with him.

I have to say though. I have reached a happy homeostasis now that I am 'prepped'. I just feel a fundamental 'relaxation'.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Quick note. Refugees.

I have spent time on this blog wondering about whether refugee crisis helped or hindered or whatnot.

It seems the EU are getting into arguments about it, so it seems to be helping.

Gold train.

That is the Nazi Gold train the poles are trying to find:

I had a dream where I had given real money to a beliggerent (and now disabled) Geminian family member who had exchanged it for monopoly money, and some of it he had not exchanged at all.

There had been two transactions and he had given me some of the £50's, £20's and £10's and none of the £5's. The second transaction he had not given me any of.

I had beaten him up for this but had my (punch pulled) by someone else taking over the job more effectively; 'Diana Troy', the empath from Star Trek the next generation. Who was getting the information out of him telepathically where my money is although he didn't want her to.

Corey's job as he described it with the cabal out of all the star trek characters is most similar to Diana Troy's. many, many of these symbols are multi faceted. I've been thinking how similar I am to the character 'Christian Troy' from Nip Tuck who, even though he had less ethics than me, fundamentally didn't fit in because he viewed the world differently from others. Also, Kimber emotionally reminds me of someone. Not a more accurate fictional character metaphor for that person.

(This is interesting, yesterday I was talking to someone who had spent time as a deep sea diver, digging up gold for the Russians, gold dropped from world war two, they found four tonnes.)

This symbology I think means that, like the gold train, now the energy we have put IN to certain things, will not be able to keep our energy (money) fraudulently and will be forced to return the wealth, in full.

Then tehre was Nigel Farage talking about how they are angry in Catalonia because they know the vote was rigged.

To me this says what I have been trying to work out and have been thinking. The cabal haven't done Englands vote rigging properly in relation to free will. September 11th was done properly, it is so incredibly obvious, as was 7/7, which is why they haven't gained much problems from that. But people were not 'duped' into accepting the vote in England effectively enough, you can't just say a few voting slips have been stolen that's not good enough. Which is why they are now getting problems in the UK for their troubles. 

The point of using the free will principle is to take peoples emotions along with the idea and in the negaive, make people definitively choose to be afraid. That they didn't do.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Ready for dreams.

My head is insanely buzzing. I'm kind of dizzy with a warm third eye feel.

About to get updated in dream state? One can only guess.

So (predictably perhaps) nothing happened. (And blog).

The DOW did not drop by 777 points. It did not even drop by 77 points.

It sleepwalked. 

But things are happening. The emerging markets foreign exchange problems, possibly from the incredibly strong dollar. 

This is how I see how it all is at the moment. I remember a while back when everyone expected that Greece would not pay, they won't pay, they won't pay, they won't pay, and then, they found some money from somewhere and they paid. This was the first 'gap' between idea and reality. Where the rules that we expect to see, and that intuitively feel are normal, are suspended.

The next thing that happened was that Greece didn't pay and the Troika said, 'OK, we'll bundle up your payments to the end of the month.' It's just like... 'What. you've made all this fuss about them paying and now you're bending the rules? To not acknowledge the fact that they are not paying.'

That's what it is like. The rules are slowly being suspended. The FTSE has lost 1/7th of it's value. ONE SEVENTH. That's 14.2%. It is an insane amount. Imagine you lost 1/7th of the total value of everything you owned but the value of those things that didn't go down. Not just the big stuff, but the little things as well.

1/7th the value of your house, your furniture, your personal possessions, some of these, such as perhaps musical instruments or boilers, being upwards of 500 (insert currency). It would be devastating! You would de- facto have to sell a lot of pay this off and probably move house. 

However, this happened to the British stock market and on the surface, nothing is different! Nothing changes. No companies go bankrupt. We hear of a few mass firings but they float away in the news the next day.

Syria is the next big thing. The English government has put out propoganda that is uncomfortably 'fascist' in order to smear the new opposition leader and obviously, setting their plans so they can later smear him as a terrorist sympathiser when they go for Assad:

It won't wash, people are stupid but they are not THAT stupid. And the effect of Corbyn cannot be underestimated. The liberal left, the politically engaged Union linked left, they can talk to real people, in a way that someone like me cannot in all honesty (but someone like Carla could), and in a way that propogandist cannot either. They talk with simplicity and passion. There are plenty of smart people in there as well with Corbyn on scene!

So, that's a real thing it comes down to... War. But back to my original point. The rules cannot be suspended forever. The US has stopped raising it's debt which is ridiculous. ISIS and China are a bit too in your face. Any one of these things can be a black swan as well as any of a million things in the markets.

So we will see. When will reality return!

On a personal note, I'm going to change my other blog to another blog. Google doesn't seem to be cutting it, it is quite an ugly page and it doesn't recieve comments. Even though I do not expect to recieve comments, I think on a basic level it is not good to not be ABLE to recieve them.

