Friday, 11 September 2015

Psychic lie detecting.

(This post is essentially completely incorrect. I have made statements to that effect later in the blog. Which I then later removed as having stated that this is in fact correct possibly):

The way to detect lies is simply to be in tune with truth.

This is how I have done so recently.

  • It started when I phoned this girl I talk about. She said to me three things A) That she didn't live in the same town as me anymore B) That she had been dating 'x' person and C) That the feelings I was talking about were only on my side and not hers.
  • C I shot down immediately in the conversation. Not agressively. I just talked about when we had genuine chemistry and she held a grudge. I went through briefly past the 'sick facade of lies' and got to a little more true feeling energy.
  • B I knew anyway was not true.
  • A I started playing music with a friend and got the realisation, out of that beautiful musical state, that she was still in my hometown and so was someone else. This is service to self now because I had the information but couldn't act on it because of a malicious outside force. Even though I might feel love etc. I could not express it.
So later on, after some kind of rangling I went to this place that I had volunteered. This was how it went:

  • I met someone whom I had used to know there who told me information about her.
  • I took in all the info of the conversation and noted certain things. That certain information was volunteered. That is the biggest pattern I believe that some information is volunteered forcefully that would not naturally be.
  • I heard a story from this person. Basically believed it at the time. I was telling my part of the story and the person seemed to believe me.
  • Then I heard some personal stories of this person that I believed to be based on an energy blockage according to the LoO (the same one that keeps many down). This is not an insignificant behaviour. I thought because of this that she likely wasn't hearing my perspective but was 'projecting' her own. Since that's how blockages work.
  • I noticed I was getting 'mined' for information. That is not too much of a bad behaviour, but it is notable.
However, I didn't actually know anything was up at the time. I went home and got told in a dream. 'Isn't it amazing you met someone who is as obsessed with (y) as you are;' and certain other very specific information. Including number based.

This was when I knew the whole thing was a lie and not only was the person behind it trying to poison my own attempt at basically seeing the truth but any love I might share with that subset of people as a whole.

Belongs in jail.

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