Saturday, 12 September 2015

Update on lightning synchronicity.

Firstly, this is a run down of what is going on in Syria. US- UK want Syria's pipeline because it would provide an alternative to being dependent on Russia:

Following on from my article about synchronicities and the end of Islamic extremism. This is Merkel (whom always seemed like a reluctant pawn rather than negative player, see wikileaks): This is Merkel reaching out to Russia to ally in the defeating of Isis:

There is no reason to believe that this move by Merkel isn't a positive one rather than some complex deception.

Also, Corbyn has been elected to the mainstream left party in England. To fanfare and certain people leaving that party. How he does is ultimately up to the future but he is not going to want to go to war with Syria. Only a few Tory backbencher rebellions on the issue (and there are quite a few rebellious Tories) and Cameron can't go into Syria either.

Which means that ISIS falls. The US- UK don't get their pipeline and have screwed themselves with oil prices, it all looks to be coming down on schedule.

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