Opens the door to communication from influences that might be confusing but... It's the principle. I'd most like a blog where you can CHOOSE whether to accept comments on a specific post!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Shemitah is today, next market week.

Earlier today I was thinking of... How this got into my mind I don't know, but I was thinking of one of the last episodes of the TV show 'Angel' where things are going to go down and they're going to go bad, people might not make it so have the day off. Do what you would do on your last day.

And people do, Angel goes to see his son (who later joins the fight with the words... 'Oh come on, you meet for tea and the worlds not ending?'), Spike does poetry, Wesley spends time with Allyriyah.

That could be me subconciously thinking it's all going to end soon since i have invested in this Shemitah idea. Regardless, the moment is here, for better or worse the day that has previously defined the 684 point drop and the 777 point drop, is upon us today and we will see if it has any effect tomorrow.

Shemitah is a Jewish cycle that on it's ending means the forgiveness of debts. I'm not Jewish so it doesn't effect me, and I don't really see things in emotional terms like that, there is that which is and that which is not for me and I'm happy with that way of thinking about things.

But 7 years of the Shemitah cycle is a very sacred number it doesn't matter where you go. David Wilcock on his facebook has just been talking about getting accurate prophetic things from 2001, 14 years ago, 2*7 year cycles. It is the number of the chakras and densities, it's the number of when relationships and marriages go sour. What I think it is is that the Jewish faith is the best thing to CONSCIOUSLY DO! But the cycle itself is to do with the solidification of karma. You should let for of things after 7 years and if you do not, and if you do not act on that, then that's when Karma will punish you for it, simply because that's a point when things start to manifest in the real world.

Oh, 7 years, 777 points. Just noticed that!

Jackal and the temple.

A long time ago, in a beautiful land, that stretched as far as the eye could see and the feet could tread in many months. There was an ice city. 

It's people were ordinary folk of various levels of intelligence. Some were nice, some not so, some were intelligent and some more simple minded. The economic system was at an early feudalism stage

There arrived a man who was bright and exciting. He inspired people with his celebrity persona but he was not what he appeared on first glance. He certainly had a dark past with many shady characters and his intention was far from pure.

The religious and cultural traditions were not overly practiced in this culture. They had little need for an overriding diety although they did have some ardent believers. However, mostly people could believe whatever they wanted to believe and they could maintain their lives accordingly.

The snakeoil salesman. we'll call him Blor, didn't like this though. So he drummed up support all over the land of those that could be easily influenced and the weak minded and he got support to build a massive temple. To practice the faith and the doctrines of nooloberolosm. 

This was not good for many of the more intelligent people surrounding since it took a great deal from the peoples of the ice land and also abducted the minds and sometimes the bodies of some of their peoples for mysterious 'out of town' purposes from which they returned massively changed and physically scarred.

However, the support from 75% including many of the powerful maintained the rising surge of noloberolosm and it's temples. These temples were massive, they stretched very high and had many statues and ornaments that turned out not to be made of gold when the structure eventually came down.

Worshippers of noloberolosm were many because worshipping noloberolosm was easy. It held views that were difficult and nonsensical, one of these being that ice danced about when no one was watching it, but it came with wealth, ease, and it didn't leave the world to mystery or include the follower having to do a lot of work. Those at the top of noloberolosm had much wealth and status.

Also, and this was the real problem, it turned out many of the building blocks of the lower levels had contained within them black pulses that created incredibly virulent diseases. These would not be associated with the temple, in fact they would be known as the scourge created by the demonism of 'ondopondonce' that the noloberol gods were supposed to fight. However, it was part of the temple in actuality and it would wait to people slept before igniting in their lungs and turning their bodies into yellow goo.

There were many people against this but the main town did not listen. There was one man called Nog, who shouted that this was a problem but the temple worshippers ignored him. There was a man called Bosh, who stopped much money going to the noloberol temple by refusing to supply building parts for the machinery used to dig up the stone. But these people were few and far between.

There were also Blor's enemies that turned up one day to inspect the damage that Blor had done. They were fighters for humanity and had only passing relation to those of the ice town. Which perhaps was not the best way for it to be but it was the way that it was. A coalition was put together to free the peoples of noloberolosm. But it would be 'messy'.

The building of the noloberol temples was starting to stall, although Bosh was having a great deal of problems to his business and family he would not give up the machinery parts. Blor was unable to secure funding from anywhere else, despite the weirdness surrounding the ice cities missing youth.

So, after many years of trying to find out the best way to free the ice city people from the scourge of noloberolosm, a plan was put into place to go in and forcibly remove the plague causing stones. No one knew what to do with the rest of the temple but they realised it was going to have to come down if the foundation was.

And so that's what they did. However, the peoples of noloberolosm wouldn't leave the temple. They had six hours or prayer a day. Many were getting suspicious, more than would be expected. But how was the noloberolosm problem to be solved without difficulty?

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Lightning strike small addition:

And now, the next day after that,

members of the US military are protesting on Twitter saying they will not fight on the same side as Al Qaeda.

Update on lightning synchronicity.

Firstly, this is a run down of what is going on in Syria. US- UK want Syria's pipeline because it would provide an alternative to being dependent on Russia:

Following on from my article about synchronicities and the end of Islamic extremism. This is Merkel (whom always seemed like a reluctant pawn rather than negative player, see wikileaks): This is Merkel reaching out to Russia to ally in the defeating of Isis:

There is no reason to believe that this move by Merkel isn't a positive one rather than some complex deception.

Also, Corbyn has been elected to the mainstream left party in England. To fanfare and certain people leaving that party. How he does is ultimately up to the future but he is not going to want to go to war with Syria. Only a few Tory backbencher rebellions on the issue (and there are quite a few rebellious Tories) and Cameron can't go into Syria either.

Which means that ISIS falls. The US- UK don't get their pipeline and have screwed themselves with oil prices, it all looks to be coming down on schedule.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Psychic lie detecting.

(This post is essentially completely incorrect. I have made statements to that effect later in the blog. Which I then later removed as having stated that this is in fact correct possibly):

The way to detect lies is simply to be in tune with truth.

This is how I have done so recently.

  • It started when I phoned this girl I talk about. She said to me three things A) That she didn't live in the same town as me anymore B) That she had been dating 'x' person and C) That the feelings I was talking about were only on my side and not hers.
  • C I shot down immediately in the conversation. Not agressively. I just talked about when we had genuine chemistry and she held a grudge. I went through briefly past the 'sick facade of lies' and got to a little more true feeling energy.
  • B I knew anyway was not true.
  • A I started playing music with a friend and got the realisation, out of that beautiful musical state, that she was still in my hometown and so was someone else. This is service to self now because I had the information but couldn't act on it because of a malicious outside force. Even though I might feel love etc. I could not express it.
So later on, after some kind of rangling I went to this place that I had volunteered. This was how it went:

  • I met someone whom I had used to know there who told me information about her.
  • I took in all the info of the conversation and noted certain things. That certain information was volunteered. That is the biggest pattern I believe that some information is volunteered forcefully that would not naturally be.
  • I heard a story from this person. Basically believed it at the time. I was telling my part of the story and the person seemed to believe me.
  • Then I heard some personal stories of this person that I believed to be based on an energy blockage according to the LoO (the same one that keeps many down). This is not an insignificant behaviour. I thought because of this that she likely wasn't hearing my perspective but was 'projecting' her own. Since that's how blockages work.
  • I noticed I was getting 'mined' for information. That is not too much of a bad behaviour, but it is notable.
However, I didn't actually know anything was up at the time. I went home and got told in a dream. 'Isn't it amazing you met someone who is as obsessed with (y) as you are;' and certain other very specific information. Including number based.

This was when I knew the whole thing was a lie and not only was the person behind it trying to poison my own attempt at basically seeing the truth but any love I might share with that subset of people as a whole.

Belongs in jail.

Following the lightning strikes.

First was the church and the pope with Benedict out and Francis in.

Next was the top of the one world trade center in America, just before the DOW topped. (And bubble burst)

Today (14 year anniversary of September 11th), Saudi Arabia. A Muslim holy site. Put the two of them together and you have fanatical Jihadism/ Wahabism and one of America's allies/ vassals in the Middle East.


There is a religious link here. The two religions I have mentioned, Islam and Shemitah/ Judaism, are those that have been most completely perverted by the 'cabal'.

(My problems are also very related to the symbology of ISIS)

To spell it out. Iran is now helping Russia in Syria. The indebted US, Turkey and UK are not going to find it easy there. Like bullies they will not want to stand up against an equal opponent. As already summarised before, Jeremy Corbyn, a man who has spent and practically acted on his anti- war beliefs will be elected to opposition government tomorrow. 

Good times... Good stuff!

Shemitah, UK politics.

A) Today, I kid you not, I was walking on the beach and was the number plate V-777!

Also, the £1.7m Britain has to give the EU.

And, a non seven related synchronicity; population of Africa: 1.111

It is the anniversary of September the 11th. When I was logging onto my laptop I saw the date 11 September and my stomach kind of froze!

In the UK, there is a politician who is about to be elected to the mainstream left party (so, the opposition to the government) called Jeremy Corbyn. He seems non cabal, and he has spent his entire life in the pursuit of one ideal... Stopping the war... Or ... Peace.

Just as all this Syria stuff ramps up.

News on the markets is that the rigging that is usually done through VIX -> S&P -> Dow. Is not appearing to work to the same efficiency as it used to; and because of a general breakdown, other methods of rigging are becoming VERY obvious.

If nothing happens on Monday I will likely be following the pattern of 'cognitive dissonance' and pushing on to a later date. I do hope though the market does crash.

There has been something going round the internet as well about arrests. I dont' believe that I believe any military will likely involve in more 'can- kicking' until the market crashes; but it was still worth mentioning!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Playing it like BF does.

These are some of the things going on in the stock market. 

I have struggled recently with the idea of how 'real' all this sort of abstract stuff is. However, if you break it down, the stock market is 'that which is not', it is a mass of complex information that shouldn't really effect things.

But, even though it is. Probably a large amount of people in finance are off their 'path'. It has gained enough reality. It is too complex to completely rig. The rules can be bent, corruption can happen within the rules, but like the fictional Matrix, the rules themselves cannot be 'broken'.

They cannot be broken simply because these rules were built to oppress others, so they had to be inbued with some sort of power. A power everyone believes in. It is 'that which is not,' and although 'that which is not' is not 'that which is,' neither is a tank or an airplane bomb, and especially if you live in some places in Africa you know how painful 'that which is not' can be. If you live in Greece, or indeed anywhere, you know how painful 'that which is not' as a weird set of financial rules can be.

It is the device of the elite's 'karma'. This is what has been going on from a market perspective.

After the 2008 crash which was partly to do with debt saturation. The establishment filled the market with 'easy money', easy debt. This does not encourage a healthy economy, and as I am about to explain it can create a kind of 'bonfire' mentality.

The main thing they did was they lowered interest rates. They Quantitive Eased as well (printed money).

Flooding the market with all this money has created a bubble. A bubble is when a share starts out at about £3 say. Then rather than added value increasing the customers shares, financial manipulation does so. The shares go up to £300. Until one day someone starts getting rid of their shares at £290. Everyone having had their shares devalued by £10 starts dumping theirs too the price lowers when the next person dumps at £270. Pretty soon you're back down to £3 or lower.

These are some of the financial instruments and problems in the system at the moment:

Problems such as 2008 started when people get loans and then cannot pay back debt so walk away. Leaving a company with a lot of debt that it cannot get rid of (No rigging remember). Eventually through whatever mechanism this can create bankruptcy for the company that holds this debt and they do not have the money to pay back their customers accounts or ... electricity or rent or something. So they convert all their financial instruments to cash and pay off what they can.

So the problem starts with debt that cannot be paid back. 

What 0% interest rates do is create loads of debt. Much of it not being able to be paid back. Some of these loans/ debt has gone to companies who buy back their own stock to keep it from falling. But they still have debt. Some of it goes towards creating predatory loans to people that can't pay it back. the UK is awash with citizens who have taken on too much debt and so is the American auto industry.

(Add on to this that Deutsche bank has $53 Trillion unsecured derivatives. Lehman Bankrupted on $3.9 Billlion debt).

Another thing is Margin debt. Margin loans are backed by assets and when the person can't pay back their debt they have to sell their assets at reduced price. That leads to reduced prices of those assets (i.e. property) and this reduces the price of others assets. That then leads those people to be victims of Margin debt. When this problem unlocks, it is an unavoidable downward spiral, and it will happen as downward pressure continues on the stock market.

Another thing is a financial security called an Exchange Traded Fund or ETF. Generally what has happened is that since interest rates are so low, investors, even simple investors do not get any return on safer financial products (such as... cash) so this leads to them taking on risky assets. This has happened a lot. The problem with ETF's is that they are not as liquid with a lot of people in the market and they are essentially a mass of these corrupted financial instruments. They look good on the tin but are a bit of a death trap, and people will be very desperate to get rid of these that will also crash the market.

Since these problems, no real money has been going into anything safe. SO much of it is going into these corrupted assets. There is little new manufacturing. There is basically no added value to explain the DOW going from it's last high at about 12K to it's recent one of about 18K. There is little that explains what has been motivating the economy to increase in value from it's sudden rise from about 4K in 1995 (In my understanding).

It is also true that the longer a market is rigged like this, the longer it is a 'sure deal' that you will get a return, the more High Frequency Trader's you will get. Which is why the market is so INCREDIBLY volatile. Volatile enough to flash crash 1000 points the other day!

So when it happens it will happen quickly. A lot of small investors will be going crazy because of 'Margin debt'. There were a lot of people that killed themselves in 1929.

So, as the title. Playing it like BF does. What needs to happen obviously is that the arrests need to happen so this uncontrolled carnage is not allowed to distress your regular bozo high frequency trader, or even your regular shmuck with his 401K.

But then perhaps that's the point. To 'wake people up'... I don't see the point of that personally but that's how it has been explained.